Review: When Stars Collide by Aliyah Burke

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Source: Self Purchased
Published: Feburary 14, 2011
Author: Aliyah Burke
Total E-Bound Publishing
Series: Code of Honour #4
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance

This is the 4th book in Aliyah Burkes Code of Honour Series and I'm definitely reading out of order. I read the first book, A Marriage of Convenience...but it's based on a totally different couple that have nothing in common with the next three books in the series. I think it's safe to say you can read this out of sequence.

It seems these three books are based on the Kysenzki brothers and them finding their mates. All of these brothers are Texans and a law enforcement officer, each working for a different federal agency. In this book, Cort Kysenzki is a US Marshal.

Okay so why did this story get 3 heels. And I only upped my rating from a 2 because of the way the story was written, which was pretty good. Aliyah Burke tells a very good story and the sexual tension between Cort and Zémire was thick, although they pretty much jumped into the sex fairly quickly. I think the world buiding here was pretty good too, it wasn't just about these two getting to know each other and being together...there is a mystery of sorts thrown in and it involves Zémire's brother BB as he goes missing. Although Cort and Zémire didn't do much in assisting to find said brother, I guess it was a nice tie into the story that was being told.

What I did not like was Zémire Gibson. She gave Cort such a run around and kept him a bay because she was "scared" of her growing feelings for him, she still continued to sleep with him however. It was so irritating to read...her constant fighting with herself and Cort for that matter did not make this a good read at all. And then she has the nerve to be upset if he didn't call or was jealous and I'm sitting here like how the hell can you be jealous or mad at the man when YOU kept telling him that the relationship was nothing? it wore on my nerves.

And then you have Cort chasing around after her like a damn stalker and looking all kinds of creepy. He goes all the way to France to tell her that her brother is missing...he didn't have to do that as a phone call would have sufficed. Then when they get back to Texas, he chasing her ass all around town and she is doing and saying little things to make him jealous. To me it just emasculated his character as I didn't find anything attractive about it all. Here was this big ass man of a texan...a US marshal and he had to chase after the tail? And I'm not saying that she had to be all easy (and in a way she was, because she giving him said tail...) but serioulsy though.

It just made for a very frustrating read and I don't like to be frustated while I'm reading. And even if the hero or heroine aren't likeable in the beginning, at least they should be redeemable by the end. Yo, this chick fought all the way to the damn end of the story. Dude had to go to France to prove his damn love.

Bye, I can't. I don't know how many times I wanted to put my Kindle down and start something else BUT I kept going hoping this chick would have a change of heart or something like that and well she did, but like I said it didn't come until the end.

counted towards....

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