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Happy Sunday Beautifuls,

November...hell, this year is going by ridicously fast and we will be seeing 2014 (god willing) really really soon. This month I was a little slow on the books buys and December will more than likely be the same. I gotta get my kid that GI Joe with the kungfu grip...LMBO! OMG, if you don't know that joke, then where have you been? :)

Lets get on to it..

Book Brought

Freebies through ARe

NetGalley/Edelweiss...I have pledged to myself to ONLY request one through each site...starting now!

Recevied from Review (tour companies/authors/etc...)

November Reviews
A Coward's Way Out by Kallysten
Death's Lover by Marie Hall
Red Hot Dragon by Lolity Lopez
Toxic: Truckee Wolves #1 by Belinda McBride
Skin Deep by Dez Burke
The Blind Date by Delaney Diamond
Trapped by Marriage by Dez Burke
For The Love of The Game by Rhonda Laurel
Cold Warriors by Clare Dargin
Ice & Peace by Clare Dargin
Wolf's Promise by Ambrielle Kirk
Wolf's Touch by Ambrielle Kirk

Blog News
I also have my challenges for 2014...two of my own. I'll create a post shortly for them both.

And I signed up for one with Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup, a Historical Romance Reading Challenge (click on the image to go to Anna's blog). I'm also looking for one where I can clean up my eBooks & physical books in 2014. I guess that would be a TBR reading challenge....if you know of one, let me know.
That's the only challenges I'm going to do for 2014, don't want to sign up for too many and don't finish them.

Protect you blog beautifuls. I disabled the copy/paste function on my blog, find the code HERE. It was simple as just adding a html in my layout section (I need easy...too complicated and I get a headache & a little frustrated, lols)

That's it for me. Have a happy Sunday...I hope your Thanksgiving was fulfilling and you got to eat want you wanted...I know I did, lols.

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger) is a avid reader who enjoys a good book, good music, loves red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with the sexxy alpha males she reads about. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.  Happy Reading Reading Sexxys.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I want wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for plenty of things..a job...a roof over my head..my sons...my family and my friends.

This day is about being grateful and thankful for the many things that you have...big or small. Count your blessing beautifuls <3 p="">
Thank you guys for your continued support of this blog, whether you're just stopping thru or commenting...it is very much appreciated :) So go enjoy Turkey day!

Have a good one!

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger) is a avid reader who enjoys a good book, good music, loves red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with the sexxy alpha males she reads about. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.  Happy Reading Reading Sexxys.

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Cover Reveal Tour/Giveaway ~ Her Savage Scot by Christina Phillips

Please welcome Christina back to SR. She unveiling her newest release and I'm very happy to have her here...I even get to read this one. Yay me! Be sure to check out the giveaway at the end of this post.

When tough Scot warrior Connor MacKenzie rides into the barbaric lands of the Picts on a mission for his king, he never expects to be captivated by a beautiful Pictish widow. Drawn under her spell, yet unaware of her true identity, he risks everything for one passionate night in her arms.

Aila, princess of Pictland, swore long ago she would do anything within her power to help defeat the Vikings who invaded her land and murdered her husband. But after meeting Connor, her frozen heart thaws and once again she imagines a future filled with love and passion.

When Connor delivers the message from his king, Aila becomes a pawn in a deadly game of politics. Her heart belongs to Connor, but she must marry the prince of Dal Riada – Connor’s half-brother. But the fates have other plans for the star-crossed lovers as they fight their enemies and themselves to find true love.

A Romantica® historical erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

The Highland Warrior Chronicles

From the Kingdom of Dal Riada, Scots warriors Connor MacKenzie, Cameron MacNeil and Ewan MacKinnon pledge to keep the peace in the wild Highlands of Pictland. But each man is destined to fall in love with a Pictish princess - three cousins who are determined to save their beloved land from the savage invaders. Instead they lose their hearts to their wild foreign warriors.
Book 1 ~ Her Savage Scot
Book 2 ~ Her Vengeful Scot
Book 3 ~ Her Defiant Scot

Connor finally released her and she turned to face him, not even attempting to regulate her uneven breath. Why should she? He attempted no such thing.

“Remove your gown.” The order was harsh.

How dare he speak to her in such a manner? She, a Princess of Ce, when he was nothing but a commoner?

