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I wanted to share this because its just too funny not to. My cousin shared it via her FB page yesterday and it literally had me in tears. Comedian Benji Brown takes on YouTube make up tutorials. .this shit is hysterical...

Lata Days Beautifuls...enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


  1. Waffle House yellow is my new go-to shadow.

  2. ROTFL! but what about electricity blue?...LMBO!

  3. This dude looks frickin scary w/o the make-up. The voice doesn't match the face & wig/weave! This is LOL funny! Thanks for sharing & making me laugh!

  4. Lmbo!! Glad I was able to make u laugh ;)

  5. "if you ain't gonna pay my bills DON'T text me." LOL Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lol! Ur welcome...always willing to share a funnie



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