Talking Zombies #17

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E04 “Indifference”

Sharonda:  Damn! Rick kicked Carol to the curb...literally.

Ana: I was not expecting that! WTF! I don’t even know… wow.

Sharonda: I kind of get where’s he’s coming from. And I know in her mind she was stopping the virus, but it really didn’t do anything. Plus I just didn’t like her you expect me to just accept that you killed people. I’m sad to see her go, but in the end I think its good for the group.

Ana: Yeah, I agree with you. I don’t agree with what she did. At all. Yeah, she’s stepping up, but to kill people who aren’t even walkers? They were confined. They could have killed them if they turned.

I kinda knew Carol was leaving the show (or temp leaving we don’t know) Because. They always have these conversations with people who reminisce on some parts of their lives and next thing you know they die or they leave the group. lol.  

Sharonda: Exactly! She could have least waited until they were dead or a walker. I think at some point we will see her again because she’s technically not dead, sooo…...

Ana: What do you think about that guy with the alcohol? (What’s his name?)

Sharonda: lol...girl, I can’t remember his name it Bob? IDK. Anyways, another liability. The quiet? please & spare me. Everyone is going through something..dealing with their issues and demons. Drinking isn’t going to help anything. All that is going to do is get people the dude when they were in the grocery store because he was reaching for that damn bottle, smh.

Ana: lol. We’ll call him Bob for now. xD But, I agree, definitely a liability. He needs to step his game up or just chill the hell out with all his alchy talk. IDK. But somethings going to happen with him.

Sharonda: lmbo @ chill with his alchy talk. I agree, I don’t think he will be there long. I see maybe a couple of more episodes and then that’s it.

I did like how Darryl stepped to his butt. I was like “get em Darryl!” lols.

Ana: lol. I was rooting for Darryl too. He takes this shit seriously. There are peoples lives at steak and all that guy can think about is losing himself at the bottom of a bottle? Seriously? WTF. #OverThat           
Sharonda: Yup! and someone needed to tell him what it is. Like how Michonne talked to Tyrese. like seriously #getoveryourself. I do believe that stupid will get you killed and as things get worse at the prison, we don’t need all this extra drama...people need to get over it and survive. I mean isn’t what this is all about?

Ana: So true. I’m already over Tyrese’s issues. He has a sister that is fighting for her life and he’s risking his life by not letting go of a walker? FOR REALS?! sigh.

Sharonda: ugh! he was getting on my nerves so bad. I was hoping his ass got bit! I’m so done with him right now. He better get it together or I’m going to start to wishing him dead like quickly.

Who knew Michonne was still looking for the Governor o_O I don’t think she should stop though. I think his sneaky butt is out there somewhere...lurking.

Ana: lol.  I don’t think she should stop either. I’m sure the Governor will come back to the show and with a mad ol’ vendetta. LAWDY! MORE DRAMA! WOOO xD

Sharonda: I think that would make for exciting times. I do :)

Ana: Back to Carol for a sec. Do you think that Rick should have let the group in on her secret and the group decides if she stays or goes?

Sharonda: Ah tricky question. I think for the most part that this was Rick stepping back into the leadership role do, I don’t even think he considered the group when he made his decision. I know some people will be mad when they find out. But..dang, idk.

It’s going to be people mad at him regardless. I’m more concerned to see how Darryl will take it, you know. He’s always been Rick’s right hand man since day one and now….

Would you have kicked Carol out of the group?

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  1. WTH?! Is this the same post as Neyra's? LOL You know I don't watch the show but I do love your back and forth.

  2. :) this one is from the newest episode :)

  3. Carol is gone, yay! Now sexxy times with Daryl can commence LOL Darn I hadn't thought of it, but you're right, now I'm wondering how he's going to take it. :(
    OMG wasn't that the SEXIEST thing you've ever seen when he was chest pushing/pumping the alcoholic guy? *fans self* OMG!!! What is that move called? It was all sorts of Alpha Male and sexxy.
    And I was so sad with that couple Rick found of that guy and the girl with the bad leg. *sobs* So sad. Can't wait for next week's episode and see how Rick's going to handle Carol being gone. Is he going to tell the truth or lie and say she got bit? 'Til next week, Ladies! *hugs* :)

  4. I'm not happy Carol is gone!! She was a strong character who made logical decisions. I think she should have killed them too. Maybe not burned them, but hell, you can't win them all :) Daryl is going to be mad though, and then I'm going to be mad!!

    Tyrese - I already wish someone would bite him.

    The drinking guy...he is Bob. And he's a liability. Feed him to the biters!

    Do you guys watch The Talking Dead afterwards? They had a good point that in sending Carol away, Rick may have saved her life from Tyrese. But either way, I don't think it was his decision to make, even if he is the "leader". It's ok for his son to kill a teen who had surrendered in the woods, but not for Carol? Nope. Not good.

