SalaciousRandomness-How Much Time Would You Put In?

Hi Salacious Readers,

I have another question for you, this one popped up in one of the FB groups I joined. The author who the group is named for gave an update on a book in one of her current series. While explaining things, she stated that she feels that a series should have a beginning, a middle and eventually a ending.

So my question is how do you, dear reader feel about this? Do you agree?

Me?...I personally agree, my answer was that these things should be offered or a reader would grow bored and move on, I do. It's why my reading of some series has tampered off...the dragging of it, the rehashing of the same story plot, and then....the characters, characters who once I loved? they no longer excite me. Don't get me wrong, I'm a faithful reader BUT, it all starts to grows tedious and oh so very frustrating. My time is precious...I'm sure most folks time is. So me, I stop...I let go...the proverbial "wooosaaaa". There are way too many other books/series out there to get lost in. And I'm not even going to discuss pricing again...

And lets not keep this to series...what about trilogies or single books? Sound off and let your girl know.

Again, keep it classy. This is a dicussion...not an arugment.

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