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This is just a general question for you readers.

How much are you willing to pay for an Ebook? I ask this because I notice more and more that SOME prices are just a lil bit too expensive for me. NOTE, I said for me.

When I see someone recommend a book and they are just gushing about how Good it was, now Im all interested.

Now say I go read the blurb of said book and I'M liking how it sounds...but then I check the price and lets say it's only 50 pages and then the price is say $2.99 or more.

I personally feel paying $2.99 or more for a eBook that has less than 100 pages is too much. Especially if you set yourself on a book budget.

I also feel this keeps you from finding out about what could be an amazing book or author. I know it does for me. Although, I do add some Of these books to my wishlist ...wishing the price would go down that is...lols.

But seriously, thank good gravy Amazon let's you know how many pages the EBook has...it saves you a lot of shock and surprise. Unfortunately Bn doesn't do this, which I'm glad my son got me a Kindle for Christmas.

So what say you dear readers? Are you finicky about your book prices like myself? Or do just click away?

Authors if you want to chime in...by all means please do.

Keep it classy folks. This is a general discussion...not an argument.


  1. Girl I'm fricking cheap! That's why I signed up for NG, EW & got a library card. I mean from a book blogger's standpoint it can get very expensive. We read about 3-5 books a week on average so that could put a big dent on anyone's pocket book.

    I'm like you, I save stuff on my wish list and hope the price drops. Signed up to Bargain Booksy & Book Bub so I get alerts on sales too. But if I were to pay, I feel like anything over $4 is expensive because it's digital so in my mind I'd think that it cost less to produce those than an actual print book. I won't buy serials, complete rip off, novellas shouldn't be above $2 and 300+ books should be somewhere around $1-5.

    Braine = book cheap

  2. OMG!!! Braine, girl I love your breakdown & I so totally agree! I'm signing up for Bargin Booksy & Book Bub (thank you for the tip!).

    I'm on NG & EW...need to visit more and I'm decided to lay off of the serials too this year, you spend so much money buying 3-4 books for the same damn story...its crazy. Give me one story in one book please.

    Sharonda = book cheap & I'm on a damn budget here!

  3. I'm cheaper than Braine even b/c I won't pay more than a $1 for a shorter novella or short story and it better be a pretty plump novel for $4. I take advantage of freebies and specials both at Amazon and ARe and I'm signed up for 3-4 newsletters that let me know what is free or on-sale. There's an e-book on my wish list that I kid you not is $10 for regular novel length. It will sit there until it goes on sale. Truthfully, most of my books are review copies these days which really helps with the budget.

  4. Oh, and I saw your reply to my questions about the series challenges. Blogger gave me trouble too so I replied here. Thanks! Answers were helpful.

  5. I won't pay above 4.99 for ANY ebook, and that's got to be something I am frothing at the mouth for. Usually I cap it at 3.99. If it's under 100 pages, my cap is 99 cents - and still, it'd better be good. I'm cheap.

    now that you have a kindle you should check out booklending.com . I get a lot of books there that I want to read, but can't afford. Even if the one you want isn't there, sign up for it. I've had approvals come in months later. Granted, not every book is lendable, but if you even use it once you're good to go. I also check my library (which loans kindle books) before I will consider spending that much.

  6. If I read a serial its because I've gotten it for free from an author or publisher.

  7. what?! $10? that's crazy. I'm definitely not paying over $8 bucks for a eBook even if it's a full length read or not. I hear you on not paying more that a $1 for the shorter ones. Since I started budgeting, I've really been watching what I buy.

  8. Glad I could help. Let me know if you have any suggestions too. this is my second year doing this so anything you guys have, just throw my way :)

  9. Me too Liz, it better be one I'm dying to get my hands on. But my limit is usually $7.99 for an eBook...if I see the paperback is the same price or cheaper, I go with the paperback.

    thanks for the tip...I'm going to sign up for booklending.com too. That would totally work in my favor.

  10. $5.99 is probably the highest I will go for any book that's not by my favorite authors. For 100 pages I wouldn't go above $1.99.

  11. 1.99 is my limit. That's kinda sad, but i'm on a really tight budget atm, and regardless of length, i wont buy anything above that price, especially not a novella with only 50 pages.. wtf!? no. LOL

  12. That is not sad..shoot, girl I'm on a serious budge with everything so I'm am definitely watching my pockets.

    and wht...50 pages for $4.99, #getthefudgeouttahere. I'm definitely not doing that..your book better be enclosed in gold eBook paper or something. Give me a winning lottery number...please, I'm not doing it.

    $1.99 is looking good for me too Neyra...its getting crazy.

  13. Lol I know right, shoot! It looks like no matter what we're all on a budget, and these authors/publishers can't seem to understand that the economy isn't getting better for everyone. lol

  14. exactly Neyra. I was just reading an artical a couple of weeks back about how eBook buying was falling off and pricing was one of the main reasons.

  15. I'm a total cheapskate so anything over $2.99, I'd think twice. Anything higher and I cringe. I believe novellas with 100 or less pages should be priced at $0.99 or $1.99. If it's any more, I'll think long and hard about it lol

    I also put books on my wishlist and just regularly check in case of price drops and don't even get me started on serials. Those are the worst. With $2-3 a piece, you end up paying about $16 or so for a 300 pg book? No, thank you.

    So my limit is under $3...that's why those $0.99 books are like crack to me :P

  16. I'm cheap. I tend to not like paying over $5, but if the page count itself is pretty low that price drops down accordingly. What I don't like is when the publisher sets the ebook price to the same price as a paperback. I still have issues with this because their cost differences between the two are going to be way different, so they should give us a discount on ebooks. *grumbles*

  17. That's a deal breaker for me too Melissa... what's even worse is when the ebook is higher than the paperback. Wth is that?

  18. When that happens I just get more pissed off hahaha

    Doesn't make any sense *shakes head*

  19. None at all..it's craziness. What's so hard about setting prices ppl can afford...or at the very least reasonable.

  20. Oh I have problems with book prices too. Any ebook I just can't do over 2.99. 3.99 is way pushing it. I'd rather have a print at that point. I used the heck out of my Amazon wishlist. I pretty much put all books (unless I'm going to read them within 24 hours of buying) on the wishlist then wait for price drops. Some I'm sure it'll never happen. Eh. There's plenty of others out there to take it's place. Same with hardback books. I can't buy those new. I'll check the thrift shops first. Then just wait it out until they go up for a penny or something on Amazon. Much rather pay 4 bucks shipping for a cheap used then 20-35 bucks for a brand new one that'll take me like what 2 days to read? Girly you have my feathers all ruffled over prices again. LOL I'm glad I'm not alone in it.



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