Review: Death's Lover by Marie Hall

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Source: NetGalley
Expected Publication: September 3, 2013
(Orignal Title ~ The Witching Hour)
Series: Eternal Lovers #1
Sex: PG - Medium/Strong Sexual Situations
Authors Blog
Genre: Paranormal Romance

What initially drew me to Death's Lover was reading a story about a Reaper. It’s rare that I come across books with these supernatural creatures as the main character and love interest. Honestly this is the first one *snort*…still, I was very curious about this tale Ms. Hall decided to tell.

However, I did feel that Death’s Lover dragged and for me it dragged all the way up to the end. This is even with the kick ass action that went on. I couldn’t connect with the story as it took literally up to the end of the book to the point of this tale. And the longer it took for Cian & Eve to connect…the more I started to get a tad distracted. Even the game being played at their expense started to grow a little tiresome.

Also, I didn’t feel the connection between these two, they danced around each other for the longest time and then by the time they did get to the sexy times, I was ready to throttle someone…possibly both of them. All that sexual tension, just riding the midnight air…it took too long for them to do the deed.

Cian himself was this sexxy fae...death. I'm not taking away from his badassery becuase dude was no wuss, BUT there was this self deprecating way he had about himself that drove me insane and Eve, she was to be this powerful witch and still I felt very bleh about her. Essentially she did nothing for me.

I can’t say that I was in love with Death’s Lover. But this story of reapers, fae queens, witches and others is again interesting. The world is big and very very scary. Also, the supernatural’s here aren’t hiding. They’re out in the open, but there is still tension between them and the humans.

I do love Marie Hall’s writing, she has a way of drawing you into her worlds. They’re descriptive without being overly done, colorful if you will and her characters are easy to get to know and like...even the evil ones.

Although this particular story didn’t quite work for me, I do believe it’s a good start to what seems to be an exciting series. Hell, how can it not be when Grimm Reapers get to find their mates? So I will continue with Eternal Lovers. Even death deserves love *twists lips* at least I think....

oh my stars...I love this song & it fits perfectly to this story

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  1. Darn!! That sucks that it just didn't grab you, because I think I would love to read a good grim reaper story. I think the closest I've come is the Charley Davidson series. And yep, I don't like a hero who is overly self deprecating too. I like the ones who know they're the shit lol. I'll keep an eye on this series and see if it picks up any, I think the premise sounds like a good one!

  2. hmmm.... I don't know. The books themselves sound kind of interesting. I think the second one sounds a bit better. But the covers kind of throw me. I like the colors and the men, but the women kind of strike me as fake-ish. Drag-ish? IDK. I'll keep an eye out on this, to see what people are thinking. I'm definitely interested though!

  3. Yeah & I was so excited to read this one...ah well ;)

    Lol!!! Ikr! He really worked my nerves at times, but he wa still a likable character.

    I have the first book in the charlie davidson series..still have to get to that one. Heres to hoping the next story is better :)

  4. I kinda like the lips...they plump! But yeah, now that I look at them, they do look dragish..

    Idk, its so hard to come across a good vamp book now-a-days. I'll have to check out the reviews first myself too, but it does look interesting.

  5. This looked so good. I'm so sorry that it was a disappointment. Sometimes not every book delivers for us. Solid review.

  6. Yeah..this is true. I think if it hadn't dragged so much, I probably would have like it more. I really do hope the next story is a bit better ;)

    Thamks Grace!

  7. Hmmm it sounds like a good series intro and I do love the idea of reapers, fae and witches. Thanks, sexxy girl! I have to binge on her two other books too!

  8. It really..just a slow start, middle and ending...lols. but still good none the less.

    U welcome gorgeous ;) oh man so do I..can't wait to start them.

  9. I love reapers, have you not read First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones? You have got to meet Charile and Reyes. I love the sound of the witches, fae an reapers in this and like that it is dark. Since this is the first in a series, maybe it will improve in book two. Great review :)

  10. I do love the idea of this story, but I think I understand what got to you. I recently read one where the story kept 'telling' me the character was a certain way, but the scenes she was in didn't have her acting that way so I disconnected and as you say stringing out the sexual tension too long can just be exasperating.

  11. No haven't read it yet, but I have it on my NOOK...just sitting there. I'm going to try to get to it before the year is out. I heard so many good things about it.

    thanks Kim! I think it will pick up. This is a good start...so I'm expecting it to pick up as the series progresses.

  12. Thanks for spotlighting me on your blog, Salacious Reads.

  13. Thanks for popping by, Fictional Candy. I appreciate your interest and if you do read these books, I'd love to know what you think. Have a fab weekend, Aneesa

  14. Thanks for reading the spotlight, Sharonda. If you do read the books, I'd be extremely interested in your thoughts. I'm on a journey to ensure that every book I write is better than the last and find that feedback helps enormously with that - any feedback, be it critical or positive. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Aneesa

  15. Hmm haven't tried this one that's too bad it dragged out. Have definitely read them that by the time the steamy bits happen I'm about ready to scream because it's taken so long. Hopefully the next one the characters will gab you a bit more.

  16. Haven't read this one, but I've enjoyed MHall's books before. Yay for Grimm Reapers :D

  17. Honestly, i was turned off by this book BECAUSE of the cover. That dude is just not.......... *looks around* ....sexxy >.< LOL sorry, but it's true. in this case I would have loved the designers to cut off his face. *(I'm such a bitch, hangs head)*

    anyways, too bad it lagged. I'm a huge fan of books with the spirit of Death and what not. I LOVE IT! maybe I'll borrow this from the library... maybe... >.< great review girl!

  18. totally exasperating. and you're so right, it just totally disconnects from the characters and the story.

  19. Hey Melissa!

    I'm going to go with the series anyways. hey, they all can't be hits. Plus, I have to try her other books too!

  20. LMBO! I wasn't exactly a fan of the cover either. to be honest it was the blurb that drew me in on this one. Once I saw grimm reaper, I was like ok! but alas, it didn't turn out exactly the way I thought it would...

    thanks Neyra! I would definitely borrow it

  21. We get frustration in really life; we don't need it in our fictional escape, right? Haha!

  22. Ooohh girl, she has a freebie of her kingdom series if you haven't read it yet.

  23. she does? which one, I have the first book...think I have the second & third too. You know what? I'm going to read them this weekend.



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