Review Request: Symphony of Light & Winter by Renea Mason

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Source: Author thru Book Monster Promotions
Published: June 19, 2013
Author: Renea Mason
Series: Symphony of Light #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Can't say that I enjoyed this one very much. How Linden put up with Cyril's treatment of her during the beginning of the book was beyond me, he was cruel to the point of being very unlikeable.

I couldn't get the connection or the attraction between these two. They were just too mean to one another for my tastes.

The stories plot was different and something I've haven't read before, its very creative and imaginative. One man (Cyril that is...) taking some of himself and basically creating seven others. There's mention of magic, but I'm not quite sure I know exactly what Cyril is.

You really don't find out Linden's & Cyril's past until about a 3rd into the book, which totally confused this reader. Because we start in the present and then flashback to the past, it kinda threw for a loop.

We learn that Cyril meets Linden when she's a senior in high school. They become close friends and eventually feelings start to development. But being that Cyril is "way" older than her, he instead mentors her...brings her out of her shyness. Still the attraction is there. A bad thing happens, add a misunderstanding as to why Linden has some of Cyrils blood, fast forward back to the present and now these two can't seem to stand one another.

There was a lot of back and forth before these two decided to get it together.  Neither Linden or Cyril wanted to be the first to give in to their feelings for one another...there was just too much anger and hurt from their past keeping them at odds.

The connection between Linden and the other men that Cyril created comes at the end of the book. I won't give it away, but it was good and interesting like other parts of the story. So while I liked this world Ms. Mason created, again...the two main characters themselves did nothing for me. Even with the funny snark along the way, there was no connection to them for me.

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  1. I love angst but sometimes the authors take it too far where the characters just start tearing each other down to the point that there's no respect anymore. Even if it's fictional it still has to be realistic right? And when the fictional relationship gets like that, I quit. Fights and hard truths are OK but to be mean and disrespectful to the person you say you love is a zero tolerance for me.

  2. I totally agree Braine.. I think that's what turned me off towards them so much. Im all for angst, but not in the was my where you are tearing each other apart. They have to be relatable characters even if they're fictional IMO.

  3. Hmm. Rough when they start out like that and you just don't get into them. That's crazy different though him creating other beings from himself! I'm definitely liking that bit.

  4. that was the interesting was very sciencey.

  5. yeah, I would have not been a fan either. I'm not a big fan of the long flashbacks (or flash forwards, or time travel... just sayin) Too bad that it didn't stick with you too well, but hey, it happens. We can't love em all, right.

  6. i'm glad i'm only doing a spotlight. the covers and blurb seem interesting, but i just didn't have the time to read it. i'll put this one on my maybe list and hope that if I do read it, it's at least enjoyable. great review girl! :)

  7. this wasn't one of my best reads...still a interesing story though. I just couldn't get past Linden & Cyril.

    Thanks Neyra!

  8. ahh, that's too bad, the mc's are what make or break a story sometimes. *sigh* :))

  9. Right! I mean they are the story. If u cant like them even little bit...its like what's the point. But like Liz said. ..we cant like them all...