Review: Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode #1 by Ty Langston, Tigris Eden & Riley Ross

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories
(Episode #1)

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Author: Lori Foster
Publisher: Harlequin HQN (September 25, 2012)
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance 384 pages

ISBN-10: 0373776950
ISBN-13: 978-0373776955
My Copy: eBook

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories has a little of everything. From your everyday Contemporary Romance (The Getaway) To your Hot and Heavy Rockers turned Werewolves (Crave) and your Sci-Fi/Paranormal with Erotic overtones…. (The Genesis Project) Each Episode will entice its readers, draw them in. A quick Bedtime story before they dream, keeping them pleasantly satisfied while peaking their interests for next month’s installment. All for 99 cents. During the interim there will be previews of next month’s Episode…

By Author Ty Langston: CRAVE

As a reporter for the Wakefield Post, Harper Erkstine has seen everything. From murders to robberies, all of her recent stories have ended with tragic consequences so great, that she began to question if she made the right career choice for herself.

While all of her friends were dating, or going to clubs, she was winning journalism awards for covering the latest drive-by shooting or a home invasion that cost someone she knew, their lives.

She loved her job, it was rewarding to be a crime solver and get to the truth of the matter. As much as she loved her job, but the hours of a Metro beat reporter began to descend her into burn out mode.

She craved balance. A break, a welcome distraction every now and then. She forgot what it was like to have fun, to take a breath, smell the roses.

Was it wrong to want a great career and to have some kind of a personal life? She couldn’t remember the last time she had a date or danced with someone from the opposite sex.
In the middle of working on a missing person’s story that has rocked her town to the core, Harper decides as a favor to her friend and colleague to do a feature on local an up and coming rock band, called ‘Crave.’

It was a break from her routine, but Harper soon discovers that this band may have ties to the missing person, not only does she question why, but she also finds there is more to this band than just their music.

By Author Riley Ross: The Getaway

The Getaway isn’t your typical romance woman meets man of her dreams, loses him and then they get their happily ever after. It’s a romance story with hints of drama and plenty of comedy. Mike and Juliet have been dating for about four months. Juliet is madly in love with him but has never shared her feelings.

Mike hasn’t said those three magical words so she doesn’t even know if they are on the same page when it comes to their relationship. Mike takes Juliet on a two week vacation, so she can escape her family drama and stresses from her job. He has romantic surprises planned and there are several unexpected surprises for them both. How well do Mike and Juliet really know each other especially when an explosive secret from his past is revealed? Will their relationship survive a visit from his family and his ex-girlfriend? Will the secret destroy them or make them stronger as a couple? His mother has made it clear to everyone that she wants Mike back with his vile ex-girlfriend?

Will his mother sabotage her son’s relationship with Juliet? Juliet does have an ally in Mike’s father. Will Juliet fight for her love? Or will she let him go without exposing his mother for her dastardly schemes? How far will his mom go to ensure she gets what she wants for her son?

By Author Tigris Eden: The Genesis Project

Old earth has been deemed unsuitable for life, New Earth is home. With the Uni-War over, races have joined together in order to sustain their way of life. All life was deemed worth saving, but only one race failed to submit. Humans.

Now extinct, humans are a thing of the past, or at least their way of life. The people of New Earth won’t acknowledge their hand in the human’s eradication, but they have benefited from it. Dr. Vaggo Blackmore has found the answer, he’s restored his races way of life- sustenance through farming. The one thing that will give them back their long lives….. Blood: human blood.

Biologically engineered in a lab, Genesis Blackmore has always been different. Her father has told her it’s due to her enhancements, the Federated Council sees her as a genetic mutation; and her fellow peers see her as the shiny new toy. Gen has had better days.

Everyone on New Earth has milky white skin, platinum blonde hair, and electric blue eyes. It’s the norm. Genesis’ glossy, black hair, ice blue eyes ringed by gold, would have almost made her socially acceptable- if it wasn’t for her honey, almond skin and blue, gold veins. In a sea of milky white she alone is the dark anomaly.

All Pars get their life’s nourishment through blood plasma. All Pars find their match through the tasting. Gen can do neither, forbidden by her father to do so. She can neither taste, nor be tasted. Something that’s never bothered her until now.


Oh, the cliffhangers. I'm not one to pick up anthologies, but.... damn. This was good. In episode # 1 of the Romantic Tales, you're given three different stories by three awesome authors.

When given an assignment, reporter Harper Erkstine finds herself perched on bar stool listening to the sweet savory voice of Cass St. Marie, lead singer of the upcoming band CRAVE. Good music, hot men, and a really bad case of, fuck-me-now-it's-been-forever-and-sing-my-name-with-that-sultry-voice-of-yours. .... No?? Oooh, it just might be me then. Cause, well, you know, hot lead singers that just scream it's-not-rape-if-i'm-willing.... aaand on with the review.

As I'd hate to spoil anything, all I'm going to tell you is that, Crave is a great opener for this fantabulous (fantastic/fabulous?? -- you heard it here first. folks) mini series. Ty Langston slowly leads you into this new world she's created for you. Giving you bits and pieces of the story, characters, and plot at a nice pace that will keep you turning the page (and boy will you be screaming to the high heavens (or on Twitter in ALL CAPS at Ty Langston for throwing a CLIFFHANGER at you). Now, the question is, where will Ms. Langston take you with St. Marie and Harper? Pick up the first episode of the Romantic Bedtime Stories and find out for yourself.

When you start reading The Getaway, you're introduced to a young couple, who's going on a short vacation. A Getaway. Relaxation at its best. Like the blurb says, The Getaway isn't your typical romance. Ms. Ross throws a young, beautiful couple at you and reels you in. Gets you all relaxed and has you loving this romance story that she's feeding you from the palm of her hand. But, that's just where she wants you. 

As the pages fly by, more characters are thrown into the mix. Ms. Ross gives you some drama that will have you hovering over the turn page with your mouse, just to see what will happen next. "WTF IS HAPPENING?!.. OH NO SHE DIDN'T" Yepp, that's my reaction towards the end of the first part of The Getaway. 

If you love yourself a romance with quirky goodness and drama to have you thinking you're watching a soap opera, then pick up the first episode of Romantic Bedtime Stories and have a go!

Wow! Just... WOW. I don't even know what to think. The world. The characters. The setting. Everything is completely new and refreshing. Tigris Eden gives you these well thought out characters and settings that are just, well, amazing. To be honest, I haven't read anything like The Genesis Project.

Gens characters is different, she's not like everyone else around her. No siree. She's different and she knows it. Tries to blend in, but she can't help that every male in a 10 foot radius wants her. Why is that refreshing? Well, for one, she's completely naive to it all. Blind to the sexual tension that she's causing. And two, she's still trying to figure out all these feelings that are going through her. What her body is telling her. Non humans in a new Earth. What's not to like?

The Genesis Project throws you for a bit of a loop, is it Sci-fi? Urban Fantasy? Paranormal? Or maybe bits and pieces of all three thrown together to give you something new. Sci-Norm-Fantasy? Heh. Nonetheless, it's great and again with the CLIFFHANGERS!! (I'm slowly dying of cliffhangers disease lol) If you want to get your hands on something new and intriguing, pick up the first episode of Romantic Bedtime Stories and start reading NOW!

Not what I was expecting at all from these three stories. Each story is different. Once you get to the first page, you are now a passenger on this cruise that takes you to different worlds. These stories might be short, but they do leaving you waiting and wanting to pick up the next episode to continue on the journey.



  1. I was such a fan of this book & I'm not a fan of anthologies either, but I think each author did their thing here. Great review Anna :)

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review!