Paranormal Romance Review: Stolen Innocence by Vivi Dumas

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Format: ePub
Published: November 18, 2013
Author: Vivi Dumas
VPG Publishing and Promotions, LLC.
Series: Deuling With the Devil #3
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Paranormal Multicultrual Romance


I felt like the characters and the story itself wasn't fully fleshed out and no, I don't think its because I started with the 3rd book in the series. From reading the blurbs, the books can be read out of order or as stand alones without missing much from the previous ones.

I just didn't feel a connection to either Charity or Damon, they didn't read like a couple that "belonged" together. There was this constant back and forth between them mainly because of Charity, who is confused over her feelings between Damon (who is Alpha of another pack and her true mate) and Laurent (a demon who she thinks is her mate). It was a more than a little disconcerting getting through the beginning of the book because I wasn't sure what was going on between Charity, Damon and Laurent. And being that the story was told from their different POVs, it was hard to grasp who belonged to who and who didn't. Make no mistake though, this is no menage' tale as we discover that Charity is Damons true mate. This also makes the cover of the book a little misleading and doesn't tie to the story.

There is more than a romance going on here as a war starts between several diffrent fractions of supes and Lucifer because he's trying to walk the earth again and in this book he needs Charity because she's a virgin. Also, Damon is Lucifers son so he uses Damons feelings for Charity to get her back in hell after he and Laurent gets her out. There is a lot going on in these pages and and the author does give you a good background on everything BUT it didn't connect least not for me.

This is an interesting paranormal story/series. The author offers a different spin on things, like how female wolves must find and have sex with their mate before they're able to shift or get their powers and Damon being Lucifer's son, but I just felt lost reading it at all times. The story felt jumbled, rushed and at times all over the place.

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