Talking Zombies #16

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E02 “Infection”
Ana: … So… you’re telling me…that on top of walkers, we have to deal with infections? oh sweet lawd. 

Sharonda:  Right?! its there’s something else to worry about beside the person that trying to get the walkers in the prison. 

Ana: I liked this episode, but I felt that they just wanted to kill off all the newcomers xD They were all, “uhhhhm, this is way too many people for this show, time to sharpen our knives… or, better yet, just throw them all to the zombie.” Sigh. 

Sharonda: I gotta agree. The episode was cool, I did like it. I’m screaming at my TV for people to run...lols. Seriously, they weren’t running fast enough for me. But you’re right, where did they come up with this idea? infect the walkers & the living? I don’t know about that. 

Ana:  lol @ they weren’t running fast enough for ya. Oh, I do agree! I don’t know, maybe they’re just trying to move the story along? But, whatever it is, baby Judith better not die! 

Sharonda: lol..still on baby Judith huh? but I’m sticking to my guns. Don’t mess with that baby at all!

Ana: What do you think about Carol talking to Carl about not talking to his dad?

Sharonda: I”m on the fence about that because I do agree that the kids should learn how to defend themselves. But I don’t like that she did that or how she did it...telling Carl not to tell Rick. She’s a grown ass woman, smh. I mean how would she feel if someone was teaching her kid something without her knowledge? I was just telling my sister, I hope they don’t make her unlikable….all the unlikable people eventually die off the show. 

Ana: I definitely agree with you there. If she becomes unlikeable, then we’re just gonna have to find another woman for Darryl xD

Michonne! She cried! I think she had a baby. When the hell do we get her background story?                       

Sharonda: OH that part slayed me! I was crying...crying Ana. Poor thing… I see now why she so standoffish towards everyone. You think that’s why she trying to get back to Macon? They need to give her backstory like NOW! lols. I need to know what happened to her. 

Ana: I think so. Either she has more family there that she left behind or something. I don’t know. But what about those walkers that she had with her when we first met her? Weren’t they her brothers? She never really elaborated on that. AAHHH We NEEEEEED her LAST SEASON! 

Sharonda: ROTFL @ like Last Season..I do agree. We need it now. IDK, I know from the comic book, they were her boyfriend & his friend. I don’t know what they made them to be on the show. Maybe family or something like that...

Ana: Tyrese… poor guy. Rick is definitely growing new balls. He straight burned ol’ girl! WHEREDEYDODATAT?!?! 

Sharonda: Wait?! forget Tyrese right now. You mean Rick burnt that girl up? What did I miss?

Ana: YES! Well, I think he did. Because in the preview for the next epi, Tyrese goes off on him. IDK, we’re gonna have to watch next weeks epi to figure it all out. 

Sharonda: You killing me woman! ugh! Okay, now I can’t wait. Poor Tyrese, he’s going to lose it like Rick did. Sasha going to be a wreck, I can see it coming...smh. 

Ana: YES! haha, I know, I’m a hot mess! I have to make all kinds of assumptions because this show is driving me cray cray! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (a little over dramatic eh?)

Sharonda: lols...Lawdy Lawdy, gonna drive me crazy..lmbo!

Question of the Week
So, Ana has made her assumptions on who burned Tyrese’s love thing and person unknown. And Sharonda is totally lost, buuut who do you think burned them?
Ana: Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below! And answer this weeks question! 

Sharonda: Thanks guys! Yes, leave your comments. Let us know what you thought. 

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