SalaciousRandomness - How Much are You Willing to Pay?

This is just a general question for you readers.

How much are you willing to pay for an Ebook? I ask this because I notice more and more that SOME prices are just a lil bit too expensive for me. NOTE, I said for me.

When I see someone recommend a book and they are just gushing about how Good it was, now Im all interested.

Now say I go read the blurb of said book and I'M liking how it sounds...but then I check the price and lets say it's only 50 pages and then the price is say $2.99 or more.

I personally feel paying $2.99 or more for a eBook that has less than 100 pages is too much. Especially if you set yourself on a book budget.

I also feel this keeps you from finding out about what could be an amazing book or author. I know it does for me. Although, I do add some Of these books to my wishlist ...wishing the price would go down that is...lols.

But seriously, thank good gravy Amazon let's you know how many pages the EBook saves you a lot of shock and surprise. Unfortunately Bn doesn't do this, which I'm glad my son got me a Kindle for Christmas.

So what say you dear readers? Are you finicky about your book prices like myself? Or do just click away?

Authors if you want to chime all means please do.

Keep it classy folks. This is a general discussion...not an argument.

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