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Monday, November 18, 2013

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This week quotes is courtesy of For The Love of The Game by Rhonda Laurel.

This first one is after Seth kinda...sorta collides into Morgan while they're both on vaca. They're out eating and of course some tramp is trying to get the super star quarterback's attention.

For the fourth time in an hour, a women wearing a slinky red dress cruised their table. This time she pretended to drop something so she could conveniently bend down and give Seth a bird's-eye view. (tramp)

"Can I help you?" Morgan said through her teeth.

"Excuse me?" the woman snapped.

"Can I help you? You keep coming over here." Morgan repeated, a little bit louder.

"Who do you think you're talking to, half-pint?"

"I'm talking to to the piece of trash in a dress so short your vaginia is going to catch a cold from the ocean breeze."

The sound of Seth's laughter made her turn her head in his direction. The woman gazed at Seth as if he was supposed to put Morgan in her place. "Sorry, sweetheart, but she's right on all accounts."
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lols!!!! that had me in snitches and Seth's response had me in a man...he is too awesome goo puddle. Tramps! never learn...why would a man want you if you're going to show all your damn goodies? #cutitout

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