Historical Romance Review: A Measured Risk by Natasha Blackthorne

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Re-Published: September 2013
Hearts Aflame Press
Series: Regency Risk #1
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance

A Measured Risk I've read before and I enjoyed the original story. This re-edited version is just as good if not better.

I like that Anne was dark (her mother was from Spain), and curvy...that she was big breasted. For in the Regency period, skinny, pale no-breasted chicks seemed to be "in".

Anne is a very flawed character. Living with the guilt of her husbands death, the guilt of not being "enough" for her parents...this vivacious woman, rumored to be "cold and unfeeling" and who was always bookish throws herself into her books and old philosophies. She hungers for more...wants what her dark erotic dreams offer. But no one has ever challenged Lady Cranfield and then in walks Jon, Earl of Ruel. She's fascinated by his fearlessness and she wants him to teach her how to be brave again, how to overcome her fear of being around horses and riding in carriages. You see this is how she lost her husband...in a carriage accident. BUT she must offer her complete and total submission to him for a month. Can she do it? Will she continue to fight her own feelings with useless passages from books of authors long dead? For the Earl of Ruel has not only sparked her curiosity with his bravery...he sparks her lust..she wants him to a fevor even her deceased husband didn't even inspire.

So what will Anne do...

I can't speak enough about this story. The absolute vunerability of these two characters was at heartbreaking at times to read. And even though Jon helped Anne come out her what I would say her shyness, he was a little cold too. He didn't believe in love because of what he grew up around. In high society, the man was simply to have a title and create heirs and the woman? well, they were simply to give those heirs. So he had no designs on love and Anne drew different feelings from him more than any other woman did. But he at least admitted his feelings, Anne was another case. She literally fought Jon seemly to the end, didn't want to admit that she loved him...that she could love him. She truly did buy into gossip, that she was cold and unfeeling. She fancied herself after her father and I'm happy that she realized that she truly didn't have to be that way. That she could have happiness...that she could have it with Jon.

I like that Jon was this totally dominant alpha male, but there was also a tenderness to him. He knew when to give Anne her space...he didn't get all Tarzan like and throw her over his shoulder and make her see that she needed to be with him. But I'm glad he didn't totally give up on her either...hence such a awesome ending.

There is a reason why I love to read Natasha Blackthornes romances. Her creativity and world building is always done really well. Her characters are flawed men and woman who know they're flawed...know they aren't perfect. But they always seem to have each other, does that make sense?

Anyway, this is a erotic historical romance. The scenes are scorchingly hot, there is light bdsm going on in these pages as well...nothing to make you squint though. As always, another great story from this author..which is why she is on my auto-buy list.

There will be a continuation of Jon and Anne's story and I cannot wait to read it.

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  1. Ahh you know I loved this one too! It was just such a good read and so different! Glad to hear you enjoyed the updated version too :)

  2. Lols... ya know I did. The Earl of Rule is such a sexxy man..Anne is nice too..lols 😊

  3. I already like Anne! I have two erotic historicals, I should probably read those soon. You had a lot of fun with this, maybe I will like this genre too

  4. I have had this author on my radar for so long, but haven't gotten around to reading her stuff. This one really tempts me, but I'll be good and just put it on the list. Nice review, Sharonda!

  5. I don't read historical romance, but somehow you always make me want to Ms Sexy :P Great review <3

  6. You know I didn't really Care for her the first time I read this story...but when I read it again...I started tosee things from her peperspective and the way ppl treated her...I can see why she was withdrawn and Kept to herself.

    You will like this one I think Braine... its a good story.

  7. She really good. Emotional stories and damaged characters...sexxy times too. But I love that her female characters aren't the norm... good stuff.: )

  8. Thanks Melissa..give one a go...you need a sexxy one like this :D