Review: Love Through Pain

Source: Self Purchased
Published: December 21, 2013
Self Published
Series: No
Sex: R- Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance

Imagine going through the worse possible thing that can happen to you and then add on a whole slew of other things that can possibly go wrong. Love Through Pain is just one of these stories.

The title of this book really does speak volumes about what is going on in these pages. I was on high's and low's while reading this seriously took me through an emotional rollercoster. Not since I read Styxx by S. Kenyon have I been so moved by a engrossed and so much in turmoil that I wanted to put the book down.

I can imagine what Jazmine the main female character in this story went through...I didn't go through half of what she did, but damn if I didn't relate. It was hard for me to get through this story because of personal issues, but I did. I wanted to understand and get where these characters were coming from. I wanted to get to the meat and bones of this try to understand exactly what this author was trying to portray. Because Ancelli didn't just make this book about her female character Jazmine, she made it about her male character Javier too. He's suffering as well...has insecurities, but he's such a strong may want to bypass what he's going through because this author has truly deemed him a knight in shining amor, but even knight's have blemishes....

This story empcompasses so much, I can't even begin to give you the depth of what is going on in these pages. But I will tell you that I cried, I laughed and I got very very angry and then at the end of it all, I was happy. Because Ancelli gives you an ending that any woman would want whether she has been through hell or not. I truly believe that every woman would want a Javier and every man would want a Jazmine. These are strong, complicated characters. This story itself is strong and complicated...just when I thought I got the HEA, Ancelli took me on whole nother journey.

When a author can not only make you feel emotions about their story, BUT also get you to think....just think about what is the grit of the tale and you can take something away from it....its deep, you know? It's very rare that I can read stories like this and not just want to walk away. But I always like to think of myself as an open minded reader. Love Through Pain is an emotionally raw deep tale. But in the end of it all, you know that Love wins. And honestly, that's all that matters.

Love Through Pain deals with Rape, PTSD, Race, Issues of Infidelity and much more.

Favorite Quotes

Javier -

"No, I love her because of the woman she is. When she left after giving birth to Nicolas, my life wasn't the same. She took my happiness with her, that woman took my heart when she walked out of my life. I'm not me without Jazmine".

Jazmine -

"Dad, he is the man you've been praying for me to find. He is a God fearing man, who love me like no one has, and I love him. If you want him to leave, then I'll be leaving right behind him."

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