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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

By Talon  p.s.  and  Princess s.o.
Proud Indy-Authors
Published January 29, 2013

MF/MFM/ Paranormal Shifter/ Erotic Romance
 “So you think you know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf? Think again—”
Raina grew up with the faint memories of her grandmother’s fairytales. Tales that told her she was a part of something far greater than her lonely nomadic life gave existence to. But, when she finds she’s been among the one thing she desired most, can she let go of her more human-raising to submit to it?
Tristan has had a wild hunger for the saucy minx ever since she started working at the Hell hound Tavern. When a close call with a rival pack meant risking exposing the beast he was to Raina, he

wasn’t expecting her to submit to the beast as his mate. As the Beta to the pack Alpha, Tristan can’t keep a mate to himself, but the secret she holds says otherwise.
However, keeping a Lycaon Concubine might mean leaving the pack in order to protect his Alpha, who’s status has kept a pack, 500 strong, safe for generations.
word count: 38, 858 {approx 101pages}
ISBN: 9781301031160

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“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I never wanted to hurt you. I don’t even know what I did.” Tristan shook his head and looked away. Silently grateful he had not bitten her last night, he had not claimed her. Damn, why couldn’t he remember what he had done? However, he had made sure there were no bite marks. He checked and kept checking— her shoulders, even her breasts, to be sure. At least knowing that small bit meant she could still be free of him.
He pushed up from the chair, paced over to the window, angry with himself. He glanced over his shoulder and watched as she too, stood, her eyes following him. Damn, he had really fucked up. The strength and independence that was once there was replaced with fear and uncertainty. And before the new night was over, he would do even more harm to her— by taking her memory away from her. Make her forget him and the club. Forget about the existence of Lycaons, which also meant he would have to take away her memories of her grandmother’s stories.
“Something is happening to me, isn’t it?’” Raina asked from across the room.
“No.” He shook his head, “It’s just shock. That’s all.”
“I want to know how many more there are of you.”
Tristan turned away from the window and leaned back looking at her. How beautiful she was even in her weakened state. He wanted to go to her, hold her. Protect her until her strength came back, but he could not. He needed to do what was expected of him and he was hating it. “I can’t tell you that.”
“What about you? Can you tell me more about you?”
Tristan took a deep breath and let it out with a heavy sigh, “It’ll be better if you don’t ask any more questions. The less you know the better.” He took a slow step towards her then another.
“No.” Raina protested, “I’ve wished for this all my life, now you’re telling me I have to forget?”
“You will forget. I promise you, you’ll not remember any of this— of what I have done to you.”
Tristan ached to touch her, comfort her. Perhaps he could give her some of that while he entered her mind and erased everything. He watched as she jerked her head from one side to anther in her rejection of all this mess he’d made. She was shaking; he could see the fatigue taking over her body and the mental horror in her eyes. He reached for her, just a soft touch on her arm, but she flinched away. The movement hurt somehow, sending a jolt of pain through him. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to disgust you.”
“No.” She stepped for him, but he countered, backing away from her. He could not take another rejection from her, “It's not that. I want your touch, but it’s so much to take, it frightens me.”
“Because of what I am.” He knew what he was, knew he could not expect her to accept it.
“No, Tristan.” She was firmer of her protests, “That’s not it at all.” She closed in on him, slapping her hand flat against his chest. A sudden wave of tingling sensations pulsed between them, staying his feet. It took his breath from him and he struggled to regain it.
“Oh god, what is that?” He nearly growled, he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck rise on his skin, his knees grew weak and his cock was throbbing to life. A wave of surging lust threatened to send him into mating overload and weaken him at the same time. The Lycaon-mutation inside him surged with energy, yet outwardly kept docile.
“Do you feel that?” Raina was struggling under her own labored breath. “I’m melting under your contact. I’m burning for you. I can feel my body grow wet and ready for you to climb inside of me. It’s so strong, so intoxicating, it frightens me.”

We Came— We Saw— and then we made it sexy.

And that's pretty much how the Twins came to write Erotic Romances and Dark Fantasies. Both Talon PS and Princess SO have been writing together since they were kids, always challenging and competing with each other, and always each other's biggest supporters. After a life time of gathering experiences, and honing their story telling skills, they have finally starting putting them to novel size tales. And so far have seen 8 titles published with three more already scheduled for next year’s releases, and still another 30 something projects in the works. So have those book moments ready, as Talon always says—

"I'm about to make you wet."  ~The Twins: Talon & Prin

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  1. Thank you for host us for the book tour and we hope everyone enjoys Bond of the Lycaon Concubine as much as Talon and I enjoyed writing it

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  2. Interesting! I love the idea of a fairytalesque story. It sounds a little different type of werewolf story. Thanks for sharing about it!

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