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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hi Salacious Readers,

I have another question for you, this one popped up in one of the FB groups I joined. The author who the group is named for gave an update on a book in one of her current series. While explaining things, she stated that she feels that a series should have a beginning, a middle and eventually a ending.

So my question is how do you, dear reader feel about this? Do you agree?

Me?...I personally agree, my answer was that these things should be offered or a reader would grow bored and move on, I do. It's why my reading of some series has tampered off...the dragging of it, the rehashing of the same story plot, and then....the characters, characters who once I loved? they no longer excite me. Don't get me wrong, I'm a faithful reader BUT, it all starts to grows tedious and oh so very frustrating. My time is precious...I'm sure most folks time is. So me, I stop...I let go...the proverbial "wooosaaaa". There are way too many other books/series out there to get lost in. And I'm not even going to discuss pricing again...

And lets not keep this to series...what about trilogies or single books? Sound off and let your girl know.

Again, keep it classy. This is a dicussion...not an arugment.

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  1. Thanks Sharonda for sharing my newest release, Sail Away With Me with your readers! It was fun stopping by and good luck to everyone with the giveaways!


  2. You're welcome Kate :) it's pleasure ❤

  3. That would have been an interesting discussion. I totally agree that no matter how long or even short the story arc; it should have a beginning, build up, climax and denouement to an end. I don't mind if the story includes many H/h taking the lead roles like in a series or just one H/h through to the end, but a destination is definitely necessary.

    I'm with you about a tired story/series that gets drawn out past its expiration date. The hard part is that sometimes the longer series has its ups and downs that keep me reading even after a few 'meh' ones because a brilliant one might follow. I guess its how long my patience will last or my pocket book before I'm looking for something new.
    Another thing that gets tricky are those 'set-up' stories that aren't as exciting, but they are so very necessary to get the series from point A to point B.

    Truthfully, I haven't really gotten bored with a series yet since I tend to rotate around between series and standalones.

    Thanks for the chance to discuss.

  4. I really don't care as long as the writing holds up. Some authors I read you can tell when they're done with a series and should end it. Sometimes it's just a few books in and should end. Others I read are 20, 30+ books into the series and they're still really well written, bring something fresh and are fun. I do like for each book to have an ending. Even if it's an overall cliffhanger I want it to have some sort of resolution happening for that specific book.

  5. Sounds pretty fun. I've seen a few popping up lately on cruise ships. Damn shame the one I went on didn't come with a shoe rescuing hunk like that. lol

  6. I think all series/trilogies/standalones need it but as long as the author has my attention it is all good. I prefer series where each book contains a story and adds to the overall arc of the series.

  7. What a fantastic read this promises to be.

  8. I'm going to have to agree with the others and say I'm happy when it ends when I can tell it should be ending. Nothing worse than seeing the series drag out when it should have ended several books ago.

  9. I definitely agree that a destination has to be necessary. I think that's why some series just lack even with the meh ones in between. That's good that you haven't gotten bored yet and that's what I started doing...just trying out different stand-alones and series too :D

  10. I'm liking how you thinking Anna. And I do agree that some series that have 20+ books are still going strong.

  11. yep...totally agree Melissa. And this is where the reader gets bored and drops least some readers anyways :)

  12. This is true Kim. And if the series stays with the main story are, I'm good too.