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This one involves a shape-shifting jaguar and a woman...I'm not quite sure what Skye is yet. Here, Kane & Skye have just met and she's trying to get on his nerves and well...its not going the way Skye wants it too.

"I would like something large, private, preferably with a decent sized window for fresh air. Clean silk sheets-cotton and flannel make me itchy." She threw up her finger again as if she'd remembered something significant. "Oh, and a firm mattress. I like them really hard. I can't take it if it's too soft. I'll roll around all night long and-"

"I'll take care of that one personally. And I promise it won't be soft," Kane said, with a surprisingly straight face, causing her to choke out her next words. He had managed to stop her in mid-sentence once she realized the sexual wordplay she had just walked right into.

Now completely flustered, she glanced down and saw the pink flush that had bloomed all over her skin. There was absolutely no way she could stop it. God, how did he do thatso easily? "I...I-I,"Skye stuttered, completely at a loss for words.

Kane simply un-tucked one hand from his crossed arms and pointed a finger down the long central hallway that led to the other rooms. "Your room is the last door on the right. I believe you will find everything to your satisfaction. If not...as I said...I'll come and take care of it personally."

In other words, if there were no silk sheets, don't bother complaining unless she wanted to deal with him the rest of the night.

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lols...outwitted by a cat...smh.

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