Review: A Vampire's Christmas Carol

Source: NetGalley
Published: November 13, 2013
Self Published
Series: No
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Let me start off by staying that I loved that Ms. Eden was able to put a paranormal spin on the classic Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. In her version, Ben a human turned vampire has Christmas eve to change or the future is not so bright for him or his lady love.

Ben, a vampire now lost everything on the night he was turned. He's bitter and angry...he also decides to take justice in his own hands, by doing away with those he feels harms the innocent. On this night, as he's about to make one of the biggest mistakes in his life, he like Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the past, present and future in a attempt to prevent him from going towards a dark and deadly future.

Why this got a three? Ben, I couldn't find myself to like him very much. Even during his visits from the people from his past, he was suck a jerk at made me want to just throttle him. He was just too angry and he barely paid attention to what was being said to him or what was going on. He just wanted what he wanted, I understand that he was grieving over his lost, but dude seriously?

I also like the fact that even for a novella, Ms. Eden gave us a complete story. She managed to fit all that she needed into this paranormal Christmas carol. I think if Charles Dickens were here today, he would truly appreciate what she accomplished here.

Anyways, loved the retelling of a much loved classic...and then throw in vamps, shifters and angels? got yourself a pretty good read on your hands.

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