“Or what?” Her words were low, taunting, no matter how she chided herself to remain silent. “You will rip it from my body? Ruin another of my gowns?”

“Aye.” As he spoke, he tossed his length of plaid over his shoulder, his eyes never leaving hers. “If that’s the only way to strip you for my pleasure.”

She gasped at his arrogance, but twisted desire curled around her clitoris and quivered through her wet sheath.

“You would have me dress in rags?” Why was she encouraging him? All she had to do was discard her gown, open her arms and pretend they were back in Ce. There was no place in this life for the entrancing flirting they had enjoyed that night.

He bared his teeth in a parody of the smile that had once captivated her foolish heart. “Madam, I can well afford to ensure you have a dozen new gowns for every one I…ruin.”

Christina loves writing dark tales set in the 9th century featuring tough Highland warriors who are brought to their knees by their brave Pictish princesses.

She is published by Ellora’s Cave and Berkley Heat and has dipped her toe in the indie pub waters. She is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers of America, the DarkSide Down Under Group Blog and Historical Hearts Group Blog.

Christina is an ex-pat Brit who now lives in sunny Western Australia with her family. She is also owned by three gorgeous cats who are convinced the universe revolves around their needs. They are not wrong.

Read Chapter One of Her Savage Scot
ISBN: 9781419940446
Release date: 20th November 2013

Ellora's Cave     Amazon     ARe     Nook     Amazon UK     Kobo

Connect with Christina:

Tour Wide Giveaway in conjunction with Allison Butler who writes Scottish medieval romances for Penguin Australia.

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger) is a avid reader who enjoys a good book, good music, loves red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with the sexxy alpha males she reads about. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.  Happy Reading Reading Sexxys.
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Speed Reviewing....

Hello Beautifuls!

I've been reading, reading, and reading. Which is a good thing...but I've been very lazy, well too lazy to write a full review on anything I've read. And then with Thanksgiving coming up, I think I just got the case of  the "just lay around and don't do anything" vibe.

So because this is a short week and I will definitely not be posting on Thursday. Friday? possibly. Depending if I can roll myself off of the couch out of that famous Turkey coma...who knows.

So today...right now, I'm going to do a speed review of sorts. You know something like speed dating, but without the annoying men or women for that matter, lols. Alright on to it.

At the first table...

Source: Self Purchased
Published: June 19, 2013
Series: No
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Author: Dez Burke
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance
In A Nutshell: Good stuff...another marriage of convenience or blackmail in this case. Well written, good & hot sexxy times. Good world and character developement.

moves to next table...looks interesting

Source: Self Purchased
Published: November 9, 2012
Series: The Blake Boys #1
Sex: PG - Medium Sexual Content
Author: Rhonda Laurel
Genre: Interrical Contemporary Sports Romance
In A Nutshell: Sweet romance and it was a quick read. Well written, there was also good world building that leads pretty well into the next book in the series. Character development was a little shaky, but still good. At least this jock wasn't that cocky type.

Sits at next table thinking time sure does fly. Ah, what do we have here?...a twofer.

Source: Self Purchased
Published: Feb 18, 2013 & Unknown
Series: Cold Warriors #1 & #2
Blurb #1
Blurb #2
Sex: PG - Medium Sexual Content (in both books)
Author Clare Dargin
Genre: Science Fiction, Interrcial Romance
In A Nutshell: Both books leaned heavily on the sci-fiction. To me there was very little romance through-out both books. The world building was excellent, but the character development was lacking and also with the way this future world was, the romance between Caitlin & Medoro wasn't believable. Still, if you like a little Captain Kirk with you book dates, then hey go for it.

Let's finish this up I think as I sit at the last table...oh, another twofer.

Book 2 - Blurb

Book 3 - Blurb
Sourc: Self Purchased
Published: Nov 28, 2012 & Jan 21, 2013
Series: Caemdon Wolves
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Author: Ambrielle Kirk
Genre: Paranormal, Interrical Romance, Shifters
In A Nut Shell: Book 2 - I loved (well I think you can see that...lols). The couple was perfect, no over-bearing alpha male and no whining butt female. World building was excellent and the character development rocked. Book 3 - *sigh* loved Jayson to death..what a man to wait for your mate for a damn decade. Arianna, could not stand her. She wanted to take control of her world...be incharge of her life, but in the end? nope! Good world builing and character developement was good too. With less of the irritating chick, I would have enjoyed this one more. I rolled my eyes alot...alot!

