Book Spotlight/Excerpt/Giveaway: After Life Lessons by LAILA BLAKE & L.C. SPOERING

Monday, March 10, 2014

So, If you follow me here and on Twitter...well, then you know I'm a zombie fan. Not so of the monsters themselves, but I do do a weekly feature of the Walking Dead with my Blogger buddy Ana @ Beach Bum Reviews.

Anyhoo's I like the development of the relationships of the folks beyond the zombies, because what is a world with just them? we need suvivors, correct? Folks fighting to the very end to keep humanity as it

This is why I'm a fan of the show. The relationships of the suvivors is intriguing and often times intense. So I like the idea of featuring a book that deals with this aspect. The feelings and relationships that happen after the bad things have happened and are still going when I was asked to feature After Life Lessons, I immediadtely jumped on board.

Available: April 8, 2014
Format: E-book & Paperback (POD)
Genre: Post-Apoc Romance
Tags: Zombies, Survival, Dystopian, Romance, Road Adventure, Family Drama, Love Story, Gender Roles, New Adult, Adult
Warnings: Contains language some might find offensive, some gore and situations of a sexual nature.
Length: 81,000 words

Hulking shadows emerge out of the chaotic flurries of the blizzard. Something is dying, and so they come, like vultures.
After months of struggling south to escape the zombie-infested remains of New York, a snowstorm traps 23-year old artist, Emily, and her son in an abandoned gas station. Starving and desperate, they encounter Aaron, an Army medic on a mission of his own, who offers them a ride to ease the journey.

The road is a long and dangerous place to travel, and every day brings a new threat. But fear and adrenaline also drive the two closer together; they find laughter and a budding attraction that starts to thaw at their numb and deadened feelings. And that’s when the pain really starts to hit, when places long thought lost prickle back to life. Eventually, they will have to fight not just for survival, but for a future together, or their broken world will swallow them whole.

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“I dream of him dying over and over. Over and over they jump him and he disappears under their bodies for so long…” Emily opened her eyes, but stared ahead, wide eyed and holding her breath. “And I hate… I hate that he was alone at the end. I should have been there, but I… I left him alone. He was all alone.”
Aaron was quiet, and so she continued: “Song used to think he’d come later, you know, find us. I never had the heart to… to really say the word. I dunno. I guess I was jealous Song still had that hope. And every time I dream it, I want to be faster but… I’m never faster.”
“You’re not gonna be, Em.” He’d not picked up that he’d shortened her name, but it came out that way all the same. “It’s happened, and it’s horrible. And I can’t tell you the nightmares get better, but you can’t blame yourself, you know. That is never gonna help.”
“He really likes you,” she whispered then, unable to continue without feeling like her chest was torn apart. “Song, I mean.”
“I like him, too.” He smiled again, catching some of her tears with his thumb and wiping them down her cheek. “He’s a good kid. You got lucky, huh?”
“Oh yeah,” she smiled, wet and tired, but she leaned into his touch. “He must have come out like this, all beautiful and smart and perfect.”
“He’s lucky to have you, too, you know.”
She couldn’t agree with him, and wanted to wave away the compliment, but this time there was just a hint of a smile. “It’s good to have someone…” she whispered and without meaning to at first, her lips brushed over his wrist.
His hand froze in place, but just for a beat.
“Yeah, I think so.” He breathed out, the exhalation warm on her face, close again, and the kiss that followed it was less of a surprise to them both, than the one just a couple nights before. It was wet and sticky with her tears, if less so than before, and they eased into each other faster, harder. Emily cradled his large face in her small hands; they had always been calloused and rough from her work with hard materials, and now they were cracked and dry. They could be tender though, girl’s hands still.
It was likely the wrong time to be kissing, but there seemed no right time for anything, not anymore—and both of them were lonely and aching, and whatever small amount of connection a kiss afforded seemed like enough, in the cold clear of the night, hidden off the road.
Aaron didn’t push further, but, at the natural break, didn’t pull away, top lip resting on her bottom one, eyelashes clotted with the moisture from her cheeks. Her fingertips brushed over his jaw, found the stubble of this beard. Her hands were shaking and she held on tighter.
“I like you, too…” she whispered finally.

L.C. and Laila met in 2010 on an online forum and have been inseparable ever since. Having supported each other in their individual writing projects for years, they finally decided to work more closely together in a cross-continental cooperative writing partnership. Together, they host the podcast Lilt and started their micropublishing venture Lilt Literary in 2013.
L.C. (generally known as Lorrie) lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, kids, and too many pets. Laila is a nerdy German translator, living in Cologne with her kitten and a lot of sparkly lights.
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I will also be reviewing After Life Lessons later on in sure to stop by and check that out too :D

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  1. Hi Sharonda! Thank you so much for hosting us! :D

  2. Zombies?! I'm sold! This is going on my reading list ASAP! Thanks for sharing. ;)

  3. Hi Laila! not a problem at all, it was my pleasure :)

  4. Oo Sharonda that sounds pretty good! I've not read too many with zombies yet but think I could get into this one. And an Army medic? Mmm. Yep. That'd work for me too ;)

  5. Haven't read all that many zombie type books, looks good!

  6. Right?! and blurb just drew my in so I can't wait to read this...thanks for stopping by Lori!

  7. too Anna and with them attempting to survive after a zombie outbreak. this one was too good to pass up :)

  8. me either a matter of fact this will be my first one. Can't wait to get to it :)

  9. I'm not a fan of books with zombies b/c they creep me out which I know is silly since I read about all the other monsters. That being said, I do love a good survival story which makes this one sound good. Enjoyed the excerpt and look forward to your review, Sharonda!

  10. lols...I hear you Sophia and trust me when I say I understand. I'm hoping they focus of the relationship between these two..that is what I'm mainly looking foward too :D