Sample Mondays (#11)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Whats the concept? know those book samples you're able to download onto your eReader to give you a taste of a book before you buy it, which I happen to think is a cool idea because sometimes  book blurbs just doesn't work for me. I like that I can test the car before I drive it.

Today's sample is courtesy of Return to Me by Soleil Berlin.

Eversince reading Colorblind by Violette Dubrinsky, I've been searching for more historical romances with a interraical relationship. I found a couple of them and I'm loving the title to this one and the sample was good enough for my to buy :)

Author: Soleil Berlin
Available: B&N / Amazon

They say forbidden love is the best kind, but it is definitely not the easiest or safest. A chance acquaintance, finds Josephine increasingly attracted to a man that is about to get married. Flashback to the 1800s in England, the time when black people were servants and nothing more, being called slaves had just been made illegal but there was no difference in the treatment. Life as a servant was very hard and cold for Josephine until she met Andrew; the son of her new owner. He made life bearable for her by offering her his kindness. That kindness quickly turned into love and as much as Josephine tried to resist it; her heart was not in agreement with her head. Could their love thrive in a world where black and white should never mix? Would their love withstand the test of time? How will they find their way back to rekindle their love? Return to me…

**a pet peeve of mine is when the cover does not match what's in the book. I understand a sale needs to be made, but if there is a black heroine, thats what I expect to see on the cover or maybe a white male if they didn't want to show a person of color #justsaying...not need to comment.

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