Review Request: Fire & Flame by Anya Breton

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Published: April 20, 2013
Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Sex: PG13 - Medium/Strong Sexual Content
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Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance
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*This was more of a 3.5

Why can’t some woman accept it when a man says he loves you? Smh. This is the second book I read where this has happened and again I wanted to shake the shit out of another one, this time...Sara Mckenna.

Truthfully both of these characters took some time to grow on me. They fought their feelings for one another tooth and nail although Brent was the first to break down and admit his feelings. The world they are born in his very violent and Sara wants nothing to do with it, but she is expected to do her “duty” and help her race procreate, so her sexy times with the “vanilla humans” wasn’t just going to cut it. And after her father’s murder and then his murderer’s murder…she is really thrown an un-expected curve. She has to mate with the one man she despises and he in turn despises her. Brent Conely has been the bane of her existence since they were kids and now she’s expected to have a baby with him.

I liked the story, really enjoyed it at times. I don’t even know how these two came to love one another when at first they couldn’t even stand to be in the same breathing space without arguing. But Anya Breton managed to make it work by breaking down Brent first, letting us see why he was the way he was….why he felt the things he did towards Sara at first. Sara…eh, she was just a tad bit annoying. I really didn’t like the fact that she wouldn’t believe that this man loved her even after he told he did. And Anya me and you have to talk…what grown woman calls her father daddy? That just annoyed the heck out of me…it just sounded to petulant whenever she said it.

These two knew each other with really “knowing” one another because at the heart, they both wanted the same thing…their race not to be so violent along with a host of other things. What I didn’t like about this story besides that fact that Sara wouldn’t accept Brent’s feelings for her until the end, was that it took damn near the whole book of them arguing and fighting (all of this while in the middle of fighting with the children of Sarah’s fathers murderer) just to figure out that them being together is actually what Sarah’s father wanted after all and what they both needed.

There were some sexy times going on in Fire & Flame. It was hot and wasn’t overly fit the story perfectly.

All and all I like this world of Fire & Flame...this world that Ms. Breton created. It was a good read and very well done.

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  1. Read and enjoyed this one :) I think I ignored the word "daddy" though, that tends to bug me too.