Virtual Book Tour ~ Fling: A BDSM Erotica Anthology (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Hey Sexxy's, it's been a pretty busy week here at Salacious Reads. I'm pleased to be part of the virtual book tour for Fling. Please welcome Lauren Hawkeye to the blog today, she'll talking about Being A Writer. psst...there will be a giveaway towards the end of this post.

It's been almost a year now since I was able to quit my job to be a full tine writer. I remember the sense of relief I felt knowing I wouldn't have to add the day job into the balls I was trying to juggle anymore.

That first day, I spent a leisurely morning playing with my son, then sat down to work once he was down for his nap.

"I'm living the dream," I remember thinking. "I have the best job in the world."

And I still think that, though I've learned that life as a full time writer has a few quirks, a few twists and turns. Here are some things that I've learned in the past year.

1. Writing is an all encompassing job. You may not always work a full day, but that wip is always there, preying at the back of your mind, percolating while you shower, while you go for a run, while you go to sleep. A writer's mind never "turns off".
2. The flexible hours are great, but I never knew that, while some days I don't work at all, some days I work for twenty, sleep for five, then to se and repeat.
3. Sometimes the words just won't come. You may have carved put right hours to work... But that doesn't mean it's going to happen...
4. ...and sometimes you have to find a way around that. When you have contracts, deadlines, there are tons of people counting on you to deliver that book. In the past year I've worked through a scary hospitalization for my son, for ten hour days by the pool on my second honeymoon, and now, in a corner while my town battles with a flood the likes of which Canada has ever seen. Needless to say, my mind isn't always on it- but you learn to push through.

This all might make writing sound like a dreadful occupation. It's not- there's something so wonderful about writing a story that can make someone forget their troubles for a few hours. And all the bumps that an author goes through to write that book only add to their understanding of human nature.

I wouldn't trade it for the world. And now I'm going to go take a box of books to some of the shelters housing my neighbours, my friends. Books written by some of you and read by many others.

Being a writer is a good thing.

Expected Publication: June 25, 2013
Avon Red
Authors: Sara Fawkes, Cathryn Fox, Lauren Hawkeye

FLING is an erotic anthology of three steamy BDSM novellas set in Italy’s kinky Mancusi Resort during its infamous Fetish Week, features Take Me by New York Times bestselling author Sara Fawkes, Teach Me by Cathryn Fox, and Tame Me by Lauren Hawkeye.

Kate Swansea’s fiancée dumps her a day before the wedding. Will wealthy Greek businessman Alexander Stavros convince the BDSM virgin that a sexual adventure is the cure for her broken heart?

Tycoon Luca Mancusi whisks fashion intern Josie Pelletier off to his private resort to negotiate a deal for her boss’s lingerie line. But, by negotiation, he means a long, slow, spicy seduction…

Ariel Monroe, pop-star princess, refuses to sign a contract with CEO Marco Kennedy. She’s furious when he follows her to Fetish Week, although she could use a hot BDSM play partner. If he’s up to the challenge, of course.
Lauren Hawkeye is a writer, yoga newbie, knitting aficionado and animal lover
who lives in the shadows of the great Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. She’s
older than she looks—really—and younger than she feels—most of the time—and she
loves to explore the journeys that take women through life in her stories. Hawkeye’s
stories include erotic historical, steamy paranormal, and hot contemporary.
Make sure to check out her work as Lauren Jameson, where her erotic romances
take a walk on the wild side.

Giveaway....Avon Red is offering a eCopy of Fling (this is a tour-wide giveaway)

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VBT: Series Spotlight/Giveaway ~ Her Russian Protector by Roxie Rivera

Hi Sexxy's! Welcome to my stop in Roxie Rivera's book tour...there will be a tour-wide giveaway towards the end of this post.

Her Russian Protector, #1

Desperate to find her sister, Erin goes to the only man in Houston who can help her:  Ivan Markovic. The intimidating, tattooed Russian operates one of the most elite mixed-martial arts training centers in the world but it’s his shadowy past and reputed connections with Houston’s underworld that interest her most.

