Review: A Coward's Way Out by Kallysten

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Published: October 28, 2013
Series: Ward of The Vampire #5
Sex: PG - Medium/Strong Sexual Situations
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Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic

Reading the 4th book in this crazy good serial, I knew it would probably end with a cliffhanger that would leave my panting…wanting to contact the author and ask why is she torturing me like this. But it’s kinda Liz's over at Fictional Candys fault too. I read her reviews and became all interested…nosy my mother would say and hell the books are only .99 cents each. So the first three (these are serials..short & sweet) I brought right off the back. L…O…V…E…D them.

And now here I am…finished with the 4th book The Coward’s Way Out. After the crazy holidays and her parents visit, Angelina and Morgan have come to I guess you can say some sort of accord. Morgan is still attempting to get his sister Ms. Delilah to free Angelina from the house. But now, Angelina doesn’t want to leave. Yeah, she is in love with her very unwilling warden and now she has to convince Morgan that she really does love him…that he’s worth loving. But this vampire isn’t trying to hear it.

*sigh* Morgan is beating himself up way too much for my taste BUT I understand his feelings on not wanting to get to close to Angelina (I personally think it’s a little too late for that…) but as I’ve said, I get where he’s coming from. He’s killed two of his past loves before and the man doesn’t want to go that route of three’s a charm, you know what I mean? So, yeah I get it.

And Angelina…poor little Angelina. I was rooting for her, hoping like hell she would change Morgan’s mind. But the girl has no damn filter and she talked to dang on much (that’s quoted from Morgan himself). She said she wouldn’t argue with him anymore, but she did. She said she wouldn’t be angry with him anymore, but she was. She said she wouldn’t keep asking about his past BUT she did. The girl was loony. But I liked her. She just didn’t crawl inside herself and pine away because she was (at first) an unwilling captive in strange vampires house. Honestly if I was in her predictament, I probably…no, I would have acted the same way. 

Well, damn I guess that make me loony too…wow. I just blew my own mind…lols.

Anyhoo’s we get all the way to the end and its  going good right. She finally gets Morgan to loosen up some. The man isn’t professing undying love, but again he was becoming a little undone around her more and more. That is until Angelina pushed too hard, I wanted to choke her for fucking up, royally I might add. I thought of the final scene as a football play. I’m screaming for my girl because she’s heading for that touchdown…she’s damn near there and BOOM! Homegirl makes it…I’m dancing on the train and people are looking at me all kinds of weird, but whateva. I’m happy, I’m like yeah…she broke a barrier. And then...somewhere while she was running towards the goal, the referee threw a flag and my heart stops.

If she only would have just let go and enjoyed what Morgan was willing to give at that moment…. *shakes head and sighs deeply* and now we are left to figure out what Angelina will do. Will she go?  (oh, she was released from her compulsion and can now leave the mansion although Morgan doesn't know this) or will she stay? Because she can't stay with a man who doesn't love her back? right?

I enjoyed this one. We got to know Morgan a little more, learn more about his past and why he is the way he is and Angelina definitely is much more likable. I liked that her & Stephen, Morgans butler got closer. We also get to see a different side of Angelina's former employer and Morgans sister Miss Delilah. I’m glad to know that she loves her brother and this isn't just a game to her. Now their maker…"Mother"…Irene. Scary bitch that one is, had poor Angelina shaking like a leaf.

The Coward’s Way Out to me was more about the unwilling captive and captor breaking down those stiff walls and getting to know one another a little better. There wasn't much of the sexxy times, but what was there was lights blinding good and at least it wasn't fantasy sex this time.

So now I wait for the 5th book and I hope it comes out soon rather than later. I can’t wait to see what decision Angelina makes…

I say grab all 4 books now. At least for now it will read like a full novel and heck the first one is Free every first day of the month. AND they're only .99 cents each.

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