Review: Tall, Dark and Lonely

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Souce: Self Purchased
Published: December 10, 2010
Self Published
Series: Pyte/Sentinel #1
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Paranormal Contemporary Romance

I really liked Tall, Dark and Lonely. It was funny, but there is a story here as well. But lawd, have a heart this story was funny. There were times when wine spewed from my lips, I should definitely charge R. L. Mathewson for a glass *furrow eyebrows*.

Ephraim Williams is a vampire, a Pyte...what you would call a day walker. He's basically hiding in this small town because there are other vamps out there who want his blood. So he has learned long ago not attach himself to humans because of their saftey and given that he has lost those he cared for during his lifetime...especially his brother Marc. But there is something different about his neighbor, Madison. Her blood sings to him and he's deathly attracted to her.

Madison has been raising her younger brother and sister since they popped out of their dead beat mother’s vajayjay. So she’s happy when her grandmother (Candy..whose the deadbeat mom..mother) steps in to help out. They move in with her at her now boarding home and she takes custody of Jill and Joshua while Madison takes the room across from one of her other boarders…they live separately from the others because that’s the way Ephriam wants it.

What did I think of the characters? Ephraim and Madison were very charismatic characters although Madison worked my nerves a lil bit. But I get why she was caution of loving someone because her mother was such mitch with a capital B. So I liked when Ephraim told her walk away from him “little girl”…hehehehe. Most male fictional characters need to do this and I understand that these are not real characters, but hey…it needs to be said, so thank you Ms. Mathewson!

The supporting characters were just as entertaining especially Chris, Ephraim and Madison's now adopted son. Lord, he had me cracking up most of the book. I’m so glad he survived and guess what?! He’s now a sentinel…did R.L write his book? *furrow eyebrows again*.

The story itself? Funny, engaging and well…down right a joy to read. This folks is a light hearted tale about two people who find each after some pretty messed up things have happened to them. They’re both kind of jaded when it comes to love, but they find it in each other.

R.L. Mathewson did a fantastic job with this story…she kept it light and oh so very funny. Definitely a must read and guess what? They’re all .99 cents, can’t beat that.

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger) is a avid reader who enjoys a good book, good music, loves red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with the sexxy alpha males she reads about. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Love the Neighbor From Hell series. I bought all her novels back when they were $0.99. But have yet to try this series and her other series. I am planning on this year getting caught up with my fav authors this year and she is on my list. Great review.
    P.S. I have read some reviews that were a little grossed out on his fascination with blood even while it was her time of month. I know he is a vampire but something about even while she is on her period he likes it. Now it has been awhile since I read the reviews and can bit a bit wrong but that has always stuck with me. Do you know what I am talking about?

  2. Oh I love the cover! Tired of wimpy heroines but glad he is able to bring out something in her. Curious what he said to her that got her ticked off.


  3. Isn't is sexy? Loved it. He called her an idiot and then had the nerve to say they only hired her because she was a full figured woman.

  4. Yup...me to Capri. I have this one and another series of hers.

    Yeah, this vamp has a thing for blood. I read where he told her he sex with woman when they we were on their period and there was this scene where she had threw away a tissue after she cut herself and the almost was about to suck it but he stopped he even realized how disturbing that w as. But it wasn't that bad...as matter of fact he pretty much tried to stay away from her at first.

  5. Hey a 99c book is unbeatable even if it's a 3-star novel. I love your quip, mitch with a B!

  6. Yep...can't beat it all and they're all full lenght books :D. From Goodreads, some folks didn't like the books very well, but hell I can use funny in books every now and then.

    thanks Braine...trying get a little more "creative" with my reviews..lols.

  7. Dang look at her! Have so thought that about people. It's a good thing I don't wanna go to jail because some of them really do ask for a smack down.

  8. lols...right?! I was like "go head girl!" LMBO! OMG, yes they do and Marc was just a butthead sometimes.

  9. Didn't know about this series. I perked right up when you indicated that it had a tone of fun to it. Thanks!

  10. I really enjoyed her Neighbor from hell series, I'll definitely give this one a try :)

  11. Oh goodnes...this one will have you in stitches sometimes. Definitely worth the read Sophia :)

  12. I think I have that one too Red, I have to double check. I just grabbed them all up a while back. She definitely can mix humor with her stories very well.

  13. this has definitely got to be one of my favorites so far :D

  14. Jackass is right. Good for her giving it to him.

  15. Damn yall are killing my tbr list. lol Red Iza got me with all of those Neighbor from Hell ones. Now this too???!! LOL It sounds great!

  16. Good for her! I wish I had the nerve to say something like that.

  17. Sorry Anna :)...lols, it was a great read too!

  18. lols! yep. she's growing a bit of a backbone now :D

  19. Nice! She's on her way to not being a wimp anymore.



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