Well, those were my dates over the weekend and up until today. None of my dates were bad. As a matter of fact, they were all pretty good. Have you ever speed dating...erm, I mean speed read?

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger) is a avid reader who enjoys a good book, good music, loves red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with the sexxy alpha males she reads about. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.  Happy Reading Reading Sexxys.
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Sexxy's Review: The Blind Date by Delaney Diamond

Source: Self Purchased
Published: September 20, 2013
Delaney Diamond
Series: Love Unexpected #1
Sex: R - Meduium/Strong Sexual Content
Authors Website
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance

The Blind Date is a story that unfolds between characters Ryan Stewart and Shawna Ferguson. Okay, lets start off with the premise. Title…The Blind Date. Um…Shawna, hasn’t gotten any in years so her sister & brother in law set her up on a date with her EX from six years ago (unbeknownst to her).

Um…alright, I can see that. There was this big falling out. Ryan lied…Shawna was hurt…I got it. I get it. But here is the thing…they were young and on a night, you just met someone and you feel it’s right. But it’s some other shit going on at home that this person just can’t get into at the moment BUT he's taken by this new thing thats going on…this is Ryan’s main problem and situation at the time.

I will not give away a lot of details, but I will tell you my main issue with this tale. After six years…SIX years. Shawna couldn’t get over the hurt that Ryan caused. Listen, I understand hurt, but really six years?… and definitely if dude has changed and admitted he fucked up….#comeonnow.

What more do you want or require? #ijustdidntgetit. Ryan admitted he fucked up…so you will hold a grudge for how long? #stopit.

The story itself was well written and kept me turning the pages, I think Delaney Diamond wrote one heck of a story. But, I will admit that Shawna worked my nerves. Because, honestly if you feel that you can’t move on from what someone did to you in the past…then you need to let it all go and you know…move on. Don’t have sex with them and then feel guilty about the shit…#imjustsaying. So these few issues brought this down to a 3 heel review for me.

Amazon / At other retailers in December

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger) is a avid reader who enjoys a good book, good music, loves red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with the sexxy alpha males she reads about. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.  Happy Reading Reading Sexxys.
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COLOR OF LOVE Blog Hop (Nov 21st-Nov 25th)

Hi & Welcome...Welcome. This is my stop is the very colorful hop which is hosted by Kiru Taye, Empi Baryeh and Nana Prah. What is this blog hop about...well, Love in Color.

You guys know I've been reading more and more Interracial/Multicultural romances of late. I stumbled across a couple of books and well, it's be a go from there on. I'm going to first list my giveaway and then the Grand Prize giveaway that's part of the overall hop. Good Luck on both Beautifuls!

And because I couldn't pick which one I wanted to gift, I'm going to give you a choice. A historical paranormal romance or a contemporary romance.

Your choices are...

Why Colorblind? Because Leon & Penny where just beautiful together. Ms. Dubrinsky wove a wonderful tale here. There's heartbreak, love lost BUT the HEA is well worth the read.

*Caution this book is wrote with the setting of the deep-south slavery in mind. Ms. Dubrinsky didn't hold back or mince any words. There are some words and things that will be uncomfortable to read, but again; the story itself is worth it.


Why Love Script? Because Nick was a controlling & jealous Alpha male..even though he pretty much needs Laney more, the man was frustrating to the tenth power. But lawd! was he sexy and hot and....

So these are your two choices, both are 5 heel reviews here at Salacious Reads. Both are well worth the reads :) Just enter the rafflecopter below. Both will be eBooks through either Amazon or ARe. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This Hop's Grand Prizes are
1st prize: $50 Amazon gift card + 8 ebooks
2nd prize: $30 Amazon gift card+ 8 ebooks
3rd prize: $20 Amazon gift card + 8 ebooks
4th prize: $10 Amazon gift card + 8 ebooks

So, have you read a IR/MC romance novel? What did you think of it if you did? If you haven't...well, you can always start with my giveaway :D

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger) is a avid reader who enjoys a good book, good music, loves red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with the sexxy alpha males she reads about. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.  Happy Reading Reading Sexxys.
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Book Promotion/Giveaway ~ Alex's Angel by Natasha Blackthorne

Now if you follow me, you know I love Natasha Blackthorne's books...I love her writing style. And I will tell you, the woman pulled me back into reading historical romances. They just weren't your norm..and of course, youi know...I liked that!

