Review: Reaver by Larissa Ione

Source: NetGalley
Published: December 17. 2013
Forever Publishing
Series: Lords of Deliverance #5
Sex: R - Medium to Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Reaver was a really good read and I'm so sorry I waited so long to read it. Reaver and Harvester have always been in the horsemen books because they are their watchers....their good and evil watchers. Reaver of course is the good angel and Harverster is the bad one...satan's daughter (she was born before he fell in hell). Basically, they make sure the horsemen & woman don't go all crazy and try to wreck havoc on the world as we know it.

Some things I've learned (*coughs* because I skipped a couple of horsemen books in this series..) is that Reaver is the proud daddy of the horsemen, yes..this hunk of a angel spawned the 3 horesmen and their 1 sister. tsk...tsk...tsk. Reading Reaver, I found out so much stuff..omg, I was seriously stating "get the fudge outta here" all through this book. Anyways, come to find out the Reaver and Harverster have history...they were best friends with Harverster having a major crush on ol' boy. But back then Reaver aka Yenrieth was young and cocky, he was drawn to Haverster aka Verrine, but didn't see her as anything but a friend. Well, long story short..some very bad miscommunication happens between these two and now? well, now these once close buddies can't stand each other.

In this book, Reaver has forgiven Harverster for all the bad things she did to him in the past. He found out that her evil act was just that, a act. She actually wanted to become a fallen so that she could watch over Reaver's children and if you haven't been following along with my babbling, these children are now the grown horsemen. In Harverster's mind, yes Reaver hurt her badly when he was Yenrieth, but she made a vow to always protect his children and she did, this people is why I couldn't dislike her as much as I wanted to. Because seriously, the woman was in a word a loyal friend.

So Reaver now knowing this goes to hell to rescue her.  Because Heaven has given up on her...and another thing here, L. Ione is the only author I think to make me dislike, I didn't like any of the archangels a matter of fact. I couldn't stand them *looks up and prays lighting doesn't strike*

Larissa Ione weaves a very colorful and vivid world here. I could barely read as Harverster was being tortured by Satan...her own daddy, smh. It was brutal and honestly, if it were me...I would have told him to kill me already. I was so glad when Reaver finally got to hell to save her...damn, if I didn't feel for her.

Sorry went off grid there for a minute. As I was saying, L. Ione's world is so vivid and really can't help but fall for her characters and this world she so beautifully wrote. I wasn't an instant fan of Harverster because damn woman, someone comes to hell...if I may repeat myself; HE double damn hockey sticks to save at least can be is a little damn grateful. I tweeted it too.

I get Harverster couldn't trust because people just pretty much gave up on her and her father? *shivers* does not get daddy of the year award. But time and time again Reaver proved himself by going above and beyond. I'm just saying girl, give the man a break. And Reaver, okay..he was a mean mofo in his past life, but he surely was able to redeem himself in the present. The man was drool friggin worthy and he gave Harverster a run for her money.

I really did like this book and reading it is why Larissa Ione has become one of my favorite authors. I think she just one of those authors that gives you a tale by just simply telling you the story. She keeps it simple and straight to the filter.

So if you have a love for the paranormal, this is one series to add to you library. And if you...Salacious Readers have not read this book or series...I really think you should get to it.

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