To find her sister, she’ll need the help of her big, scary Russian protector—but asking for help from a man like Ivan carries a steep price, one that might just include her heart.
Available at: Amazon |  Barnes & Noble |  All Romance Ebooks | AppleSmashwords |  Kobo

Her Russian Protector, #2

Refusing to lose her brother to the violent Hermanos street gang, Benny turns to Dimitri, the dead sexy Russian who lives in the apartment above her family’s bakery. He’s the only man tough enough to get through to Johnny and save him from a life in prison—or worse.There’s nothing Dimitri won’t do for Benny, even if it means dealing with her troublemaking brother. He quickly realizes that it’s not just Johnny and his thug friends that pose a threat to Benny. A shady real estate developer needs to buy her bakery to secure a multi-million dollar deal and he’ll stop at nothing to make her sell.
Threatened from all sides, Benny finds safety in Dimitri’s strong arms — and in his bed. Her big, sexy Russian has no intention of ever letting her go—and he’ll brave the fires of hell before he lets anyone harm her.

Reader’s Note: Dimitri is an incredibly passionate man with a dominant streak—and Benny is only too happy to indulge his need for a little…restraint.

Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance eBooks | Kobo  | Smashwords

Her Russian Protector, Book 3

While clawing her way out of Houston’s worst neighborhood, Lena vowed to never let any man have power over her. After a lifetime of broken promises from her criminal father and a mother who abandoned her, Lena believes that love makes you vulnerable. She’s never been tempted to test that belief…until Yuri.
Sexy as sin and with a dark reputation, Russian billionaire Yuri Novakovsky survived a miserable childhood of poverty and neglect to ascend the pinnacle of success. He enjoys the perks of his massive wealth without much thought to the consequences…until Lena.
When Lena’s father and cousin blunder into an international art theft operation, Yuri seizes his chance to be her protector. But when past misdeeds catch up with him and threaten Lena’s safety, Yuri puts her love and trust in him to the test.

He’ll prove he’s the man she needs—a man she can trust and depend upon—one sensual, wicked kiss at a time.

***YURI is a full-length novel, clocking in at 90,000 words and 300+ pages.***
Available at:  AmazonB&N | KoboAll Romance eBooks | Smashwords.

Her Russian Protector, Book 4
Release Date: June 24, 2012

After a brush with death as a juvenile delinquent, Vivian swore she'd never stray across that line again—but there's just one problem with her plan to stay on the right side of the law. She's completely, irrevocably and unabashedly in love with Nikolai, the Russian mob boss who saved her life.

From the moment Vivian appeared in his life on that tragic April night, Nikolai felt himself inextricably bonded to her. She's the bright light in his dark world and the only thing that keeps him from sliding deeper into a life of crime and violence—a mobbed-up life he can't escape no matter how hard he tries.

After Vivian is ripped from his arms in a brazen blitz attack, Nikolai will stop at nothing to get her back—but rescuing her and keeping her safe in his arms isn't enough. Suddenly, Nikolai's only chance to keep her safe is to do the one thing he vowed never to do—he'll drag her deeper into his shadowy world and bind her to him forever.

Because their tangled pasts are about to collide and the shockwave threatens to bring Houston's criminal underbelly to its knees…

Reader Advisory:  This story contains scenes of violence against women and frank descriptions of trafficking.
Coming June 24:  Amazon | B&N | Kobo | All Romance eBooks | Smashwords.
*This is not available for pre-order*

When I’m not chasing after my wild preschooler, I like to write super sexy romances and scorching hot erotica. I live in Texas with a husband who could easily snag a job as an extra on History Channel’s new Viking series, a sweet but rowdy three-year-old with Tetralogy of Fallot, and Bosley, our Great Dane with major mommy issues.

I also have another dirty-book writing alter ego, Lolita Lopez, who writes deliciously steamy tales for Ellora’s Cave, Forever Yours/Grand Central, Mischief/Harper Collins UK, Siren Publishing and Cleis Press.

