Review Request: Hot Redemption by K.D. Penn

Monday, December 16, 2013

Source: Author (Kenya Wright)
Published: December 12, 2013
Authors: (K.D. Penn) Kenya Wright & D.T. Dyllin
Dragonfairy Press
Series: No
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Think Bonnie & Clyde with a futuristic twist, although that part doesn't really come into the book until later. Hot Redemption was a decent read. The world building was exceptionally done and the characters were appealing.

This furture isn't bright as some would think in this futuristic tale. Earth is now a big dumpster and most living on the planet are literally the working class and are looking for a way off of the planet.

Epic and his brothers are thugs...they rob strip clubs to take care of their family. But these thugs remind us a little of robin hood and his merry men...well, they aren't giving their riches back to the poor; but when they do rob a club, they only take from the men...the strippers they don't. On one night, they get a little surpise when one of the strippers in turn robs them. Enter Phoenix, a stripper with a plan to get off earth with a quickness and this gang of brothers is her first ticket.

Epic has a plan to get his family off of earth too. They're heading for a planet called Trinity. He and his brothers plan to rob a strip club there where all the high rollers play. This is their big pay off. And with Phoenix added in as part of the gang...after this, all their futures are set.

Both Epic and Phoenix have their issues. I liked that they were both equally flawed characters. Epic is a drug user with demons on his back and a family to take care of. With their parents dead, he's now in charge. Phoenix also has her demons...her past is brutal and her only thought is not to go backwards, but forward.

Like I said, the world building here was done very well. It's set in the future where there are hover cars and bikes. There were robots and aliens and different planets to transport too. Humans are getting artificial eyes and getting other things done to their body parts that had my eyebrows rising. But what I loved most was the diversity; there was a little bit of everything and everyone in Hot Redemption. It was truly a sci-fi world you could get lost in.

I did however have a problem with Phoenix our heroine. She was tough chick, didn't take any mess and more than a little crazy which I liked. But I felt she was a little bit of a contradiction. Because of her past, I get she didn't want to feel like she would be trapped into another relationship with a man, but her plan was to sit back and let some "whale" rich man in futuristic terms take care of her. Isn't that setting yourself up in yet another prison? So yeah, she was a big ass contradiction for me. She also let her past effect her brain when it came of Epic our hero. He wasn't some rich whale, but at least he was upfront and honest with her. I didn't like how she always seemed to put him in the same mind of her ex. It was like she had him pegged when she really didn't.

The back and forth between Phoenix and Epic was more than enough to have me grinding my teeth and rolling my eyes some. I wanted to like her more, but I really couldn't. I liked Epic, but he almost seemed kind of stalkerish towards Phoenix...almost whipped and he really only got to sniff it because she kept him at bay so much. How did this big hot man become such a whimp around this slip of a woman?

The sexxy times were hot when they did happen but again because of the tug-of -war between these two initially, it was hard for me to see them as a couple. Especially a ride or die type couple.

The ending was a bit predictable and it also felt a little rushed. But even with these things, I still enjoyed the book..mainly for a world written so richly in detail.

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