So I am honored to present you the new cover of Alex's Angel, it's re-edited too. Natasha is also offering a $10 Amazon gift card. I say read it lovlies. It's GOOD *in my deep sexxy voice*.

Erotic Romance ~ Georgian Historical Set in USA ~ Novel Length 100,000+ words

Alex’s Angel
Wild, Wicked and Wanton Series Book Three

He needs her to believe in him a lot more than she needs his protection...

In the wake of a devastating epidemic, sheltered Emily Eliot finds herself alone, making her own decisions for the first time. When desperation leads her to sell her virtue, she walks straight into trouble.

Enter one gorgeous, golden haired gentleman bent on protecting her.

Alexander Dalton came to the Blue Duck Tavern seeking to lose himself in sexual pleasure. But when he saw the delicate and vulnerable young woman, he couldn't turn away.

Emily is alarmed by her own intense responses as this charismatic and carnal man introduces her to erotic pleasure. Having lived as a virtual prisoner of her grandmother's suffocating manipulation, Emily bridles under Alex's possessive, protectiveness. And Alex's charming smile hides a dark secret that could destroy their chance at happiness.

Will their passion burn them up or bring them together?

Reader Advisory: Alex's Angel is the prequel to Emily's Seduction. Alex's Angel is an erotic/hot historical romance and contains graphic language and explicit sex scenes. It also features sensual spanking and light bondage.

*** Previously published by Totally Bound Publishing (formerly Total-e-Bound Publishing). This second edition has been deepened and fully re-edited.

Excerpt from Alex’s Angel
Wild, Wicked and Wanton Series Book Three
©Copyright Natasha Blackthorne 2013, 2012
By reading any further, you are stating that you are 18 years of age, or over. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this post.

