Review: Toxic (Truckee Wolves #1) by Belinda McBride

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Source: NetGalley
Published: April 23, 2013
Loose ID, Inc
Sex: R - Meduium/Strong Sexual Content
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Genre: Paranormal Romance

I think I was pleasantly surprised by this story even though it at times, it veered off  from the Briony and Rico’s tale, I still liked what I read. There’s a lot going on in Toxic. The story starts off with some sort of convert mission with Dionne, Briony’s adoptive mom. Since I didn't read the blurb, I assumed the book would be about her, but then we the go off into Briony’s and Rico’s story.

We find out that Briony and her brother Kendall are children who along with their parents were experimented on by a government backed corporate group called Abraxis. From what I gather, they are experimenting on supernaturals and humans. While Briony seems to be a mild empath and she can communicate with animals...sort of calm them in a way. Her brother Kendall is a touch empath, he can’t touch anyone. If he does, he feels their emotions and seeing futures, things of that nature.

Anyways, Briony is now an adult who is a veterinarian. She works in a small town in CA and is extremely attracted to the park ranger Rico Montgomery. Come to find out that Rico is attracted to Briony too…he just loves her smell (she smells like chocolate because she loves to eat it). Rico who lost his parents at an early age and was then adopted outside of the Truckee pack and raised in human foster homes. He’s used to being around humans, but he also needs the backing and family feel of a werewolf pack. Now that the pack is trying to become strong again, they are warning Rico to stay away from Briony.

What I liked about this story was that even with 127 pages, there a good amount of information given about a little bit of everyone in it without it being information overkill. I liked Briony and I adored the fact that she was a plus size and curvy gal. She was funny, smart and brave. I liked Rico too and I thought that he and Briony were very cute together.

What I didn't like was the veering away from this couples story. Like I said even though there was no information overkill, I still felt the story was a little all over the place. You would be reading about Rico and Briony in one breath and then in the, next you were reading about Chase (Rico’s Alpha) or Sage (Rico’s Beta) and because of that we really didn't get enough of Briony and Rico.

The other thing that struck me as strange was Briony's almost disbelief when she found out that Rico was a werewolf or that they existed. She heard the stories from her mother that there were "others" (other than human) out there and again she and her brother are empaths, she even knew about Abraxis. But she couldn't wrap her head around Rico being a wolf. I think at one point she thought he was crazy and I'm sitting there like "huh?"

The sex scenes to me were good, but they weren't scorching and that’s because we didn't get enough of them. There was some spanking and some light BDSM elements (nipple clamps) but it wasn't enough to hold my interest. I eventually skimmed through some of those parts.

Also, what exactly is Dionne? Briony’s adopted mom. The ending hinted at that she wasn't fully a woman….that she wanted to have surgery, but when she took on Briony and her brother, she put it off. So who and what is this strange woman? Or is she a man? Or a hermaphrodite....

Hopefully, we'll get more about her as the series progresses. Still even with the little hiccups, this is a delecious start to a good series.

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