  5. I'm not happy she's gone and she is a strong character. But I gotta disagree, like it wasn't Rick decision by making her leave, it wasn't her decision to kill those people, that should have been a group decision if any. They could have been a part of the group that's contained now (not's that its doing any good now...) but still. And I still didn't like her tone, I do believe she was remorseful because she did breakdown after, but she's like showing no emotion now & that makes her more scary than strong to me. I think that why Rick really didn't want her there anymore, not to say she would ever become like the Governor, but....

    oh Bob is his name..lols, I got one right! Yeah, I don't see him there long. He'll be dead by the end of the season. They need to change Tyrese's character, I like a big quiet man, but lawd I can't take a angry wimp. nope!

    I haven't watched it since M Manson was on there (yuck!). But yeah, I agree with that too and Rick hinted at it when he was talking to Carol. How would she explain that to him? Especially in his state? Just think about when Sophia first got lost & how she reacted when everyone pretty much wrote her off as dead...

  6. Lols! I didn't think Rick would do it like that, but that was really a wow moment. Yeah Darryl totally had the Alpha male thingy going on. I was looking at him with new eyes :D.

    Yeah, that was sad. SMH, I would really start to see more survivors man. I mean, I know death is walking around but I want to start see more life *sigh*

  7. No Braine, this is Ana's and Sharonda's thang, i was inviting to speak for last week's epi! ^_^

  8. We were glad u were along for tje ride :)

  9. Ladies, this is where we will agree to disagree. I think Rick is being nothing more than a big ol' pansy. he was intimidated by Carol's take charge attitude and decided it was best to kick her out. he said it himself, he was making that decision for him. it was in the interest of the group, but for him and his kids. which i do understand, but lets remember that he had decided to step back from leading because of Carl and how he was starting to turn out. Like many have said, it was okay for him to kill a defenseless boy who had surrendered, but it wasn't ok for Carol to kill ppl that, as we've already seen with this week's past episode, WOULD have turned into walkers? Besides, when she made that decision they hadn't even thought about the meds, so Carol was doing the only thing she felt was right, to contain the virus and keep it from spreading to avoid losing MORE lives. *sigh* I'm sad to hear a lot of people saying she is now cold-hearted and a killer and yada yada especially since each one of them has had to make a choice that has eventually lead to someone being killed, by them or walkers it makes no difference. Her cold detachment, i love it. I'm sad to have heard her say with no emotion that Sofia is dead, but honestly, after everything she and everyone has been through, after so many months (has it been a year already?) what are people honestly suppose to expect? It's not a world of rainbows and sunshine anymore, it's the freaking zombacolypse, there is no time for grieving. And she did... let's not forget that. but she is doing what she knows is right to survive. Do i believe she would callously kill the rest of the group? No, I believe she will make the right decision to save everyone she CAN*. In my opinion, she was the best non-recognized-leader the group had. And I hate Lori's reaction when Rick told her.. would she have reacted the same had Glenn NOT been infected? highly doubtful. That group new each other and trusted each other's decisions morally right or not, but she has personal reasons to believe she was a liability. I hope Darryl reacts differently because if he reacts about the same, no matter how hot his alpha-chest-puffing with that loser Bob was, I WILL lose all respect for him. Plus, that guy, Bob and Tyrese ARE liabilities.. so many are speculating he's a spy, and he looks fishy enough to be one. hahahaha. Tyrese just got on my nerves with his reaction to Karen. Sorry, but he barely knew her. I'm with Liz, someone should bite him already! xD

    /rant. sorry! LOL

  10. need to apologize :)

    I guess we all are going to just disagree about Carol. But just to be clear, I'm not saying that I was happy to see her go. I just feel that this detachment of hers could take down a lane we don't want to see her go. IDK, I just feel strongly about that.

    I'm still have mixed feelings about Rick's leadership of the group because honestly I can't take all this back and forth. But I stil didn't care for her attitude. I don't think she should just tell someone to just accept what she did. that just rubbed me the wrong way...sorry, but I seriously wanted to punch her in the face. And I still feel that should have been a group decision....I would have felt betrayed if I found out she just decided to kill folks even if it was for the greater good of the group.

    And you guys, I'm not excusing what Carl did...not by a long shot, but come on...he's a kid. A kid growing up in a really bad situation...he's going to do wrong shit. Carol is a grown ass woman! I expect better from her...just do.

    But I do believe we will see her again which is why they probably let her leave like that instead of killing her off.

    I really dying to see what Darryl will do...that has me on pins & needles. And yes, Tyrese & Bob....can't deal with those two at all.