Cutting the Budget - January so Far...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hi Salacious Readers!

Hosted by Shari over at Delighted Reader. I'm so happy that she decided to share this. It's a great way to keep track on that book spending limit we seem to set ourselves up on, but never seem to follow...

Okay...since I just stared, I'm going to start from the beginning of January until now. I at first gave myself a $20 budget for the month on my book purchases and before you say anything, I figured since I buy eBooks a know? Anyways, T.H.A.T did not work out AT ALL (not quite sure what I was thinking...). So, I decided to up it to $35. Let's see how I did so far.

*All books brought through BN, Amazon & ARe. 
Book Titles
Halfway to The Grave by J. Frost$1.06 (.99-taxes included)33.94
Negotiating Skills by Laurel Cremant$1.06 (.99-taxes included)32.88
Lila & Ethan by Jessica SorensenFree
Mistress to The Beast by Eve Vaughn$3.68 (taxes indcluded)29.2
Bruised by Stacy-Deanne$4.27 (taxes included)24.93
GianMarco by Eve Vaughn$4.27 (taxes included)20.66
Sergei by Roxie Rivera$4.27 (taxes included)16.39
Ivan by Roxie RiveraFree
Sharing Space Series by Nina Perez (5 books)$5.3011.09
Boaz Brown by Michelle StimpsonFree
Wicked Wind by Sharon Kay$2.12 (.99-taxes included)8.97
Secret Maneuvers by Jessie Lane$2.12 (.99-taxes included)6.85
Ultimate Merger by Delaney DiamndFree
The Right Kind of Love by Roxy WilsonFreeused my buy 10 get 1 for free coupon (yay me!)
Rock Star Wedding by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb Free
French Kiss by Dee DawningFree
Duped! by Dee DawningFree
Blind Date by Dee DawingFree
A Pleasant Hell by Angela DanielsFree
A Marriage of Convenience by Aaliyah Burke.99
A Broken Cowboy by Renee Phillips$2.99$2.87

I still cut it, very close. So for the rest of the month, I'll just add to my wishlishes. What I'm also learning is that .99 cents doesn't EXACTLY mean that price. Amazon is approximately $1.06 more in taxes than BN for me. AllRomanceebooks is the only site that I was charged exactly as the price was listed. And what else I've I learned...One-clicking via Amazon can get to be a seriously bad habit.

How are you doing on your book budget? Get yourself over to the Delighted Readers site and share!

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  1. I should be doing that kind of accountancy too... Gotta love the wishlist ! ;)

  2. Damn girl, you cut it super close, but yayyyyy! You made it :)

  3. You are cutting it close! Keep up the good work and I know how hard it is to stay away from $.99 books....because it is so cheap. But then I don't end up getting time to read them so I am trying to stick to it and not just click to get them unless I know I really want to read them.

    Thanks for joining me!

  4. Thank Good gravy I started because I really didn't know I was that close.

    The. 99 Cents and the one clicking I'm going to have to slow down on. too Shari, I have so many freebies and sale books from last year that I didn't even read.

    I'm excited to join...this will definitely help me out going forward.

  5. Lmbo! I know right but I'm so glad I didn't go over: ) this budget came right in handy: )

  6. It really helps Red. And my wishlishes? Can't live without them now.

  7. Good job even if you cut it close you're still within the budget. Should've waited for JLane, the one you got is now on sale for 99c...

    That's why I don't frequent book sites anymore, it's too much temptation!!

  8. thanks Braine...I did get LJane for .99c, but with taxes, it came up to $2.12. I think I'm going to have to make allromance my primary book buying site for now since they don't charge taxes and you can get the books you purchase in all formats.

    Temptation doesn't have describe it...lols. Plus it's like two books up there that I wish I hadn't spent the money on.

  9. I'm glad Shari started this too. It has helped me really look at my book purchasing. I got two this week that were $.99 and I think that will have to be my limit so I'll stay within my boundaries. I have plenty TBR and review books to keep me busy without buying more. Nice job of staying w/in the budge btw.

  10. You know Sophia, I was thinking of taking a break from book buying because I'm the same way. I have so many books on my TBR list from last year that I need to get out the way...I do have to slow down though :)

    thank you! thank goodness I decided to do it this week coz as you can see, I was like right there at my limit...lols.