Review: His One and Only by Theodora Taylor

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Source: Self Purchased
Published: June 2013
Author: Theodora Taylor
Amorous Publishing
Series: 50 Loving States #6
Sex: PG - Medium/Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance

Okay so you probably saw my Quote-tatic quote for this one and I will admit that there were some very funny moments in His One and Only. This is what I love about Theodora Taylor...she's able to add some humor along with serious matters.

In His One and Only, you have Josie Witherspoon, daughter of Beau Prescott's family maid. Josie & Beau were raised together by Josie's mother Loretta. Lawd, I dislike to say this,but I did not like her mother...I'll explain why in a few. Anyway, even though Beau & Josie were raised together, there was always this seperation between them. Of course, she is the helps daughter and he is the heir to the Prescott family long line of assholes and oh ladies, what a asshole Mr. Prescott turns out to be.

Lets start of with my dislikes and why this story got 3 heels. Mainly Beau...ASSHOLE! with a capital A. Now, you know me right? you know I like my controlling, kinda crazy alpha's (sorry, I'm built that way). But Beau, I just couldn't. Not once did he ever since Josie came back into his life ask her what happened to her during the time that they were apart. He was bitter and angry and took his shit out on her. Now I understand he hadd a football injury that left him without his sight, but dude! You do not shit on the one person that is trying help your sorry butt. Ass-to-the-hole! I couldn't & wouldn't like him. He didn't even try to be polite and when he did...he turned right back around and became his father...a BUTThole! Yeah, I didn't like him.

And Josie, for all the things she went through...her abusive past. I just couldn't understand how she let Beau treat her the way she did for as long as she did. She came a long way...survived some horrible shit. So for her to let this man just talk to her and treat her the way he did, I just couldn't. Just couldn't.

Now I get Theordora's POV, I really do. Both of these folks went and/or are going through some bad shit..mainly Josie. And I'm not dimissing the fact that Beau lost his sight, but shit. This woman damn near died at the hands of her ex-husband...

I will now tell you why I think Josie's mom played a part in her bad relationship with her ex. Now this is a little bit of a spoiler (sorry). Now Josies mom fell in-love with a white man like Josie fell in love with Beau when she was younger. Now whereas Beau was ready to say "fuck what my family thinks" and gone about his business with Josie. Loretta didn't experience that with the man that would become Josies father. That left her bitter and angry. So she groomed her daughter to avoid a relationship with Beau, but how the hell was that NOT going to happen when you're raising them together? I just feel that because she didn't want Josie with a white man or persay Beau, it led Joise into this abusive relationship with a man who didn't love her at all. One who damn near killed her.

Again, I will not take away from Theodora's writing, the woman is now on my auto-buy list. She did draw me into this story and even though I did not like the characters...again mainly Beau,  the story itself was intruiging enough to keep me reading. And of course, the funnies along the way were hysterical. And the second cast of characters were good too.

This only got a three because I could not get pass Beau. He wasn't redeemable enough for me..even at the end of this story, I couldn't find myself to like him. He was just too angry and too pissed off and that did not make him very likable. This was a hot-mess of a relationship and how it survived is truly beyond me.

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