Connect with Roxie: Website | Facebook | Goodreads

GIVEAWAY...Roxie is giving away the following prizes on her tour:

Signed set of all four HER RUSSIAN PROTECTOR print books in a tote with swag

TWO (2) runners-up will receive a signed copy of IVAN and swag..
a Rafflecopter giveaway

YURI & NIKOLAI Tour Schedule
June 17 - June 30

6/17- Books, Books & More Books (series spotlight & review)

6/17- Reading Between The Wines (guest post)

6/18- Nina's Literary Escape (series spotlight)

6/18 Flirting with Romance (interview)

6/20- The Reading Café (series spotlight & review)

6/20- United by Books (interview)

6/21- Book Monster Reviews (guest post)

6/22- Night Owl Reviews (series spotlight & review)

6/23- Romance Junkies (series spotlight & review)

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2013 NetGalley Knockout Challenge

Goldilox and the Three Weres is having their NetGalley knockout challenge again this year and I decided to join up. I don't have that many Galley's, but I had so much fun last year...I just couldn't resist. Plus its a great way to get that galley list down :)

I have a total of 11 Galleys that I'm adding to this challenge (I don't plan on asking for anymore...I hope...lols)...can't wait to get started~!

Wanna join up? head on over & SIGN up!

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VBT: Book Spotlight/Giveaway ~ Vampire Elite by Irina Argo

Hi! It's Tuesday and I got a spotlight & giveaway for you....

Vampire Elite
Series: Vampire Elite, #1
Release Date: 6/9/13 (all electronic formats)
Genre: Paranormal romance
How can you make a choice between saving your people and destroying the one you love?

A millennia-long war between two immortal races is about to come to an end. Long ago, the Vampire Elite began capturing members of another race of immortal beings, the Amiti, forcing them to become their blood suppliers—bloodstock—and locking them in underground cells, where they are treated like livestock. Now, the few remaining free Amiti are making a final attempt to strike back. The Queen of the Amiti has been proclaimed a traitor and executed. Her death makes possible the rise of a new Queen, her young daughter Arianna, who becomes the last hope of her dying race. Arianna totally embraces her mission and is ready to fight for her people to the last drop of her blood but encounters an unexpected challenge—the vampire King Tor. The Amiti Queen and the King of the vampires are drawn into a trap of love where each has to make the ultimate choice: to kill their loved one or risk the extermination of their people.

Vampire Elite is an epic story of a bitter conflict between two peoples, and the effect of that conflict on everyone living in its grip. The characters are driven to love and betrayal, vengeance and sacrifice in a world without easy black-and-white answers.

Based on an ancient Egyptian legend, packed with action and intrigue, Vampire Elite will pull you into the entrancing world of immortals and open new portals into their hidden universe.

Available at Amazon

Irina Argo is the pen name of a writing team composed of two close friends.

Irina is originally from Russia, where she worked as a journalist; now she has a PhD in clinical psychology and counsels violent offenders in the criminal justice system.

Jo-An exercised her creative spirit for many years as the owner of a costume shop and writer of short stories. Both love cats and welcome the occupational hazard of paws scampering across keyboards. Vampire Elite is their first book.

To learn more about Irina Argo you can visit the VAMPIRE-ELITE Website or you can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

Giveaway...Irina & Jo-An are giving away the following prizes at the end of their tour:

Grand Prize: $25 Amazon gift card (1 winner)
2nd Place: $10 Amazon gift cards (2 winners)
3rd Place: eBook of Vampire Elite (5 winners)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Irina Argos's VAMPIRE ELITE Blog Tour
June 7 - July 7

6/08 - The Book Chick

6/09-  Book Monster Reviews (spotlight)

6/09 - In Shadows (interview)

6/10- Fandom Fanatic (spotlight)

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6/14-  Mythical Books (spotlight & excerpt)

6/16-  Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews (spotlight)

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6/20-  Mama's Reading Break (spotlight)

