Review Request: Belle Fury

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Source: Author
Expected Publication: Feburary 4, 2014
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Series: Manhattan Ten #3
Sex: PG - Medium Sexual Content
Genre: Superhero, Paranormal Romance

My first review of 2014 and its a good one.

When Lola Dodge asked me if I would like to read/review the third book in her Manhattan Ten superhero series, I was like “uh…yeah!” lols. Lola is seriously cools people and one of the many sweetest, nicest authors I’ve met along my blogger journey. Besides, I friggin love this series every since I picked up the first book Temptress..thanks to Melissa over at LilyElement.

In this third installment, Red Ruin (just think lighting) gets the girl this time. But it kinda comes at a time when he’s just a little bit stressed as he steps in for Think Tank who is away at the moment. His potential lady love will be Belle Fury or Belle Fabian, a professional ballet dancer who doesn’t get her super powers until late in the game and at a very inconvenient time. One minute home girl is dancing her ass off as the lead in “Giselle” and the next thing you know…she’s literally tearing up the Metropolitan Opera House every times she moves.

The story itself is exceptionally written, Lola was able to incorporate a very good and likable story into these 111 pages. Both Belle and Ryan were characters that you just like instantly as they are both flawed characters with relatable issues. Belle was this ferociously sna-rky person, but not overtly so. She was funny as all get out and she fit right in with the other ladies that have now joined the group.

You know what I like about Lola’s male characters? They’re total alpha males, but they’re also these sweet, caring, lovable men and I just dig that! I mean ladies, you seriously just want to take your panties off for them…well, not for Think Tank, Panther and now Ruin…they have these seriously kick-ass ladies now and well you know…life is good is when your breathing.

So Red Ruin is another male that will go in my closet full of alpha male. It sure is getting crowded in there too….

Oh and we also get to get familiar with some series favorites again, Panther & Ivory…Think Tank & Temptress and the rest of the Manhattan Ten crew.

I just love Superhero stories and I really do miss reading them. They are the stories I grew up on…I remember my dad bringing me all sorts of comics and graphic novels home to read because I devoured everything I could get my hands on. So when I come across good stories such as these especially when I haven’t read a superhero book in a very long while. It makes me all nostalgic and happy. So thank you for letting me read your stories Lola…thank you for letting me read Belle Fury. It was a sweet story with kick ass chicks and gents.


Lola, I think because you had this song in the book you should 
seriously add it to the playlist for Belle :D

Other books in the series

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  1. I have the first two books! I better plan to binge on it this year :) Melissa loves this series too so I know I'm in good company.

  2. Great review hun!! I loved this one too :)

  3. They're a fast read and really good. You're gonna want more asap :)

  4. Thanks Melissa. I can't wait to see your review

  5. Yep..these are really fantastic stories and you will breeze right thru them.

  6. Superheroes? Eep! Love it. I didn't know about this series. Thanks for sharing!

  7. You will love this series Sophia. They really are just good and quick to get through. I still have a thing for her 2nd book Ivory, but shoot...this one may be my favorite so far :)

  8. I love a series when each new book becomes my new favorite.

  9. Woot! Love starting the year off with a good one! I haven't seen this one and dang that's a different cover. Haven't read too many superheroes either and thinking I'm gonna have to change that. Darn it Sharonda. I'm supposed to be making my tbr pile SMALLER this year. lol

  10. lols...sorry Anna! but I couldn't gush enough about this one :D

    I love the cover...perfect for the story! You have got to add to some super heroes to you TBR pile this year hun...whose going to save you when it gets out of control? lols.

  11. Awesome she has a 3rd novel out. I fell in love with this series thanks to you. I still need to get my butt in gear and read book 2. I love her alpha males.

  12. The 2nd book is awesome too. Her alpha males are just to die for...loving all of them so far.

  13. Great review, Sharonda! Glad 2014 is off to a great start for you in terms of reading. I've yet to read this book or author...or a superhero story for that matter. I guess I need to rectify that immediately. I see this is the third in the series. Can it be a stand alone read? Also, I can never turn down the sweet and loving alpha males!! They're my total weakness in novels :D

  14. That sounds very very good, thanks for the review !

  15. Hi Nina...sorry for the late reply and than you!

    I would suggest reading the other books in the series first or at least the first one Temptress. You get a really good understanding of the Manhattan Ten group.

  16. thanks Red! Its a good series to try :)