Talking Zombies #16 ~ We have a Guest....*WEG*

Friday, November 1, 2013

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E03 “Isolation”

Ana: This week we have the one, the only Neyra from Darkest Addictions joining us! New lover of TWD, we had to hear her opinions on this weeks epi! Thanks for joining us Neyra and I hope you didn’t have too much trouble getting here. You know, walkers and all #SuperBadAssModeActivated

Sharonda:  Hey Neyra! Welcome to our lil world of walkers & crazy :D Maybe you can balance out me & Ana's crazy while you're here.

*looks around* should we touch fists? Maybe say something in unison?  Lols.

Neyra: Hi Sharonda, Ana. Thanks for having me today, I LOOVEE TWD! ...idk about balance Sharonda, but... we will see xD

Ana: AHH… Well, now we know who has no soul! lol. I’m kidding. BUT WOW! Carol was the one who killed those two from last epi…

Sharonda: I CANNOT believe Carol! Carol?! Totally blew my mind. Now thats what you call a shocker...

Neyra: I think Carol is turning into a bad ass, I freaking LOOVE her. And honestly I wasn't really a fan of Karen, and idk who David was, sooo *shrugs* LOL

Ana: Lol. Yeah, Karen seemed kind of...mehh, but we need some mehh in TWD! lol. It balances all the crazy!

As for Carol turning into a bad ass… that’s all good and gravy, but once she starts killing people in cold blood like that.. holy facking shit. She didn’t even tell anyone. BUT, she did have a breakdown after she told Tyrese she was sorry about Karen… hmm.

Sharonda: Karen who? David? Hmmmmm...I don’t know a David..lols! But we knew those folks from Woodbury weren't going to last long...smh. But yeah..everyone seems to be losing it. If you turned into a Walker by being nuts, then this show would be so over, lmbo.

Neyra: oh I agree she shouldn't be killing anyone in cold blood and all, but when you think about it, they were already dead.. sorry, but I'm with Carol. She was going to contain it, can't say I wouldn't have done the same. Too bad it happened after EVERYONE else decided they wanted to get infected too >.< … lol@ Sharonda

Ana:  lol @ those folks from Woodbury weren’t going to last. I was just talking to someone about how that’s fucked up that they saved all of those people...just to kill them off 2 epi’s later. WTF is wrong with these directors xD

ooh. well, here’s our nuts counter: Rick, RICK, RICKRICKRICK. Well, yeah. He’s definitely a walker. xD

HERSHEL! I hope he doesn’t catch that nasty flu. I really like him. He’s definitely the groups level headed one. Helps keep Rick in check.

Sharonda: Rick...why the hell he had to go back to crazytown and what do they do? They bring back the crazy. Me dont like. Why cant we get the nice normal semi-crazy Rick *sigh* but I digress. At least he gave Tyrese a Swolled up eye. Thought he was turning into a complete wimp for a minute.

Lawd don’t let Hershel go...he’s the only sane one left! Everyone else nuts.

Neyra: oh come on you two, you honestly can't expect at least ONE person not to go insane. I hate how Rick is being a pansy, all "no I don't want to lead anymore" what he should've done was slapped Carl a good one, but anyways, I think he's right to be going all Cray-Cray, he's always had to be the stronger one, always helping people only to have them die.. that's one hell of a burden.

*PS, I don't want Hershel to die either :(

Ana: I think they made Glenn super sick because how fucked up would it be if only the Woodbury folks got sick? I mean… Rick and Darryl were in that cell block as well… Why tf aren’t they sick? #QuestioningThisShitHellaHard

Sharonda: lols @ slapped Carl a good one. Maybe they're immune or something, but that is a good question though....its something to think about. And if you think about it, he's the only one from the original group that got sick...

You guys think Glenn is gonna be there much longer? Especially with all the problems him & Maggie been having...

Neyra: I hope they find a cure, that would suck for Glenn to die, but like Ana said it'd be fucked up to only see Woodbury people die. And as for the Magg/Glenn issue, I think she's just a botched. She always kind of has been with him. She either wants too much or not as much as he. He's justified in NOT wanting a fam, but then I agree with her that they shouldn't let fear keep them from living.. idk ladies we shall see.

Ana: I’m feeling for Tyrese. He lost his lady love. Now Sasha is all kinds of sick. I don’t want her to die. She can be like… a mini Michonne. xDDD Hella bad ass. If they kill her off, I think we might lose Tyrese as well. What say you two?                    

Sharonda: Okay. I know Tyrese was upset...BUT damn fighting everyone?! He needs to get a dang on grip. I mean how long he even knew whats her name anyways? foolish self. Because like you said Ana, he still has Sasha; you know? I kinda disliked him for a minute and then sitting in the damn car while the walkers are surrounding them. I’m like screaming at my TV. I could not believe him! So what you just give up?! What about Sasha?! Alright, let me stop before I get mad again.

I like Sasha...I think she would be a great addition to the group, but we shall see who survives this latest craziness the producers have heaped upon us.

Okay we have got to talk about Carol...What the?! She done went all bad ass on us. I know she's thinking that this will possibly help, but straight up killing folks? I dont know...

