Review: The Mistress by Elise Marion

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Published: October 13, 2013
Marion Press
Series: Kings of Cardenas #4
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Sex: PG - Medium Sexual Situations
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Genere: Historical Romance

The Mistress is a treat…a wickedly saucy novella that I truly enjoyed. I found myself laughing out loud and a little teary eyed as well. I will simply tell you that the blurb does this book justice…what you see there is literally what you will get when you open these pages.

But you will also get a well-practiced courtesan…former queen taken completely by surprise when she seeks this arranged marriage. It’s not what she expected at all. A house out of control…a man buried in guilt and grief…a family that needs a wife and mother. I didn’t read the first book with Davina in it and from Ms. Marion’s words at the end of this book; I probably wouldn’t have liked her much. But what makes Davina captivating is her utter acceptance to change. Yes, she was a bad woman at one point in her life…she was in love with a King (or so she thought…) and she didn’t want to lose him so she did what she did.

Okay…I get that, but I like the fact that she saw error in what she did…knew it was wrong and faced it. AND that she didn’t want to be that person anymore. Because for all of her womanly ways, Davina never really knew love…never knew what if felt like to be properly kissed…to be properly wanted by a man. I truly liked her! And her interaction with Rafe’s children was beyond hysterical at some points and just downright tender and sweet at others. All I can say damn, if she didn’t clean that family up…lols. And I adored her relationship with her friend Meredith. Two women down on their luck making a friendship like that work without trying to up one another is nice to read.

Rafe Rothwell just needs a wife to care for his children and head the house while he steadily drowns in guilt and work. But he can’t seem to get any woman to stay past one day in his house. Well, that is until he meets Davina, but you see Davina is determined. It’s either deal with Rafe and his bad ass kids or prostitution…I think I would taken the bad ass kids too. Back to Rafe, he lost his first wife…watched her waste away and then kill herself and he always felt it was his fault. So he’s totally taken aback by Davina’s almost boldness…she wants Rafe to touch her…to do wicked things to and with her. And goodness did the woman have to get bold and maybe a little pushy. But I liked Rafe, he was a good man who took care of his family…but he was losing ground especially with his oldest daughter Elizabeth. So when Davina comes in all bold and ballsy, he’s kinda like almost afraid of her. But they got it together soon enough because he definitely took her by surprise too.

Why is there always one friend of the group that is jealous and stupid? Smh. This is where Davina’s and Rafe’s problem came in. Because as soon as Davina found out that Monty (isn't that a stuck up ass name? ewww), Rafe friend was from Cardena’s, she should have told Rafe about her past…but of course she didn’t and then we probably would not have half the story we did now would we?…hmmm. Okay, scratch that…but still, she knew damn near everything about Rafe and his family, she should have told him. One little secret will almost crush this quickly burgeoning romance, but it didn’t. After Rafe’s cousin talks some damn sense into him...he gets his wife back.

The Mistress was quick, funny and sexxy…not as sexxy as my usual reads, but it was still enjoyable. You take two people who are trying to forget a past full of hurt and then try to at least be amicable husband and wife. But man…did they both get more for their buck. I like both Davina and Rafe…I liked the children and I loved Freddie (will he get his own book Ms Marion?). This story definitely got me out of my reading funk. Ms. Marion is becoming a fan favorite here at Salacious Reads and I look forward to read more of her works.

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  1. omg I want it even more now. lol I saw this one yesterday and put it on my wishlist and damn you make me want to go out and buy it right now. fab review Sharonda!

  2. Thanks Anna! Omg..Rafe kids were horrid especially his son, but damn if Davina didnt handle them. The woman was amazing!

  3. I love this scenario. I watched a movie like this, but contemporary- can't recall the name. This sounds good. Another story to look forward to.

  4. You know this is the first book that I read there the courtesan was actually that. Another reason why I liked the story so much.

  5. You're right! Lots of them say they're about mistresses or prostitutes, but then there's some mitigating circumstance that she's not really.

  6. Exactly...always pretending.. It was really refreshing to see.