Review - Scars by Kiru Taye

Source: Self Purchased
Published: August 1, 2013
Evernight Publishing
Series: Passions Shields #1
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Authors Website
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance, Erotic

Scars is an interesting story with erotic and light BDSM elements. 

The book starts of where we are at the wedding of the now Selina and Benjamin Moss. But this wedding is a fake least it is in Selina's eyes. You see she needs Benjamin’s help to get her brother out of Sierra Leone and the only way to do that is to prove that she can provide a stable home and so her being happily married is key.

To Benjamin, this marriage is exactly his way of getting closer to Selina. He wants to help her with her brother, but he wants her too…he wants to unravel that tight control she has on everything. He and Selina played together in a club that they both frequented are are seeing each other before the marriage takes place, but he wants more and the only way to do that it seem is to marry her.

I liked the story, but I don’t think we got enough of Selina or Benjamin to really get to know them. Yes we know that they’re in this marriage to help Selina with her brother, but there is a obvious strong attraction there between these two. The title of the book is Scars because Selina has this dark past from her time in Sierra Leone and it’s clear it was not good at all as she has these scars across her stomach that she reveals to Benjamin on their wedding night.

Benjamin it seemed to me has more feelings towards this new bride than she has towards him. Selina was the wild card here and I do believe she wants to care about him just hard for her to trust folks because of her past.

I really couldn't connect with her and with the story only being 94 pages long…

It looks like this story will be broken up into a trilogy of sorts and I may or may not read the second book, Secrets which is out now. It all depends on how I feel and how my TBR list goes. I would like however to see how Benjamin gets Selina to learn how to trust him.

The sex scenes were done tastefully, although I was a bit confused about the spanking scene. As Benjamin is spanking Selina in one scene, she has a memory (a not too good one) and I just thought it didn't feel right because the woman almost had a panic attack. But it worked out I guess because she did loosen up, but still....

I thought Ms. Taye’s writing was excellent, but the story itself fell flat and with no connection to these characters, my interest waned by the end of it all. 

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