Video Review: Shira by Tressie Lockwood

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Published: July 19, 2012
Amira Press
Series: ?
Sex: R - Medium/Strong Sexual Content
Source: Purchased (Freebie)
Authors Website
Genre: Romance, Interracial Romance, Shifter Romance
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Sorry, I was a little repetative throughout the vid....maybe next time I'll have it more together. For the foggiest reason I just couldn't get myself right for this one. I must have re-did this one about 20 x's. 

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  1. I don't know why, maybe it's my laptop and the updates because the video won't play! Grrr! I was soo looking forward to some "facetime" with you, Momma!

  2. OK It played! Bwahahaha slapped?! Sounds like he deserved it. And a tasteful smex is always appealing. I like trashy but sometimes "erotic" is better.

  3. Lols...oh he did. But it also got me to thinking why she never smacked the crap out of her ex....that jackass really needed it. But he got it in the end *weg*.

    Yup...gotta agree with u on that. I think the author wanted to take care with these two because they were so damaged.

  4. Glad u got it to play...I was a nervous which resulted in the repetition of words...lols. my next one will definitely be better.

  5. I like that it read like a novel and yes to no insta-love. I have a thing for shifters. Aww he was rude, I am glad she didn't put up with it..some men are too stubborn for their own good! Awesome video do such a nice job..I would faint my friend..simply faint doing that.