Sexxy's Review: The Blind Date by Delaney Diamond

Source: Self Purchased
Published: September 20, 2013
Delaney Diamond
Series: Love Unexpected #1
Sex: R - Meduium/Strong Sexual Content
Authors Website
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance

The Blind Date is a story that unfolds between characters Ryan Stewart and Shawna Ferguson. Okay, lets start off with the premise. Title…The Blind Date. Um…Shawna, hasn’t gotten any in years so her sister & brother in law set her up on a date with her EX from six years ago (unbeknownst to her).

Um…alright, I can see that. There was this big falling out. Ryan lied…Shawna was hurt…I got it. I get it. But here is the thing…they were young and on a night, you just met someone and you feel it’s right. But it’s some other shit going on at home that this person just can’t get into at the moment BUT he's taken by this new thing thats going on…this is Ryan’s main problem and situation at the time.

I will not give away a lot of details, but I will tell you my main issue with this tale. After six years…SIX years. Shawna couldn’t get over the hurt that Ryan caused. Listen, I understand hurt, but really six years?… and definitely if dude has changed and admitted he fucked up….#comeonnow.

What more do you want or require? #ijustdidntgetit. Ryan admitted he fucked up…so you will hold a grudge for how long? #stopit.

The story itself was well written and kept me turning the pages, I think Delaney Diamond wrote one heck of a story. But, I will admit that Shawna worked my nerves. Because, honestly if you feel that you can’t move on from what someone did to you in the past…then you need to let it all go and you know…move on. Don’t have sex with them and then feel guilty about the shit…#imjustsaying. So these few issues brought this down to a 3 heel review for me.

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  1. I wouldnt be able to pick between those choices either, I enjoyed them both and love your description...Sexxyblogger!

  2. thanks! and thanks so much for stopping by :)

  3. ROFL This Shayna sure can hold a grudge. Man! Ryan is a trooper for sticking through that, he deserves a Medal of Honor.

  4. Yes! I've read two now where the gal held onto her grudge for ten years and it messed up my enjoyment of the books because I couldn't understand that. I can see her having the initial kick in the gut when she checks out who her blind date is, but a sincere apology and changed behavior would have done the trick with ol' softy me.

  5. I love that the historical PNR you reviewed is up for grabs. I put it on my wishlist after your review. My last inter-racial romances were a contemporary, Home for the Holidays and a historical, Somewhere to Dream.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  6. Thank you for participating in the Color of Love Blog Hop. Two books, and they both look hot. I mean it, those covers are smoking. By the way I love the little sparkly's on your blog. I spent a little too much time playing.

  7. thanks for stopping by and entering Sophia :)

  8. my pleasure Nana :) They were both really good :)

    lols...I get distracted with the sparkly's too...lols.

  9. never lied. I felt so bad for dude, lols. Geez, I kept saying give the poor man a break woman!...lols.

  10. ten years? thats crazy...lols. See, Sophia we on the same page. An sincere apology and I would have been good :)

  11. OOo right there with ya Sharonda. The grudge for so long drives me crazy. Now, I'm all for a good grudge, but like you said. If they've changed and apologized and are really trying and you just can't let it go. Oh I'm gonna wanna flick you. smh at these crazy women.

  12. thanks Kim :) I can imagine...that's what it was like when I read Colorblind.

  13. right? good point Kim...lols. And actually he did give her her "space" towards the end of the book, but it all worked out in the end :)

  14. LOL! @ wanna flick you. Omg, she worked my nerves. It was like come on woman! smh. couldn't believe she gave him such a hard time.

  15. lol girl, I'd be smacking her if that was my BFF. I have seem some chicks pissed about stupid things their ex did years ago, but 6 years is way too long.

  16. U never wake up heffa....lmbo! Six years..just crazy

  17. Oh I hate that when they dont let from 8 mil years ago and just keep on holding on even long after it should have let go.

    -Amanda P

    Where the Night Kind Roam


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