“Good God.” Alex’s deep voice echoed off the buildings in the alleyway.
She turned and sat up as he appeared. She’d never been happier to see anyone, and as he approached, a smile split her face so broadly it made her jaw hurt.
He helped her up and stood there giving her a steady stare. Then he jerked the edges of her cloak together. “What’s this about?”
The angry edge to his voice should have intimidated her but instead it sent the most disconcerting thrills through her—half fear, half anticipation. He seemed to loom over her, a taller, broader-shouldered shadow than Green. But he wasn’t wearing his hat and moonlight made his hair glow like gold and accentuated every perfect line and angle of his face. He was the very image of the ideal knight. A protector.
With his earlier eagerness to fight in mind, she had no doubt he would call Green out over pistols for something like this. She never wanted to be the cause of danger to anyone, especially not the gentleman who’d just saved her twice in one night.
“I slipped,” she lied.
“I could see that.” His tone was dry. “My question is, why did you run from me?”
“I…” Her brain froze at the hardness in his eyes.
He took her by the shoulders and gave her a little shake. “Damn it, girl, this is Hell City. You should know better than to go traipsing through dark alleyways. I ought to haul you back to my carriage and drag you over my knee.”
She didn’t care for his presumptive, authoritative tone. Yes, he’d just rescued her, but it didn’t give him the right to speak to her like that. Yet the image his words conjured up sent tingling warmth twisting through her core. A strange elation followed, the oddest sort of anticipation. She took a deep breath, then blew it out like a plume of smoke in the chilly air.
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Wouldn’t I?” His gaze pierced into hers as the wind gusted and howled.
Cold bit through her woolen cloak, and the silk gown and its attendant muslin undergarments provided no protection whatsoever. She shivered and hugged her upper arms.
Cursing softly, he pulled off his greatcoat and laid it over her shoulders, the heavy weight of it exuding heat from his body.
Before she could drag the edges together, he put his hands on her waist and jerked her to him. Once again, his scent of sandalwood and clean masculinity permeated her senses, and being held to his hard-muscled abdomen and thighs was every bit as thrilling as she’d imagined earlier.
“The moment I saw you peering into the window at the Blue Duck, I knew you were going to be pure trouble.”
“Then I’m surprised you bothered to save me from Green,” she said, trying to make her tone light.
His eyes darkened and glittered. “Maybe I like trouble.”
He grasped the back of her neck with one hand, brushing her sore, bruised flesh. But it didn’t matter. There was pleasure in the pain. He bent his head and she held her breath. His lips descended on hers, slanting over them with hard determination. He twisted his hand in her hair, sending flickers of fiery pleasure-pain through her head and down her neck as he moved her head to another angle. He traced the seam of her lips with his tongue.
Her heart pounded and the back of her gullet went dry, for she knew what he wanted.
John had kissed her like this last New Year’s Eve, when he had been quite drunk. He’d caught her alone in the corridor of the boarding house. He’d crushed her into a corner, his hand upon the angle of her jaw, forcing her mouth open for his sloppy, sodden tongue, his whiskey-scented breath gagging her…
But this felt very different.
Alex’s tongue slid over her lips like warm satin, sending spirals of delight sparking right down through her center to her very toes. Making her want to open for him.
With a cry, she parted her lips and he swept inside, all wet, wonderful and warm—flavored with a hint of the wine they’d shared, along with something else. Something spicy and exciting and all together singularly him.
He caressed her tongue with delicate strokes, each brush teasing her, making her crave a deeper taste of him. Her knees went weak and she sagged against him, moving her hands up to clasp his shoulders and cling. His scent intoxicated her. His touch surrounded her.
She’d never forget his taste, his scent, his feel. Never.
He put his hand under her cloak and flirted his fingertips over her bodice, touching nipples hardened by both cold and arousal. At the delicious sensation, she gasped.
Light headed, she opened her eyes and looked up. The sky seemed to loom closer than it ever had before. Surely thousands of stars twinkled above in the inky blackness.
His touch grew harsher, impatient, commanding her attention back from the heavens. He pulled her bodice down until his hand grazed over her bare, erect nipples—his palm was not smooth as she had guessed it would be, but rough, as if he was used to doing some labor with his hands. The texture only increased the sensation.
On a soft moan, she closed her eyes.
He groaned and deepened his kiss, sweeping his tongue between her lip and her lower teeth, touching on areas that were sore from her fall onto the table in the Blue Duck.
It didn’t matter.
Even the pain of his tongue on the bruised portions of her mouth became a strange sort of pleasure.
If only this would never stop—
Discordant singing broke the spell. He lifted his head and she pulled away and took several gulps of crisp, cold air into her lungs while she turned her head in the direction of the singing. An elderly beggar woman had wandered into the alleyway and was sifting through the rubble.
Alex’s gaze flickered to the woman and he pulled Emily behind the abandoned carriage. Then he jerked her back to him, moving his hands down to cup her buttocks and press her hips tightly to his.
There was something between them. Something so hard and throbbing that its heat penetrated even through her gown and two petticoats. His maleness. She gasped and glanced up at him. His eyes were like periwinkle fire now.
“I want you.” His whispered growl echoed in her belly.
He sounded so aggressive, so animal. It shocked her. Even more shocking was her own reaction. The aching, empty sensation in her core. The flood of wetness over her inner lips and down her thighs. The utter paralysis of her limbs. Her reaction was like a drug in her body, getting stronger with each beat of her pounding heart.
She was his. His to do with as he wished.
The very vulnerability of the notion increased her craving for him, for his touch, his kisses.
“Have you ever been fucked in an alleyway?” He rocked his hips against hers.
The word—not to mention the meaning of his sentence—should have shocked her. But instead it sent a surge of heated hunger racing through her blood.


Sharonda (SexxyBlogger) is a avid reader who enjoys a good book, good music, loves red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with the sexxy alpha males she reads about. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.  Happy Reading Reading Sexxys.
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Brazen Babe Reviews begin its inception in the Year of Our Lord 2014. It's the brain child of two bloggers Ana (Beach Bum Reviews) and Sharonda (SalaciousReads). Here in our lovely little corner of the inter-web, we will share our love of pop culture which will encompass books, movies, TV, make-up and you know life...

Sooo...Relax, have a glass of wine (or whatever your poison is) sit back and enjoy!

*Note, we are currently not accepting Review Requests.