6/22 - Close Encounters with the Night Kind

6/23-  GraveTells (spotlight)

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7/07-  The Reading Cafe (interview & review)

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Cover Reveal: SOMEONE ELSE'S SKYE by Christine Wenrick

I'm very happy to be a part of this cover reveal!I loved Ms. Wenrick's Charmed Trilogy series...can't wait to read her newest...so let me stop talking & just show you :) 

Men of Brahm Hill, Book 1

Coming October 1, 2013

Kane, Brethren Guardian and one of the few Natural Shape-Shifters left in existence, survived the bloody battle of Brahm Hill but lost two of his closest friends. For all of his good-natured sarcasm and eye-popping good looks, Kane finds himself unable to completely forget about that night, so he seeks comfort in the one thing he is truly good at . . . sex!

This shape-shifting bad boy believes in having a good time—a very good time, usually involving some mingled heavy breathing with a sexy Dhampir in a tiny closet somewhere. But when he’s sent into the freezing tundra of the Northwest Territories to investigate a troublesome supernatural being on the loose, he ends up crossing paths with a woman who almost instantly drives him insane with want . . . because she doesn’t seem to be falling for the shifter’s charms.
It’s completely inexplicable.

Skye Matthews has a job to do, and she needs to be focused on that, not spending all her time rebuffing the advances of this way-too-cocky and handsome stranger. Yet, there is something irresistible about this self-involved playboy that Skye can’t seem to stay away from. And when the unidentified Kane is sent to investigate takes an unnatural interest in her, protecting her becomes the Guardian’s top priority.

Christine is a graduate of Washington State University where she received a BA in Interior Design. And true to form of using mostly her ‘right brain’, she splits her time between her commercial design career and her imaginary world of writing. She lives in the scenic Pacific Northwest where she enjoys hiking, camping and photographing many of the wonderful places that served as inspiration for her Charmed Trilogy. Her biggest reward in life is any given day when one of her books connects with a reader because she herself is such a lover of reading. Some of her favorite authors include Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, and Kimberly Derting.

To keep up on all the latest information about Christine and her books, visit her website or you can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

Cover Reveal Schedule - SOMEONE ELSE'S SKYE by Christine Wenrick
June 24, 2013

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VBT: Book Spotlight ~ Shattered Emotions by Carrie Ann Ryan

Shattered Emotions
Redwood Pack #5
by Carrie Ann Ryan
Release Day: June 18, 2013

Maddox Jamenson is the Omega of the Redwood Pack, the one burdened by emotions stronger than his own. He’s spent his entire life shrouded in the secrets of his “gift” and the price he has to pay to keep it, yet the cost just escalated. He’s known a mate could be in the cards for him, but he can’t have what he wants. Not when the battles he has yet to fight could destroy her.
Ellie Reyes was the Central’s princess, the daughter of the most hated Alpha of all time, yet not prized. No, she’s spent her life as the toy of her brother’s sadistic torture and has endured a pain that no one else should have to even contemplate. Though when she’s rescued, the one person who could help her, her mate, turns his back on her for reasons unknown to her. As each day passes, the strength that everyone sees in her dwindles to a point that there may be no coming back from.
When the Centrals find a new way to attack, leaving Ellie’s only protection a mate that she doesn’t think wants her, they’ll both have to overcome their fears and fight for something stronger than their pain.  The war isn’t over and new players are coming that will decide the outcome. Maddox and Ellie’s connection will be tested even as their fragile bond is only newly forming.

