Tuesday Jams...uh, wait! I mean today...Thursday-. Ah hell, you know what I mean.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Want to share that song you been loving like crazy lately? Just grab the image above, make your own...yada, yada, yada and whether you have a blog or not, you can either leave your link in the linky or in the comment section. 

Yeah...I decided to bring Tuesday Jams back and I know you're sitting thinking...Sharonda, it's Thursday. Well, simply I forgot. I forgot to post my own meme. But it's here...itsssss back.

And not back like I'm going to haunt you or something like that..lols. Btw, I loved this movie and that little girl was freaky staring at that dang on TV *shivers*.

I'm going to start with last song that inspired my Review of Felicity Heaton's Her Wicked Angel. And going forward, I'll share with you my review inspired songs...well you know, unless I'm feeling like something different. Talking too much, aren't I? okay. Enjoy!

Why this song? simple...the hero & heroine in this story were wicked to the bone *weg*

Grab the code if you like
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  1. Great pick! I almost forgot to post mine.

  2. Ooo I hadn't heard that one in ages!

    Alright this is one I found recently. It's a cover band but omg I love!

  3. Nice song choice and I like your jamming Tuesdays er Thursday posts!

  4. no Miley herself huh Anna? lols. I love it! and the doo woppers in the back...awesome!

  5. thanks Amanda...although you did go with my boys! love 30 seconds to mars.

  6. LOL I go not prob with Miley. She's sure showing her crazy right now though. Whew. i know I love the guys. Wouldn't mind seeing a little more of the drummer. He looks like he's got some sexy going on. lol they're a fun group. Doing all kinds of covers and styles.

  7. Yes she us...lols. I favorited them on YouTube channel. ..they look like they*re having fun :)