Talking Zombies #21: S04E10 “Inmates”

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E10 “Inmates”

Ana: *crying with happiness* OMFG! JUDITH! MAGGIE! BETH! DARRYL! GLENN! ughh. ofmg. *sobbing continues*

Sharonda: I screamed when Tyrese turned around and he had Judith.. I screamed so loud. was killing me to know if that baby made it. I'M so happy. If I could kiss Tyrese, I would give a big sloppy wet one.

Ana: Let me just state this now, I dislike that little girl. She… omfg. NO! Thank gawd Carrol showed up. I am… ugh. WHEW.

Sharonda: Girl, oh... I can't, just can't with with that kid. I understand what's going on around them...but that..Smh. That I can't deal with...she almost killed Judith. I told ya'll Carol created a little monster. They gonna have to get her off soon or I'm going to have a conniption.

What did you think about Maggie? I felt bad for her and Glenn, who was a total Bad ass...well up until he passed out..lmbo!!

Idk, I can't say I'm excited about them anymore...

Ana: Carol… I think she created a surviver, but she’s turning into a “give no shits” survivor. Like, wtf! She totally zoned out while trying to silence Judith. Honestly if they don’t kill her off something is wrong. They killed of Carol’s daughter!!!

OMFG. Maggie! I feel so bad for her. She’s losing it. Lol @ up until Glenn passed out. I think he just over exerted himself. He was sick, remember? Also, I liked the part where he was all, “I don’t want your help, I need your help.” True words have never been spoken. I feel bad for people who are lead into believing people are that evil and killing an innocent man. LIKE WTF! The govorner wasn’t creepy when you met his ass?

Sharonda: And what about Beth and Daryl?  I liked how they started off with her writing to whoever she was...I wonder who she was talking too?

Ana: I believe she was talking to her diary. Or maybe not? But, I *cough* aheem. I had a diary and I wrote in my diary as if it I were talking to someone loooool *cough* aheeem. ignore this.  lols. Okay, and idk if it was just me, but seeing Beth actually act…. I wasn’t feeling it or buying it. But her crying tho. That was on point xD Tears were seen that night!

As for Darryl. I hope he’s not losing hope. I really don’t. You can see that he’s having a hard time with it just being him and Beth. I can’t wait til they find more of the crew. Seeing Darryl so down is not good or my health!

Sharonda: Daryl looked so lost...Beth got a little backbone eh?  I was like wow..damn Girl. But I think she's keeping him from slipping into crazy or depression. I wanted to hug him...but he needs a dang on bath...hell all of them do...lols.

Ana: Beth was all, “you know what muh fuckkaa, I’m gon’ go look for these people, and you know damn well you ain’t letting me go alone!” lols. Yeah, I agree, I think she’s keeping him sane and not letting him slip into a depression. We don’t need Darryl in a depression. But he is throwing off the “I’m about to give up” vibe. I’d hug him in all his dirty glory and make him shower with me xDDDD lols so kidding… or am I? xD

Sharonda: And then that Tara chick with Glenn..ugh, I was hoping her ass would have gotten bitten or something... damn chicken shit. I think she's going to be around for a minute though. What say you?

Ana: Honestly, I’m glad they kept her. But she’s kind of like… the weak link. Remember how Carol was in the beginning? That’s how she is. Soon enough she’ll build a hard ass exterior and we’ll love her more…. hopefully. I hope they find her sister too. Cause she didn’t die.

What do you think about the new people that showed up on the end? That guy is a hard ass and seems like a jerk though. I am hoping to see where the next epi takes us. Everyone was going in the same direction, just at different times.

Sharonda: Okay..I'll go with your idea that Carol created a survivor..but I'm not letting go of the monster part..that kid is all kinds of creepy. And no I'm not forgetting about your diary, I'm storing that *grins evily*

So true what he said and Tara will be there for a while I think too. We had chris as characters that we hate and then she might be this. I don't know how they didn't know that mofo was all kinds of crazy bit he fooled so many people....

I hope her sister is alive too but I remember her saying she was surrounded by but you never know.

I think we have to get use to Beth having a more of an active role now. She was always in the background so I think she will be Okay. Especially since she has Daryl with her and I'm liking your shower idea a whole lot   :D

Ah..these new folks. I don't know...I mean will they be friend or foe...I think we have some exciting times ahead.

Ana: Haha. But that’s who I think Beth was talking to tho. Or maybe I’m trippin xD

he did fool so many people. It’s upsetting. Like…. muthafucka has an eye patch xD auto don’t trust looool. idk bad judge of character. Easily trust him and then just sleep with the guy smh.

Yeah but I give her props for shooting the governor in the head. Thank gawd they didn’t let him live he prob woulda been the last of the walkers to live xD

haha, I agree. I’m glad Beth is getting more screen time. I liked her in the background but with her more active and getting more lines it ought to be interesting.

I think they’re riding on high horses, but when you’re leading a group of people, it’s hard to let someone come in and try and make decisions. It’s good to hear people out, but it seems as if he’s just looking for “recruits” I dunno. I hope this turns out for the better and they find a different bad guy xD

All in all I thought this epi was super great, what say you?

Sharonda: It was an awesome episode indeed. I’m excited to see what the next episode brings...hell, I’m excited for the whole season!

Ana: I can’t wait for the next Epi. And wit that being said, lets get to the question of the week.
Question of the Week
Do you think the guys that showed up by Glenn are friend or foe?
Ana: Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below! And answer this weeks question!

Sharonda: Thanks guys! Yes, leave your comments. Let us know what you thought.

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