Review: Skin Deep by Dez Burke

Friday, November 15, 2013

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Source: Purchased
Published: October 4, 2013
Series: No
Self Published
Sex: R - Meduium/Strong Sexual Content
Author Blog
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance

Skin Deep is a contemporary romance with a classic fairytale theme as its base. It’s also one of those stories where the hero needs a pretend girlfriend (I did not know this when I brought it…I swear). I have this habit of skimming through blurbs now.

Shane Davis former Nascar stock driver and playboy was badly burned in a accident that also killed his best friend. Not only is he drowning in guilt, but he can’t stand the look of this face…hates it as a matter of fact. But he needs a girlfriend to get his worrying mother off his back. So he hires a actress for 3 or 4 weeks I believe to play the part, but Angela Neil is not his usual fix….

Angela is a struggling actress. And when I say struggling, I mean shit is bad. She’s not working at the moment and she & her sister have to also take care of her dad who is in a assisted living facility. Bills are piling up and she doesn't have the money. So when her agent sends her on an interview to play the part of a rich mans girl...
Once she meets Shane, she’s shocked by his scars but not horrified. But she’s also instantly attracted to him too. Plus the money, the offer to move her dad to a better facility and offering her sister a job at one of his corporate sponsors isn't so bad either.

Okay, what I starting to love is the pretend girlfriend/wife…whatever you what to call them type reads. I really do love when a plan is set, but the two individuals find theirselves falling for one another despite all their best intentions not too.

As I've said Angela isn't Shane’s usual type of female, he use to like them big breasted and blonde. But since his accident, they have been very few & far between. So in comes this mocha chocolate woman and he’s interested…really interested. Shane really doesn't know how to take Angela and he makes a blunder when he first interviews her and promptly asks her to share his bed and is kinda of shocked when she promptly tells him to kiss her ass.

The story was really good. I liked Shane and it was so sad to read how he struggled with his depression and guilt over his dead friend…how he dealt with people when they saw his now scarred face. I’m glad he had Angela to help push him to come out of his shell, to not be such a recluse anymore.

I'm really surprised to say this, but for this story I liked the fact that the sex (and you know I LOVE my sexxy reads!) wasn't as prevalent here because you got to know Shane & Angela more. The scenes were more towards the end of the book and I gotta say after I finished...I was like okay, not so bad. Not so bad at all. Plus, they were still steamy as all get out.

The story had that classic Beauty and the Beast theme. It did drag towards the end of the story when the contract ended between Shane and Angela. I felt the author prolonged the ending of this tale and it was quite unnecessary to do so. Yes, let them struggle with their burgeoning feelings for one another, but all the other in between stuff (like Angela leaving to pursue her acting career)? to me...could have been left out.

Shane and Angela do get a HEA and that I’m glad for. I love when a ending comes together so well. Beast should always get his beauty.

looks likes there is a new cover too...what do you think? Like this one or the original? I think I like the original better.

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  1. I think I like the original cover too.

    This sounds like a great story. And I love a man with scars. But hell, I'm glad he learned the sun doesn't rise and set on the Barbie women lol.

  2. This all sounds pretty good!! I've only read a few alien books, but I've heard of this author before (and heard good things). Definitely interested!

  3. I don't care about any of the Woodbury people!! To heck with all of them. And to heck with Tyrese. I do like Sasha, but come on - she ain't gonna make it. And how in the hell is Glenn alive? He was throwing up bloody foam! That's usually a bad sign, ya know?

    I'm just waiting for the explosion when Daryl finds out the truth about Carol. I'm just not happy about that, and until they make it right I'm hoping they all get bit.

  4. Except Daryl. The only biting I want on Daryl is my own rawr!!!

  5. Plus the new one doesnt even matches Shanes description. Shane has blonde hair & grey eyes..whose this new dude? Lols.

    Bwahahaha!!!! Liz ur too much, but damn if it anit true...lols.

  6. I read only read a few too..that's why I wanted to read this one :)

    My review will be up Monday.

  7. Lols! Come in Liz some of them folks have to survive..I hope..lols.

    You know I had such I hopes for Tyrese's character...I dont even know right now about him...I just dont like the person is now. Liz don't kill my Sasha hopes...lmbo!

    I know..I was like shit he aint gonna make it..well like Ana said..I guesd Maggie can't be alone :D

    I'm telling u...thats all Im waiting for...that scene..omg I can't wait!

  8. Skimming through blurbs can get you into trouble; glad to hear that in this case it worked out!

  9. Ahhhh fake mates! I effing love the whole fake mates theme. Its my all time favorite. Seriously. They're like my own personal crack. So on the list it goes. I'm a sucker for those scarred and tormented heroes too :) Sounds like a great read.

  10. Hiya, Ladies! Totally agree on Rick and Carl comments. I, too, couldn't figure out if he was proud or scared of what/who Carl has become. I thought it was eye-opening that Carl tells his dad, "It's going to be all right." Shouldn't it be the other way around? The adult comforting the minor? LOL

    I can't wait for Daryl's reaction. While I don't think - or I've missed it - there has been any scene where Daryl and Carol get it on, I wonder if Daryl will go after her like he went to look for his brother. His brother did a lot worse things that Carol, but Daryl didn't give up on his family. What's going to happen? :(

    And of course, one of the walkers on the trailer is going to attack Hershel and Michonne. There is no other reason why they have both the trailer and the jeep open to allow that sort of scene. LOL

    And Ugh! That damn Governor is just like cockroaches! Never dies. Ugh what kind of crazy is he bringing with him now? Can he please catch the virus and die? LOL

    Until next week, Ladies :)

  11. I haven't started this series, but I do love hot sexy aliens.

  12. Wasn't that crazy? lols. I just hope Rick isn't loosing it again cuz yeah, Carl will be savng him for sure...lols.

    Oh wow...good point Julie. Hmmmm, that will be interesting to see if he does. You didn't miss it, there was no kind of real romantic scene between them so....

    Bwahahaha...we will have to see :)

    The Governor...ugh, I hate that man. But you know he coming for Rick girl...lols.

  13. it can, but it did work out thank goodnes :)

  14. they are the best right?! oh I am loving them to death for sure. This one was good, I have a thing for both of the characters in this one :)

  15. Yeah, i like the original better, especially because this one doesn't show his beautiful scars :/ anywho, great review girly. I don't read many of these kinds of stories, so hopefully if I decide to pick this up it'd be a good read for me :) plus i'm glad that they get to know each other and she doesn't jump into bed with him right off the bat. a little change is never bad ;)

  16. the original is way better and thank you!

    well if you do decide to pick it up, let me know what you think..I would really like to see it :)

    yeah...change at bad at all.

  17. will do hon :)
    just gotta finish some reviews first xD lol is this in paperback?

  18. it is :)