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Monday, September 30, 2013

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So this weekend, I some pretty good books to choose quotes from. But I was able to choose one...yay me! Sienna Mynx is a new to me author who writes interracial romances. Taming The Scotsman was a fun, sexxy interesting read. But I swear I wanted to knock Alec straight upside his head...that's exactly what Jayla should have did...a couple of times...fool!

Jayla closed her eyes and raised her head heavenwad. "Jesus, forgive me." She opened them again. "You." She pointed a finger in his face "Can kiss my ass."
Alec frowned.
"I'd rather walk back in the snow barefoot and bottomless than give you a roll!" She said with air quotes over 'roll'. "Every time I think you're decent you remind me of how much of a jackass you are. And what's pathetic is I actually think you believe some of the crap you say. People around here walk on egg shells and tolerate your nastiness and you exploit their weakness. Get off on it."
Alec narrowed his eyes on her. "Careful, lass, not into a mouthy wench. It's a turn off!"
Her mouth went instantly dry. In all her life, she never despised a person as much as she did him at that moment. This time she wouldn't run, hide, or even back down. She crossed her arms, tapping her left foot, seconds from exploding. This time she'd fight back. "I wouldn't sleep with you if your life depended on it. In a few seconds it will if you don't move and let me out of this room. You jackass!"
Alec ran his tongue over his teeth. his lips pressed tightly shut, looking her over. Was he sizing her up? Was he going to force her? He better not try. She'd beat him with that bottle in his hand.

I loved when Jayla got fierce...she was such a sweet person and just about everyone in this book took advantage of the woman. I was so happy when she told his ass off!

Oh & this one is FREE too lovelies!

Lata Days

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  1. I love how she keeps calling him a Jackass. Awesome we both have a quote with a feisty heroine who knows how to put there men in place.

  2. he really was one too. He worked my nerves & he's a fictional character...lols.

  3. It was a fun one :) Thanks Judy, I hope I don't either...lols. I know can't beat free!

  4. Bwaha good for her! gah I love the endearment lass though. Whew. Gets me every time. I did chuckle a little bit at his response. heh. Gonna go grab a copy :)

  5. lols...his reactions were priceless man..he should have been in a Visa/MC commercial lmbo!