Carrie Ann Ryan is a bestselling paranormal and contemporary romance author. After spending too much time behind a lab bench, she decided to dive into the romance world and find her werewolf mate - even if it’s just in her books. Happy endings are always near - even if you have to get over the challenges of falling in love first.
Carrie Ann’s Redwood Pack series is a bestselling series that has made the shifter world even more real to her and has allowed the Dante’s Circle and Holiday, Montana series to be born. She's also an avid reader and lover of romance and fiction novels. She loves meeting new authors and new worlds. Any recommendations you have are appreciated. Carrie Ann lives in New England with her husband and two kittens.
Carrie Ann loves hearing from readers. You can find her at:
Website | Facebook  | Goodreads | Twitter: @CarrieAnnRyan

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Review: Wings of Redemption by Sarah Gilman

Published: December 1, 2012
Entangled Publishing
Series: Return to Sanctuary 0.5
Authors Website
Source: Personal Purchase
Format: eBook (NOOK)
Available: Barnes & Noble / Amazon / iBooks / KoBo
 photo Romance.png photo PNR.png

Humans and archangels don’t mix on the best occasions. When Saffron Morin goes to the gates of the demon colony, Eden, in search of her sister, she meets an archangel who is curious one minute and hostile the next, and she ends up the colony’s “guest” against her will.

Kestrel’s archangel psychic talent tells him the human woman’s life is in danger. Despite her family’s association with poachers who hunt archangels for their valuable feathers, he vows to save her life. Enemies by birth, lovers by choice, they give in to growing attraction as days pass.

Even if he succeeds in saving her life, he must hurt her to protect others of his kind, and he may not be able to live with himself after a betrayal he has no choice but to commit. In order to find redemption, the Collector’s daughter and an archangel must first find each other.

 photo 5.jpg

I can’t even explain to how much I loved this story, but I will do my best. I read Sarah Gilman’s first book in the Return to Sanctuary series “Out in Blue” back in 2011 when I first started blogging…you can see my review HERE (I updated the graphics). I was on a archangel high after reading the first three books in Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series.

Ms. Gilman drew me in with her tale of archangels being hunted for their wings. Yes, her archangels are slightly different here…they’re still powerful and some have certain powers. But here, they are few and far in between...they are in a word endangered. To give you a general background on the series, as I've said archangels are hunted and killed by poachers (yes I said it) for their wings. They are hated by humans along with Demons. So in a effort to protect their species, the archangels and demons have banded together in colonies with the demons protecting their Angels.

Wings of Redemption is a stand alone in the series. It follows the angel Kestrel and his sudden relationship with a known collectors daughter Saffron Morin. As the blurb states, Saffron is looking for her sister and headed right to the demon colony to look for her…there she finds Kestrel. Kestrel because of his psychic abilities, senses death around Saffron. In that instant, he wants to protect her and is attracted to her as well. But with her being the daughter of an collector…knowing she would protect her family, it was hard to trust her.

I just enjoyed this story…it was just fun to read the going-on’s between Kestrel and Saffron. It was something to read as they struggled with their growing feelings for one another knowing that they almost couldn't trust the other. But the longer they stayed together, it became harder to fight the attraction and their feelings.

Sarah Gilman gives you a world that is cruel, but beautiful at the same time. My heart bled for her angels and I’m so glad they have their demons to protect them. Her angels are strong, but fragile at the same time.
She had me so conflicted with this story because I wanted to dislike Saffron so much, but as Decimus (his demon friend & protector) stated “she’s not her father by default” and he’s right…she wasn't. And some of Saffron’s actions proved she truly was not.

Wings of Redemption is a wonderfully written story. The character and world building was just done excellently. I cannot wait to read Deep in Crimson, which is book 2 in the series. And I so seriously hope she does a break-off series on the demons…they are just a captivating as her angels.

Even though this can be read as a stand alone, I really suggest reading the first book Out in Blue…you get a definite feel of the world created here.

There is some sex in Wings on Redemption. It’s light and fits the tale told.

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Brazen Babe Reviews begin its inception in the Year of Our Lord 2014. It's the brain child of two bloggers Ana (Beach Bum Reviews) and Sharonda (SalaciousReads). Here in our lovely little corner of the inter-web, we will share our love of pop culture which will encompass books, movies, TV, make-up and you know life...

Sooo...Relax, have a glass of wine (or whatever your poison is) sit back and enjoy!

*Note, we are currently not accepting Review Requests.