Talking Zombies #18

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E05 “Internment”

Ana: … WOW. Okay, that was a bit intense. Can I just say that Carl and Rick looked hella badass shooting at those walkers? It was all *badada badada baddada boom boom boom* Hell, I’m surprised they didn’t have grenades too! #CoDStatus

Sharonda:  ROTFL!!!! Yes! I loved that scene. I thought it was super #badass...I was like “shoot em up!” That was really good, I was just….yeah wow is all I have for that one.

Ana:  haha. yeah, it was definitely a “rooting” moment for me. The way Rick looked at Carl while they were blowing off walker heads. I couldn’t tell if he was troubled or proud.

Sharonda: OMG! right?! I was so was he proud or know. Like what have I created here...lols.

I thought Carl stepped up big time though. I gotta say...I was kinda proud of him and hell, if he didn’t step in and help...shit that mega herd would have hit the prison with a quickness. Did you see how they took down that fence?!

Ana: I think he was on the verge. He knew he needed help and he knew Carl wanted to help. And Carl definitely stepped up. They make a good team. And I’m kinda glad Carl has the mindset that he does. Rick can’t protect him til he’s 18 anymore. They’re living amongst Walkers!

That fence stood no chance xD

Sharonda: I totally agree, plus he can’t be around all the time when things get bad. So Carl has to protect himself. He grew up...I don’t think he’s the same kid we saw in the last couple of episodes and for that I’m happy.

That fence was going down man! :D

What did you think of the event inside of the prison? I wasn’t super impressed, thought it could have been handled better. But I’m glad Hershel, Sasha & Glenn survived.

Ana:  He definitely grew up. Good for him. Now he can help his dad. Even though Rick wants to keep him a child… It’s just not going to happen.

OMFG. THE PRISON. Although it wasn’t blow my mind crazy, I was scared for Hershel. I LOVE Hershel. So I’m glad he lived. A little upsetting that of course they saved Glenn. Now, I love Glenn, but nobody from the original group is dying. This show is crazy killing off people and not one of them is one of the originals. But, seriously, I’m glad he lived, because, well, Maggy needs her man and her future baby daddy. Can’t have lil zombie babies running around. That shit is just cray!

Sharonda: LOL @ Glenn not dying...smh, you are too much! But you know what? I can’t stand Glenn sometimes, but I swear I didn’t want him to die. How weird is that? o_O

Last season...a couple of the important and original people from the group got killed off..Laurie, Andrea, T-Bone (was that his name? or am I thinking of steak?) Anyways, I’m not sure what they’re going for this season...

Ana:  It’s not weird at all. Of course I don’t want any of the originals to die, but… how long they gonna be “lucky”. okay, let me stop. They’re awesome people, they don’t need to die. Long live the show!

lol @ you thinking of steak. You hungry?

What do you think about Hershel taking off with Michonne?

Sharonda: lol...I must be hungry then.

I thought that was cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in a actual scene together….interesting.

When do you think Rick will tell Darryl about Carol? He so blissfully ignored it last week. Eating peas with Carl in their garden...smh. But I’m glad he told Maggie the truth about why he sent her packing and didn’t lie.

Ana: Aside from them questioning her in the beginning, no I haven’t seen them really communicate.

I think he’ll definitely tell Darryl next episode. and I’m scared as to what Darryl will do/say. Yeah and Maggie agreed with him. I agree with him too. I’m just worried about Darryl’s reaction.

Sharonda: Yeah...thats what I’m looking forward too. I think he’s going to be pissed, but I’m hoping once Rick tells him what she did...maybe that will soften it some?...

Oh and lets not forget about that little cameo of the Governor

Ana: He might agree with him he might not. We’ll just have to wait til next week.

Why doesn’t this guy just die? How in the hell has he been living so well? Did you see that end clip of him? He looked so….CLEAN. Last I remember Woodbury was overrun by walkers! Swear this man is the devil himself.

Sharonda: I don’t know. I mean, he looked really clean...cleaner than Rick and them at the prison. Like what’s up with that?  Overrun by Walkers and now burning down...idk. Oh, he is the devil, but the devil always bring the mess and I do believe the fun has just started with that nutter back.

Ana: Well, I for one am not looking forward to his reappearance. Can’t he just… accidentally fall into a ditch full of walkers? ….. oh, wait… he’ll probably live through that too -___-

Sharonda: ROFTL! lols. Exactly, the man has 9 lives I swear. Fall in a ditch, huh? lols. He’d probably be like “I’m all right!” lmbo!!

But, I’m exciting about his reappearance too. I think it will put a little extra excitement in the show. Hell, with them killing off all the folks from Woodbury, we about to be back down to our little group from the beginning...well minus a few here and there.

Ana:  Lmbo @ I’m all right. oh hell no. xD

lol. well, they didn’t lose everybody from Woodbury, just most of them. But they still have a decent sized group. I’m definitely holding on to my seat and wondering what will happen next. Of course its going to be hectic. I’m just oozing with anticipation and jittery with impatience.

Sharonda: Me too! This past episode was sick with Carl & Rick. Gotta be the best scene so far this season. And you’re right, they do have a decent size group left. I just hope enough of them survive all the madness the producers I’m sure have in store for us all. I think I’m more jittery than anything...lols.

How do you think Darryl will take the news about Carol?

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  1. It does seem to have a lot going on. Loose plots can be so frustrating. Still I'll just have to try it because I love shifter stories and also for the locale. I grew up near this pretty little mountain town. Odd that it made it into a book.

  2. I will say the plot was loose and it qas kinda frustrating but still a fun read. I recently started shifter romances and am loving them. cool is that?! Nice. Makes u wonder if the author is from that area too.

  3. The blurb made me laugh. I'm going to love this.

  4. Whoa, lots of things going on in that book. Sounds pretty interesting though. Great review hun!

  5. lols...yup. I'm just glad it was tastefully done. It's a interesting concept, I would like to see where the author takes this series.

    thanks Melissa :)

  6. ok... she smells like chocolate because she eats it? Time to take a shower, just sayin'.... I think I would have rather they said she had chocolate scented lotion or something, or even worked in a chocolate shop? I dunno lol.

    The book itself doesn't sound half bad, and I really like your review - but the cover? Doesn't he look like he wants to say, "excuse me, what?!?!"

  7. That's what thought at least....lols. hmmmm...good point Liz ;) ah well, lols.

    If there weren't so many side definitely would have been better for sure.

    Thanks! Rotfl...hell, he does! Hahahaha

  8. I have this one on my tbr list. I read one of her novellas when it was packaged with Cherise Sinclair and loved it. I've thought that about heroines before--especially if they're a little different like she is-- when they just won't believe or freak out over finding out someone's something else. smh. come on ladies. lol

  9. Ikr..I was like is she serious right now? Lols..smh.

  10. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sounds like a great read!!