Review: Red Hot Dragon By Lolita Lopez

Source: NetGalley
Published: October 1, 2013
Series: Dragon Heat #2
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Authors Website
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotica

*more like a 3 1/2

Avani Monroe needs a strong another dragon line to help her keep her mother's snake line alive and Griffin Cadogan is the perfect match. All she wants is to produce a child with this man and that’s it. She doesn’t want him involved with the raising of the kid or anything like that, but Griffin isn’t having it. He promptly tells Avani that if he agrees, any child he fathers…he would be fully involved in their life whether he's mated to the mother or not.

There was an attraction between Avani & Griffin, but it was hard for me to believe the relationship between them as it happened too quickly. Unlike the first book with Cora & Stig, these two didn’t know each other. If fact, their families were still locked in a bitter blood feud with one another so for these two just be all in love within what 3 or 4 days of their mating cycle was just a little too much.

We didn’t get a lot of information on Griffins background, we just know that he’s a Red Welsh Dragon. There was more information given on Avani’s, so we get to understand why she was so controlling and slightly OCD.

The too quick a romance and lack of story gets this one 3 & 1/2 heels. Red Hot Dragon missed a lot of seemly important details that made the first book Dead Sexy Dragon much more likable and personable. Also, this story got drowned out just a little bit with Griffin’s cousin Maddox's ongoing issue, which I’m assuming will be the next book in this series.

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