Review: Taming the Scotsman by Sienna Mynx

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Genre: Contemporary Romance, Interracial Romance

You know some reviews just get you all emotional…I mean you can’t help it. Some characters just drive you insane…you wish for a moment that they were real so that you can punch, kick or maybe mush em in them the face...tell em to GTFOH!

There maybe some spoilers with this one, but it can’t be helped lass..lols. Taming the Scotsman was a funny, sexy engaging story. I think Ms Mnyx writing was well done and she was able to get you to feel what her characters felt. This story wasn’t super intense, but there was still a intensity and tension between her main characters that were very likable.

*cracks knuckles* lets start with our male lead shall we? Alec Cavanaugh was not a nice man. He was rude, obnoxious and a major jack-TO-the ass. His character is one you probably would not like even at the end of the story. Truly throughout most of the book, I wanted to kick his ass to the moon and leave him there stranded with NO helmet. But to be fair, there is a reason the man was the way he is. After his father died, a skank of all skanks attempted to use him when he was at his most vulnerable so when it comes to women, he really doesn’t trust them…at all…period. Plus he has to deal with his father’s enemy who keeps sending people to spy on him (hence the skank) and a medling mother who wants him married so he can produce an heir like now.

Jayla Howard *sigh* how can I explain the woman? She was sweet and nice, a person who would give you the shirt off her back BUT she was a little wimpy. She’s this quiet woman who keeps to herself and never been outside of Alabama, but there was this tendency to let folks run all over her…the girl didn’t stick up for herself and unfortunately this bad habit of hers allowed her to be used throughout the story even by her own brother, the chump. If my brother would have treated and talked to me the way Edward did to Jayla and AFTER the way she took care of his rotten ass after their parents died…OMG, it would have been hell on earth! I would have been kicking his ass all over the planet and then boxed his ear for talking smack.

This story was sorta like of watching a boxing match. Alec kept ducking and weaving and Jayla…well she was just swinging all over the place. See Alec knew that Jayla and her brother were up to something…knew that his Father’s enemy sent her brother Edward to spy on him, he just didn’t have the whole story when it came to Jayla. And because of his attraction to her, he really didn’t know how to handle his ever growing feelings towards Jayla. Hell, he did a whole lot of stomping and yelling when she was around…lols.

I liked the story…I thought it was a mixture of sweetness and grit. I like Alec in a way because he just didn't bend to anyones whim, he was a man's man His mother wanted him married, he was like fuck that...I'll get married when I want and to whom I want. He just didn't bow to what society thought he should be...I really liked that about him.

And Oh lawd the sex scenes were raw! You hear me! I mean even if Alec was a jackass, I kinda sorta felt like Jayla…shit as long as he would be doing me the way he was doing her? Hell! I mean a little headboard knocking and legs to your ears ain’t never hurt nobody! Hmmm…maybe I’m a wimp too…lols.

The ending had me all misty eyed and I still wanted to crack Alec, Jayla’s brother and a few choice others in the face. Its so sad to see when someone with such a beautiful soul as Jayla’s get broken because they just get tired of people taken advantage of them...especially the ones you love and trust.

Great story…great characters and sometimes Ms. Mynx characters aren’t that likeable, but I always feel that the road to happy every after shouldn’t always be so easy. I like when characters fight…I like it when a man or woman has to claw and scrap to get their lover back…make them work for it. It makes the story more relatable…it gives the characters depth. That’s just me…I like complicated sometimes.

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  1. lols...Im telling you, I swear I wanted to beat Alec up everytime he opened his mouth..lols. But Jayla handled him when she kudos to her.

  2. Sounds like a hot book! I like to read books about Scotsman. Great review!

  3. thanks was a hot read too. I gotta say I am starting to enjoy these scots :)