Review: Death's Lover by Marie Hall

Source: NetGalley
Expected Publication: September 3, 2013
(Orignal Title ~ The Witching Hour)
Series: Eternal Lovers #1
Sex: PG - Medium/Strong Sexual Situations
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Genre: Paranormal Romance

What initially drew me to Death's Lover was reading a story about a Reaper. It’s rare that I come across books with these supernatural creatures as the main character and love interest. Honestly this is the first one *snort*…still, I was very curious about this tale Ms. Hall decided to tell.

However, I did feel that Death’s Lover dragged and for me it dragged all the way up to the end. This is even with the kick ass action that went on. I couldn’t connect with the story as it took literally up to the end of the book to the point of this tale. And the longer it took for Cian & Eve to connect…the more I started to get a tad distracted. Even the game being played at their expense started to grow a little tiresome.

Also, I didn’t feel the connection between these two, they danced around each other for the longest time and then by the time they did get to the sexy times, I was ready to throttle someone…possibly both of them. All that sexual tension, just riding the midnight air…it took too long for them to do the deed.

Cian himself was this sexxy fae...death. I'm not taking away from his badassery becuase dude was no wuss, BUT there was this self deprecating way he had about himself that drove me insane and Eve, she was to be this powerful witch and still I felt very bleh about her. Essentially she did nothing for me.

I can’t say that I was in love with Death’s Lover. But this story of reapers, fae queens, witches and others is again interesting. The world is big and very very scary. Also, the supernatural’s here aren’t hiding. They’re out in the open, but there is still tension between them and the humans.

I do love Marie Hall’s writing, she has a way of drawing you into her worlds. They’re descriptive without being overly done, colorful if you will and her characters are easy to get to know and like...even the evil ones.

Although this particular story didn’t quite work for me, I do believe it’s a good start to what seems to be an exciting series. Hell, how can it not be when Grimm Reapers get to find their mates? So I will continue with Eternal Lovers. Even death deserves love *twists lips* at least I think....

oh my stars...I love this song & it fits perfectly to this story

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