Review: The Owner of His Heart by Theodora Taylor

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Source: Self Purchased
Published: December 6, 2013
Self Published
Series: 50 Loving States #1
Sex: Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
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Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance

I don’t know what it is about a troubled, messed up man that gets my blood a pumping. Maybe I am warped, well...that’s what my ex use to say anyways, lols.

This is the second book I’ve read where the male was just a straight up jack-ass…the second one where I wanted to plop his ass on the moon with no helmet. I think I’m going to find a picture & start adding men to it and then post it  to my side bar as a counter, lmbo!

The Owner of His Heart was a heart pounding and straight up crazy read. It was mad sexxy and the sex was sizzling! I mean like damn! I need a man to do those things with me except maybe the ice thingy…I mean it was hot. But, naw…I don’t want a cold vajayjay. Let’s get to this story because if I don’t stop, this will be me writing about black silk sheets and a man with piercing gray eyes.

Even with the almost predictable plot, the drama in between was enough to keep this reader interested all the way to the end. And oh boy…what drama it was and I have to say it was mostly on Nathan’s side. Lawd! The man was rude and self-centered. I wanted to throttle his ass so bad, then kiss him and then smack him, and then kiss him again…lmbo! See warped.

See Nathan hasn’t been right since Layla Matthews disappeared from his life. He was all in love with her and she didn’t take his shit like everyone else did. She was nice, but still…she didn’t put up with his smart ass mouth and his “I’m rich, do what I say” attitude. And I think that’s why he fell for her so hard and couldn’t get over her when she was gone. Um, but there is a problem...a kinda, sorta big problem. Now Layla started off by dated his brother Andrew…his TWIN brother Andrew that is.

Good golly miss molly…I loved the way Ms. Taylor threw the made-for reality TV drama up in this story and she kept that little secret…really all of the secrets up until the right time they needed to be told. Which usually works my nerves, but it was just too good of a add here.

And Layla. Let me just say that she was just way to nice for Nathan, but I can see her attraction to him. It was like the good girl wants the bad boy. The blurb pretty much tells you what happened to Layla and why she couldn’t remember Nathan when she moves back to Pittsburgh to pay of her trifling ass father’s debt. All she knows is that there’s this crazy attraction to a man she really shouldn’t like. And instead of Nathan just telling Layla what happened, the jerk lies and pretty much tricks her into starting another relationship with him under the guise of finding a way for her to pay off her father’s debt. With all these contracts and such…OOOOO! I just wanted to...

*gif courtesy of
the man was so frustrating! So yeah, I would have charlie murphy smacked his butt!

But ol’ boy gets tricked himself when he starts falling in-love with Layla again and I only mean he ended up setting himself up for failure instead of her.

But I loved Layla’s attitude because I don’t think she just went with his crap, you know what I mean? Because even though she was falling for Nathan again too, I just felt that because she was trying not to be the person her father was…too me, she almost had a “whatever” type attitude towards the whole situation especially when it came to Nathan’s initial feelings towards her. She really just wanted to pay off her father’s debt & move on with her life. But for all of Nathan’s “I can’t stand the ground” she walks on attitude towards her, all of his devious ways of getting rid of Layla really just ended up blowing up in his face.

All & All, I loved the story. It was sexxy and there were the funny moments even with all of the in-between mess. To get down to the core of this story, Nathan was very afraid of losing Layla again and he just didn’t know how to go about letting go of that past hurt which caused him not to trust her and treat her the way he did. I’m not saying it was right but when I read, I always try to relate the characters to real people whether they're good or bad with real feelings. I always try to think if a situation I’m reading about could or would really happen? And I always say “hey, you never know” Who are we to say that a real live breathing person won’t act a certain way.

Anyways, looking for something with a little reality-tv drama in it…like that almost “get the fudge outta here” read...then The Owner of His Heart is perfect. Plus, you’ll get some steamy sexxy times and a hard headed CEO who gets floored by the love of his life not once BUT twice and the girl didn't even have to do to that much...lols.

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