Talking Zombies #15

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. After a long awaited return of The Walking Dead, we’re finally back to rant and gush about the season premiere of SEASON 4!! 
Ana: Are we loving it or hating it so far? I…am a bit lost for words at the moment.

Sharonda: It had its know? I was meh...then I was excited. Is that good?

Ana: I think that is good. I mean, hell, I’m still interested in finding out what happens next. That kid that died at the end? WTF.

Sharonda: I know right? that cannot be all. But I knew something bad was going to happen...just knew it!

Ana:  Yeah, aside from ol’ boy dying in the store, I knew something was up with that kid. I’m a little sceptic on how things will pan out now, though. Why is Michonne always leaving and coming back? It wasn’t like that before? I must be trippin’.

Sharonda: See...that was the exciting part for me. I mean I’m sorry the kid died, but that was like epic and then the helicopter falling in the damn store. I was WOW! LOL! nope..ya ain’t tripping because I was thinking the same thing. I don’t know what to make of Michonne, I really don’t. But the question is why the hell she wants to get to Macon? what the hell is there? smh….her character confuses me and we still haven’t gotten a back story on her yet.

Ana: Lol @ the kid dying was exciting for you. Oh my gawd! haha. Yeah, the helicopter part was def a good one. Especially since they ended up saving that guy who caused all the ruckus and not the kid. I mean, hell, if I was Michonne, I would have killed the walker that bit his leg, cut off his leg and then haul ass! Or is that too much? Hell, they cut off Hershel’s leg!

Yeah, I want to know what’s in Macon as well. Maybe family? I don’t know.

Sharonda: Sorry...I can be morbid sometimes, but the show was like dragging. OMG...I was saying the same thing, over a damn bottle? smh..not good dude. Not good. EXACTLY!  I was waiting for someone to just you something. You think they got soft in those 30 days? lols.
IDK, but I do hope we get more of a back story on her...I don’t even know what to make of her character. But I’m glad she’s getting along with everybody at least.

Ana: RIGHT. I think he’s a recovering alchy, or...OR, maybe he is an ALCHY! BURN HIM! lol I’m kidding. But, uhmm, I smell trouble with that one. Definitely gone soft in those 30 days. Yeah, I just hope they don’t let Michonne get all comfy and happy, happy with people in the group, and then BAAAAAM they snatch her up out of the show and bury her 6 feet under. >.<

Sharonda: Alchies are never good...a liability. I don’t see him in the show long. But we shall see….
They better not kill off Michonne or Darryl is all I’m saying.
Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. And the Maggie & Glen with the pregnancy thing. I was like if somebody else get preggers...I’m soooo done! and Tyrone...what's up with him? All soft & don’t likey at all.

Ana: We shall indeed.

Michonne & Darryl are off limits! And baby Judith! heh.

OMFG. She wants to live! He doesn’t want her to. lol. I mean, I get where he’s coming from, but I think they need to take it easy, one baby is enough. xDDD  Okay, waaaaait. Tyrese and Sasha… THEY’RE FATHER AND DAUGHTER!!! Why didn’t they clarify this shit last season? UGH. I agree, he’s going soft, but.. *cough* there’s a lady friend involved ;) lol

Sharonda: I don’t want no more all. Call me me a wimp, but what are they going to do when those zombies come? I just think they should have left the baby out of the show period. say what! They’re Father & Daughter?! stop it..for reals?! I gots a headache, okay I’m being dramatic...lmbo! Well I did think they were brother & sister.That ain’t right man..not right, I dislike when the do that.

Hehehe...everybody hooking up this season..I'm like okay! But no babies..dang it, lols!

Ana:  Lol @ left the baby out of the show.

YES, there was a moment in the epi where Tyrese says, “When were you not boss of me?” And she replied, “A few months before I was born.” Or maybe I’m trippin’ maybe they are brother/sister? UGH. I’m so confused.

Lol, yes, baby Judith is all I can handle. Next thing you know, everybody is preggers and dying soon after birth. All that’s left in the world is the daddies looking after they babies! xD

Sharonda: I think I missed that part. Hell...who knows at this point & I’m just has confused as you are...two confused is that good? LMBO!

ROTFL @ baby daddies...hahaha!

Ana: Okay, I just looked it up, they are brother/sister xD Lets disregard my “father/daughter” comment. Matter of fact, let me go cross that out xDDD

Sharonda: lols..okay.

Question of the Week
Are you satisfied with the first episode of Season 4?
Ana: Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to throw in some of your thoughts/comments on this epi!

Sharonda: Yes...thanks for stopping by..what my girl said :D

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