Sample Mondays (5) ~ I'm a Sucker for Pretty Covers

Monday, September 16, 2013

Whats the concept? know those book samples you're able to download onto your eReader to give you a taste of a book before you buy it, which I happen to think is a cool idea because sometimes  book blurbs just doesn't work for me. I like that I can test the car before I drive it.

Today's sample is courtesy of The Bad Death.

I was just searching around the internet one day & I came across the cover below. I don't even remember what I was searching for, but once I saw this cover...I just had to have the book. I went nuts looking for it & saw it was only available in the eBook format on Amazon. Okay, thats fine I got it. The paperback format is getting ordered this week as well. And you know what else, the description doesn't sound so bad either ^_^

Author: Naima Haviland
Sample/Book Available: Amazon

Passion rules the heart and terror rules the night…

South Carolina, 1788. The African beauty emerging from his family crypt is a stranger to Julian Mouret, the refined owner of Lion’s Court plantation. A dancer and a mystery, she spins a strange, dark, and impossible tale of peril and flight. Though he fears she must surely be mad, the handsome slave owner is soon himself a slave, lost to the seductions of this enchantress called Anika and determined to lead her North to safety.

But there can be no safe haven for Julian or the exquisite Gullah girl who has bewitched him, not while monsters roam the night. A series of horrifying mutilation murders screams of the presence of “plat-eyes”—shape-shifting blood-sucking supernatural creatures feeding at will on the plantation workers—and only Anika can end the rampage. But to face the vampire horde she will have to master the darkness within. And the price of victory in the battle ahead may well be the eternal soul of the man she is coming to love.

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  1. The heroine is beautiful on the cover. Sounds interesting.

  2. Her eyes are just mesmerizing. em ;)

  3. ROFL I have to reread, I thought I read Bad BREATH. I think I need new glasses.

  4. LMMFAO! Oh man I needed that laugh..oh Braine, stomache hurts. And here I am checking too make sure i didnt spell it wrong...LOL!

  5. Oooh the cover is pretty! Can't wait to see your review :)

  6. Ooooh, this sounds kind of interesting! I wonder if it will feel "historical" But yeah, I get what you mean about that cover, she is gorgeous!!

  7. Well hello, this sounds chilling and perfect for fall!

  8. Im going to start it this week and Im wondering the same thing Liz. I cant wait to start it.

    I just love her eyes...gorgeous indeed :)

  9. It really does :) cannot wait to read it