Cutting The Budget - March 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hosted by Shari over at Delighted Reader. It's a great way to keep track on that book spending limit we seem to set ourselves up on, but never seem to follow.
(*taxes are included all book prices)

Todays budget will feature the remaining weeks of March. I simply forgot week's 2, 3...and week 4 is well being added now, lols. I didn't do much buying these last couple of weeks, I caught a couple of freebies &

.99 cent deals.  But then I received a credit from BN for $44.85 and I gladly spent it. I think that takes me over my budget for March...idk. Because technically its free money, I didn't spend any of my own? In any event, I separated the two.

Beginning Balance - $17.03
Book TitlesPricesSourceTotalEnding Balance
Her Insatiable Scot by Melissa Blue$3.20Amazon
Safe House by Dez Burke$3.20Amazon
His Ex-Wife's Wedding by Elise Marion$0.00Amazon
Rock Star Lover by Yvonne Nicolas$2.13Amazon
Crave by Felicity Heaton$1.06Amazon
Blood Purple by Ashley Nemer$0.00Amazon
Sex and The Single Vampire by Robin Covington$1.06Amazon
The Burning Star by Jessie Lane$1.06Amazon
Crimson Nighy by Marie Hall$0.00Amazon
BN Credit $44.85
The Groom by Elise Marion$6.41
The Blacker the Berry by Lena Matthews$4.82
No Greater Loyalty by SK$6.41
Healing the Doctor by Sherice Cook$3.20
Morning Star by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb$6.41
Dark Star by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb$6.41
Niccolo by Eve Vaughn$4.27
Being Mrs. Blackmore by Olivia Gaines$1.06
His Love by M.O. Kenyon$3.20$2.63

I went in on my BN credit...lols. Free money? wha? point me to my cart...lmbo. I took care of a couple of books on my wishlist. This added to my ever growing TBR list, but hell...its a good add ^_^

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  1. Settlement money is free to spend outside of the budget so spend away! I got $103 from Amazon and $.73 from B&N. I haven't spent mine yet. Mostly because I was on vacation. I expect I might go a little crazy this week buying books.

    BTW I love the new look of the site!

  2. that is good to know, coz I went a little nuts with it :D

    wow! 103 dollars, lawd..Sheri I probably be in a book spending coma, lol. Oh, enjoy that free money!

    thanks! was trying to get my mind off my mom being in the hospital so I thought I get my creative spark going.

  3. that's definitely a good way to stay reading :)

    thanks Shari and I sending prayers to you and your family as well.

  4. Neat changes! Shari beat me to it on the compliments, but I can see why. I hate it when loved ones are hurting and I can't fix it, but just have to wait so I totally get distraction as an option. I'll pray for your mom too like I've been praying for Shari's dad.

    Oh hey! Cool on the settlement surprise. I only got $2.19, but I bought two $.99 books. Yay, you got the two Elise Marion books I just read. I hope you like The Groom. And I like that Roslyn Hardy Holcomb series. I've got to finish that one. I haven't read Morning Star yet. Enjoy all your lovely books!

  5. thanks Sophia and thank you so much for the prayers. She's doing much better, still in the hospital but doing much better.

    Oh man, that's it? Hey somethings better than nothing...lols. Yep, I snatched them up. You and Shari got my wanting to read those bad :D

    Oh, yeah? how was dark star? no, don't tell..I'm going to start it this month..lols. Thanks Sophia :)

  6. Haha! I won't talk details about Dark Star, but yeah, it had some pop and sizzle. Good stuff!

    Glad to hear your mom is on the mend.