Talking Zombies #20 - S04E09-After

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E09 “After”

Ana: AHH. It has been a long, long, long, long wait!

Sharonda:  So very very long. But I’m glad it’s back TV time has been um, limited to say the least...

Ana: Let me just say this right quick. I was expecting more, but I wasn’t disappointed in last nights epi. What about you, Sharonda?

Sharonda: I wasn’t disappointed. I kinda thought they would go for more of a mellow episode given that the season finale totally kicked all kinds of butt.

So….Ms. BeachBum what did you think of this epi? Any thoughts on Carl, Rick or Michonne? Let me just say that I’m glad we got a lil bit of a back story on her.

Ana: I’m definitely glad we got to see a bit of Michonne’s past. As for Carl and Rick. I thought this was a great epi for those two. Carl thinking he’s “grown” and somewhat blaming his father for all that went down at the prison. He needed this little bit of “reality”. Going out on his own and finally realizing that his dad had his back the whole time. Was doing his best for everyone. It’s not an easy job and I think up until this last epi Carl was taking it for granted.

What about you? What’s your take?

Sharonda: I think you hit the nail on the head. He never had a chance to per say be on his own as he always had Rick and/or Lori with him. He was always surrounded by people who were there to help. But in the same instance, I can see him being somewhat selfish...there's no other was for him to be growing up in this world. But I’m glad he finally got a little sense about him, hell he almost died like what? twice! smh. Its a good thing him and Rick had a little talk...we shall see where they go from here.

Thank you TV gods for given us a little bit of a back story on Michonne, now we know who her “pets” were. They made her a little bit for emotional in this epi and that I’m so glad for...damn, woman even smile...did you see that? So sad she lost her baby...I see why she really didn’t want to be around Judith as much.  And the tears at the end when she saw Rick and Carl...omg, I was so happy for her. I would have hated to see just walking around with a Zombie horde for the rest of her life...thats just not right at all.

Ana:  omfg I know! I cried with her when she finally found Rick and Carl. ^_^ Tears the tears were real! I’m sad that she lost her baby, but I figured she had somewhat of a family when she wouldn’t hold Judith. Speaking of Judith….damn. I’m seriously freaked as to where everyone else ended up. What about you?

Sharonda: Man, listen...its going to get very intense I think. I hope someone picked up Judith...I really hope. But just to see where everyone ended up and then to see how they’re all going to find each other. Girl, I don’t know. I’m excited and scared all at the same time...lols!

Ana: I’m with you. I hope someone picked her up. For her life to have ended like that? I dunno… I’m not feelin’ it. lols. But as for everyone else. Ahhh. We already lost Hershel, they can’t kill anyone else off! I demand everyone lives! DEMAND! lols.

Sharonda: Yeah, I wasn’t happy with that at all. See, this why I say no more babies, not a one. The next time someone goes out on a run, they need to grab some protection or something :)

LMBO! I’m demanding with you. No more lost of least for now. Give our hearts a break already. I think more of the excitement will come this Sunday.

Ana: lol @ grab some protection or something. True story. But then again, Lori did get preggers waaaay in the beginning… le sigh.

I’m definitely more excited for this Sunday. It’s tooooo far away ;(((

Sharonda: lol! that is true, but still all those runs they did; no one ever thought of that?....lols. Anyways, yep Sunday is taking a bit too long as always. So, who do you think we will see?

Ana: What I was thinking. In all those runs how in the hell is there still baby formula?! sweet Jesus. And diapers o.O But.. whatevas! xD  I think we’ll see the rest of the group for sure. I’m hoping Darryl, lawd knows I miss his ass ♥♥ What about you? Anyone in particular you’re looking forward to seeing?

Sharonda: ROTFL!!!! snort, totally agree and so true *wipes eyes*. Hmmmm, I with you and I hoping they pretty much show everyone and I do hope they put them back as a group soon and don’t drag it the hell out. I dislike when they do that.

Ana: I hope they do as well. I miss them as a whole. We seen how Michonne reacted after finally getting back with Carl and Rick, they’re so dependent on each other now. They’re family! It’s like losing a loved one. I can’t stand the separation! It’s killing me! Slowly! *starts singing* killing me softlyyyyy. lols. okay I’m done.

Sharonda: lols! mess, omg. Yeah, this a family and they need to get back together sooner than later. Next episode would be awesome :D

I’m not singing with you Anna...lols!

Ana:  Haha it’s alright you don’t have to sing with me :p This was a great epi and I’m looking forward to the next! On with the question!

Sharonda: lmbo...Me too and yep, on to the question folks!

Question of the Week
What did you think about this weeks epi?
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Sharonda: Thanks guys! Yes, leave your comments. Let us know what you thought.

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