AtoZ Challenge along with Tuesday Jams - A (Amel Larrieux)

So thanks to Anna over at Herding Cats, I decided to join this challenge. You basically have to post everyday for the Month of April and oh...with each day representing a letter in the alphabet. I'm sitting here can't be that bad right? well...lols.

Since today is Tuesday Jams as well....

An artist that is not nationally recognized, Amel Larrieux has a beatiful voice and her songs? muah! perfecto. But I guess since she's not running around half ass naked and shaking her tail feather...

Without much further ado, I give Mrs. Larrieux.

Get Up is my absolute favorite track by her.

Did you sign up for this challenge? What's your letter A today. Leave your link so I can stop by (:
And you Jammers, let's get

Grab the linky
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