Tuesday Jams #64

Share it Please

Want to share that song you been loving like crazy lately? Just grab the image above, make your own...yada, yada, yada and whether you have a blog or not, you can either leave your link in the linky below OR in the comment section. 
You can show a video, a music player..whateva suites your fancy. Just remember to have some fun!

Today, I'm feeling a little liberated. I'm not a big Katy Perry fan, but I do love some of her music, especially this song. It puts me in the mind frame that yeah, you fall...but you have to get back up. Dust it all off & move on...that's what I decided to do today.

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  1. Katy's songs are hit or miss with me, I love them or I hate them. This one I love, and I love the video even more :)

  2. Another dust off song, Shake it Off by Mariah Carey.

  3. Was there a song? Sorry, I was so caught up in the video. ;D Just Kidding! Enjoyed that one.

  4. Girl, love Katy Perry period! that song is gorgeous :)

  5. I'll have to disagree with Anna here, i'm a lot thrown off BY that cover O.O lol. and i think Phoenix is a heroine I'll detest. I'm not really a fan of my characters comparing so much to their pasts especially whne they say they wouldn't live there anymore. Sci-fi is very hit or miss for me, so idk about reading the book, still.. great review Sharonda! :)

  6. lol...she is a quirky kind of a gal. thats my new saying :D

  7. I know...she got me all interested. I added the first book to my wish list. I hope I can get to it soon :)

  8. I had it bad for the cover..its what drew me into reading the book. Yeah, I couldn't like Phoenix as much as I liked too and Epic didn't really save them for me. But this world that K.D. wrote was pretty amazing.

    I love Sci-fi and I love when any author can pen a good futuristic tale.

    Thanks Neyra!

  9. hopefully! :D we'll have to hurry and catch up, they're already on book four! LOL

  10. well, at least the story was good, too bad for the characters. lol. and i agree about sci-fi and authors giving a good tale :)

    You're welcome! :D



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