How do you think Rick is going to handle that? Hell Carol might cut his ass up & burn him too...lols xD

Neyra: I think I'm the pessimist of this week's Talking Zombies.. I didn't give two flying butterflies about Tyrese's pain. He didn't know her THAT well.. Smh

Rick will probably just speak with her, but if anyone else find out? Darryl wanted to put a bullet to the one who did it. Would he be able to if he finds out out was her?

Ana: Lol Neyra, I’m with you on the whole Tyrese ordeal. I just don’t want to have to lose if he loses his sister. The fact that he’s losing it this bad over his lover friend and his sister is still fighting this infection? I don’t know if I wanna witness what happens when that happens. He just might set up camp with Rick in Crazy Town.

As for Carol. I like that she’s stepping up. Before she was more or less the “mother hen” of the group. Watching over people and helping where needed. Now she’s taking a stand. And I think it’s about damned time. Too much time has passed since her daughter died. She shoulda gone into ass kicking mode soon after. At least I think so.

Sharonda: Nods head in agreement...I like what you ladies are saying.  I don't think Darryl will like her very much if he knew. I think it will for sure change how he sees her, because I think thats what attracted her to him in the first place...the fact that she was all maternal like that *shrugs*.

Neyra: And, speaking of Darryl and Carol... I was always hoping they'd be getting together sometime soon :(  I love their chemistry... *sigh*

Ana: I love their chemistry too… they’re just dragging shit on and on and on…. oh lawdy. We need some Darryl lovin’ xD Maggie and Glenn are not cutting it anymore with their wanna be domestic problems.

Sharonda: lol @ Maggie & Glenn...I agree with this too. Getting about tired of their "couples issues". I dont know if they're going to take it further with Darryl & Carol, I mean I love their chemistry too...but I don’t see it happening. Hell, even Tyrese got busy before they did AND he just got there o_O

Besides, do you guys see the relationship developing between him & Michonne?  Now that could be quite interesting.

Neyra: Yeah, it was cute at first, but after what, two seasons of their issues I'm about tired of them lol. Hmm, Darryl and Michonne? o.O that would be something to talk about, but they are both so conservative with their feelings, imagine all the awkwardness lol.

So, Did anyone else have a heart attack when they saw the mega herd? Where in the world did they come from??? o.O

Ana: OH. MY. SHITTING. MY. PANTS. xDDD  That shit was scarrrrry! I was like.. WTF. HOW IN THE HELL?! #PrayingLikeNoOtherThatILiveThroughThisHerd

Sharonda: I just sat there staring. I mean how the hell are the herds coming together like this? Is it something attracting them?  #thatshitisscary

Would you have done what Carol did to Karen and David?

Ana: Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below! And answer this weeks question!

Sharonda: Thanks guys! Yes, leave your comments. Let us know what you thought.

Neyra: Thanks for reading you guys! I had fun ladies, thanks again (:

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  1. Ok, Sharonda, you did NOT tell me you were a zombie fan. WTH?!?!

    From that last episode - I am so OVER Tyrese. Somebody needs to bite him.
    I love the chemistry with Carol and Daryl, I think it would suck if they got together any time soon tho - we wouldn't have this anticipation any more!

    I think Carol is awesome, she's turning into a badass bitch, and that's the kind of woman Daryl needs... you know, if they did hook up.

    *sigh* Somewhere on the internet there is an extended trailer of things that happen this season. I wish I didn't watch it. 'nuff said.

  2. Im not Liz but Oh my stars I love this sbow! Its just too much fun to see all these folks & their issues.
    They need to get Tyrese out of the sad crazy stage...we saw that with Rick last season..its nuts to repear it.
    I do like this new side of carol but this crazy killing spree isnt working for me.
    If u find this trailer..let me know. I want to see it :)

    Oh & im inviting u to talk zombies with us this season :)

  3. Daryl definitely needs some lovin'! With all that he contributes to the group, he should have a harem of ladies servicing his every need! LOL Good Lord why doesn't he get any action? *sobs*

    I also wish we could see/hear something from the rest of the world - a message or something? What's going on elsewhere? I know when Daryl & Co. were driving, they heard a message on the radio, but I just wish there was something official the govt or someone more organized was doing. I'm really over the low grade stuff going on. Where are the soldiers or members of the National Guard. I'm sure some of them had to survive - that's what they're trained for LOL.

    And who knows what's going to happen to Hershel, but the last time the group had an older member who was the "sane" moral compass of the group, he got killed. Can't remember his name but he was that older man who was always in Andrea's business who drove the RV. What was his name? Totally bit the dust.

    'Til next episode, Ladies! *hugs*

  4. Hey Julie!

    I would love to see other parts of the world too...they are literally taking the word isolation very serious here..lols.

    So we"re all in agreement that Darryl needs some loving..lols. sexy qw that man is...yes he does.

    Omg..damn I cant remember his name either. But now that I think about it you"re right. Still I dont want Herschel to go :(

  5. I would love to! Just tell me when and I'm there!

    Did you change your page to black, or is my browser just not loading right?

  6. My designers server is down...hopefully it start to show right soon