AtoZ Challenge along with Tuesday Jams - A (Amel Larrieux)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So thanks to Anna over at Herding Cats, I decided to join this challenge. You basically have to post everyday for the Month of April and oh...with each day representing a letter in the alphabet. I'm sitting here can't be that bad right? well...lols.

Since today is Tuesday Jams as well....

An artist that is not nationally recognized, Amel Larrieux has a beatiful voice and her songs? muah! perfecto. But I guess since she's not running around half ass naked and shaking her tail feather...

Without much further ado, I give Mrs. Larrieux.

Get Up is my absolute favorite track by her.

Did you sign up for this challenge? What's your letter A today. Leave your link so I can stop by (:
And you Jammers, let's get

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  1. Oh she does have a nice voice. And yeah hadn't heard her. It's a damn shame talented groups/singers get no recognition and then absolute tripe like that selfie "song" get splashed everywhere. smh Thanks for sharing her Sharonda!

  2. she has just enough rasp and high that about her.

    Italy so messed up..OMG, I saw that video when yiu posted it on fb... horrible... just bad.

    ya welcome <3

  3. Well, thank you for that. I like her stuff and I hadn't heard of her before. It was nice music to fold laundry or dust to today. ;)

  4. Sadly due to being in Canada I can't stream your selections. However, I have noted her name and I am going to check it out. I am always willing to hear a new fabulous voice.

    Michelle Kelly

  5. Where the heck have I been? Never heard of her before. Such a pretty voice.

  6. Thanks for sharing, I haven't heard of this song or this lady before. She's amazing!

  7. No way can I do this challenge but that is my JAM! Lol. Those oldies get me through.