Review: Fallen by Elise Marion

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Source: Purchased (Free Book & it still is)
Published: November 3, 2011
Self Published
Series: Angels Among Us #1
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Sex: PG - Medium Sexual Situations
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Genre: Paranormal, Romance

This story was short and sweet even with the slight religious tones. Even though the love between an Angel and Human is forbidden, Amir (the angel) and Shayla (the human) cannot help the feelings that are growing between them.

Amir is a healing angel sent to heal Shayla after she is in a brutal car accident. As he heals and cares for her, he starts to see the strong woman that is beneath the bandages and he cannot help but fall. Shayla has no one and after being enstranged from her parents over the past two years, Amir is welcome company (even if he is a stranger) while she recuperates.

Even though this book was 76 pages, it really did feel like a full lenght read. Amir and Shayla were a cute couple together and although the sexxy times weren't what I usually read, they were still hot and full of tension especially because Amir knew that being with Shayla was forbidden.

The fold out of the story was simple and straight to the point. I espcially like that the author made her angels falliable, whereas they still are able to feel what humans feel even though they are held at higher morals. It made them relatable and you felt for Amir as he struggled with his attraction towards Shayla and his job an healing angel. I really did like the fact that she made his decision tough, he didn't just make a choice and there would be no consequences. Because whether he chose Shalya or not, he would loose something.

All and all the characters were very likeable and so was this story. Ms. Marion definitely has a new stalker *coughs* I mean reader to her books.

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  1. Oh nice! That's really amazing she was able to make it feel like a full length. Definitely makes me want to try it out. Plus you know, the whole forbidden thing. I freaking love those romances. Fab review Sharonda!

  2. it was a super quick read too. Really help past the time by while I was home sick.

    I love when authors do that...just make their shorts read feel like long one, they really don't leave anything out..thats always nice to see.

    Fobidden love is always to exciting read...lols. I love those things. Thanks Anna :)

  3. Babe... are you talking to yourself here?

    Hmm... anywaaayyy... healing angel huh, it's like that old movie City of Angels!

  4. Hey Braine,

    lols, I think I was. sorry bad habit that is sometimes :)

    THAT is the movie I wanted to reference, but couldn't remember the dang on name. I'm getting old o_O